Two Rival Religions? Christianity and Post-Christianity

Dr. Albert Mohler discusses the idea that today’s society finds itself in a struggle between two diametrically opposed religions: Christianity and post-Christianity. Ultimately, it appears as though secular liberalism has become a religion in itself. Mohler quotes Professor Howard P. Kainz in saying,

This explains why talking about abortion or same-sex ‘marriage,’ for example, with certain liberals is usually futile. It is like trying to persuade a committed Muslim to accept Christ. Because his religion forbids it, he can only do so by converting from Islam to Christianity; he cannot accept Christ as long as he remains firmly committed to Islam. So it is with firmly committed liberals: Their ‘religion’ forbids any concessions to the ‘conservative’ agenda, and as long as they remain committed to their secular ideology, it is futile to hope for such concessions from them.

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