Does 'Daniel Plan' Co-Author Emphasize the State of the Scale Over the State of One's Soul?

In a recent Christian Post article, Dr. Daniel Amen, co-author of Saddleback Church’s The Daniel Plan, stated that the diets and habits of American churchgoers are putting them at risk of going “to heaven…early.”

“If you want your brain to be healthy, your food had [sic] to be. It’s your brain that connects with God,” he [Amen] said.

Amen also stressed that a lack of brain function increases your risk of sin. “You have to have good frontal lobe function to inhibit saying hurtful thing [sic] or having the discipline to show up at church or Bible study – optimizing brain function can bring you closer to God and community,” he said.

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Erin Benziger of Do Not Be Surprised holds Dr. Amen’s comments up to the light of Scripture and reminds that sin is inherent in every man, and cannot be remedied apart from Jesus Christ. View article →