Doctrine vs. the Spirit

At The Cripplegate, Eric Davis, pastor of Cornerstone Church in Jackson Hole, WY, discusses the false dichotomy of elevating doctrine above the work of the Spirit and vice versa. The motivation for his post was a recent YouTube video entitled “Don’t Elevate Doctrine above the Holy Spirit,” wherein Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in Seattle warned against the alleged dangers of such a practice. Appealing to Scripture as well as to the teachings of John Calvin, Davis demonstrates the errors of attempting to make such a distinction. He writes:

[T]o say, “Don’t elevate doctrine above the Holy Spirit,” is to make a boogeyman distinction. It’s a non-existent dichotomy that sounds catchy, but is false through and through, and needs to be laid to rest.

The Spirit is given to spotlight the knowledge of God from Scripture, not to illuminate additional revelation. So then, to say, “Don’t elevate doctrine above the Holy Spirit,” is like saying, “Don’t elevate God’s attributes over God.” God cannot be separated from his attributes anymore than the Holy Spirit from what he has spoken.

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