Elephant Room 3 Is Coming

James MacDonald, pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel and co-moderator of the controversial Elephant Room events, announced today via Twitter that the much-anticipated “ER3” is indeed forthcoming. MacDonald stated:

ER3 = coming-less controversy-more impact-w themes developed in prtnrship w our HBF pastors – plse pray n send us ur ideas! #verticalchurch Source

The second Elephant Room event, which took place in January of this year, generated much controversy. Most of this centered around the inclusion of Word Faith prosperity preacher and alleged modalist, T.D. Jakes. Critics of the event rightly argued that Mark Driscoll’s questioning of Jakes on matters relating to the Trinity was insufficient to prove that Jakes holds to a biblically orthodox understanding of the doctrine. Further, many continue to be concerned by the growing acceptance of Jakes and his Word Faith teachings by mainstream, evangelical Christianity. No doubt many will be eagerly waiting to see who is invited to participate in this third Elephant Room conversation.