Benny Hinn’s Son Arrested for Assaulting Man During Brazil Event, “Large Sum of Money” Means No Charges Pressed

Evangelist Benny Hinn is known for his massive “healing” crusades which are held all over the world. Most recently, Hinn traveled to Brazil, where Benny Hinn Ministries (BHM) reports that “an amazing revival” is taking place.

During the 16 February crusade in Manaus, however, it is reported that Benny Hinn’s son, Joshua, was arrested, along with two of Hinn’s bodyguards, for assaulting a deaf man who tried to approach the stage. From the Daily Mail:

Hestephenson Araujo, 21, reportedly needed hospital treatment after the incident on Saturday night during a religious crusade in Manaus, northern Brazil.

Police detained Joshua Hinn, 21, along with two of Benny Hinn’s bodyguards, on suspicion of torture after the three men allegedly locked Mr. Araujo in a trailer and physically assaulted him.

According to police, Mr. Araujo, a local pastor, was sitting in the front row of seats at the event, in the city’s Povos da Amazonia arena when, during Mr. Hinn’s sermon, he got up and approached the stage.

Mr. Araujo, who was carrying a bottle of water, later said he only wanted to receive a blessing from the famous evangelist, who claims he can heal the sick.

But he was allegedly pounced on by Mr. Hinn’s son Joshua and two bodyguards, Caleb Shirk, 26, and Konstantins Konstantinovs, 34, who claimed they thought he was about to throw water at the preacher, who is worth an estimated £27 million ($42 million).


The report continues, noting that Araujo’s father “entered into an agreement with Benny Hinn’s representatives to not press charges against the men.” The agreement allegedly involved a “large sum of money.”

Benny Hinn and his ministry have not been without scandal throughout the years. Hinn also is criticized frequently for his false, unbiblical teaching and theatrical, yet largely unverifiable, “miraculous” healings.