Gay Marriage, Abortion, and The God Delusion

The predominant worldview of post-Christian America is secular humanism. It has so invaded every fabric of society, including the American church, that truth has become relative and the one true God of Scripture has been shelved for a one-size-fits-all god who conforms to the lifestyle and fabricated worldview of the individual.

Ed Dingess addresses this issue at his blog, Reformed Reasons, explaining how the immoral progression of our culture is a result of our culture not loving the truth. For this reason, God is handing our nation over to a collective debased mind that loves and embraces wickedness, including homosexuality and child sacrifice (abortion). Ultimately, God will send a strong delusion to all people who rejected the truth and loved unrighteousness. Dingess writes:

Many modern American Christians think they have embraced the God who is when indeed what they have embraced is an idolatrous idea of a god of their own making. Rather than accepting God’s right to send a deluding influence on wicked sinners, they claim that God is such an all loving God that He desperately wants to do whatever He can to get people to believe in Him. Their god tries so hard through acts of kindness, rational arguments, scientific proofs, to get people to just trust in Him. Their god’s heart is breaking at the condition of humankind. He wants only the best for his creation, for you, and for me. Their god understands that we are all imperfect sinners. He loves us all and accepts us all just the way we are. He does not care if men are having sex with men or if women want to murder their children so that they may continue in the pleasures of prohibited lewd and promiscuous sex.

The apostle Paul, writing for God, in God’s stead, says that because men do not love the knowledge of the truth and because they do love the pleasures of wickedness, this God will send a deluding influence so that certain wrath and divine justice will be directed to those who ignore God’s sovereign right to be acknowledged, obeyed, and thanked for His grace and for Who He is as our sovereign Creator.

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