R. Scott Clark of Westminster Seminary California Responds to Steve Chalke’s Acceptance of Homosexual Marriage

Prominent British evangelical leader, Steve Chalke, founder of Oasis UK and pastor of Oasis Church Waterloo, recently announced his support of homosexual marriage. Calling the church to be more accepting of those engaging in homosexual sin, Chalke declared,

We should find ways to formally support and encourage those who are in, or wish to enter into, faithful same-sex partnerships, as well as in their wider role as members of Christ’s body. Source

Professor of Church History and Historical Theology at Westminster Seminary California, R. Scott Clark, has composed a thorough and excellent response to Chalke’s argument. Concluding his comments, Clark writes:

Unlike Chalke, Jesus wasn’t latitudinarian about sin nor was he a Pharisee. He truly loved sinners. He laid down his life for us and he told us to stop. Chalke has produced a false dichotomy. It’s not “either/or” but both and: Association with sinners AND rejection of sin. The latter is about righteousness and the former is about grace. Scripture teaches both grace and law….

What Chalke ignores and what we must remember is that there is law as well as grace and the latter is not well understood until the former has done its work. There are three things that Christians need to know in this life and the first of them is the greatness of our sin and misery outside of Christ. The law shows us that. By effectively withdrawing the law from this question (and others), where the culture pushes back, Chalke is not loving people but harming them.

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