The battle for accurate Bible translation in Asia

Should Bible translations produced to help evangelize predominantly Muslim populations replace titles as ‘Son of God’ with alternatives such as ‘representative of God’? World Magazine offers a good overview of the ongoing battle for accurate Bible translations, with quotations from those on both sides of the debate and insight from local pastors:

Bocek, 40, now a pastor and church planter in the coastal town of Izmir, Turkey, tells Western mission agencies to be more patient for faith to ripen in Muslims in his country, and not to alter key biblical phrases in translations for the sake of outreach. The phrase “Son of God” is offensive to Muslims because it seems to imply that God was a physical father to Jesus through a sexual union with Mary, so some translators have sought to find alternate terms to describe that relationship. “They get involved in these translations because they see that there is no fruit,” Bocek said. “We [do] have results. But you have to be patient and take it really, really slow.” He and his fellow pastors address the offensive connotations of “Son of God” by explaining what it really means. “For centuries,” he said, “that’s the way it went.”

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