Carl Trueman on Driscoll, Osteen and the God of Job

Carl Trueman offers his thoughts on the recent commotion caused by Mark Driscoll’s affirming comments of smiling prosperity preacher Joel Osteen. Trueman, unsurprised by Driscoll’s comments, notes, “[Driscoll] is the man, after all, who gave T. D. Jakes a clean bill of health last year.”

Trueman, who is the Departmental Chair of Church History at Westminster Theological Seminary, instead focuses on the fact that, in his interview, Driscoll implied that there are those of the reformed ilk who make too much of suffering. Having providentially preached through Job recently, Trueman develops for the reader a brief theology of suffering. He notes that the theology of Joel Osteen has no place for the God of Job but, the more necessary question might be, “Does our theology have a place for such a God?” View article →