Sovereign Grace Ministries Seeks Dismissal of Sex Abuse Lawsuit

In October 2012, a lawsuit was filed against Sovereign Grace Ministries (SGM) accusing some in leadership of neglecting to report allegations of sexual abuse and of protecting known sexual predators. In November, SGM responded to the complaint by stating that it contained “a number of misleading allegations, as well as considerable mischaracterizations of intent.” The original lawsuit was amended in January, and SGM noted that they were continuing to review the allegations.

Today, the Associated Press reports that SGM is seeking to have the lawsuit dismissed:

Sovereign Grace Ministries says in a motion to dismiss the lawsuit that Maryland courts can’t get involved in the internal affairs of church business. The church group’s lawyers also say the case should be thrown out because its allegations are so vague. For instance, they say the lawsuit leaves unclear how old the plaintiffs were at the time they say suffered abuse.

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