Alleviating the Protestant Inferiority Complex

Writing at The Cripplegate, Steve Meister, associate pastor of River City Grace Church in Sacramento, CA, raises concerns as to why some evangelicals actually are enthusiastic about the newest pope. Says Meister, “Since the Pope misrepresents the evangel, the gospel, I fail to grasp how he could ever excite evangelicals.”

He further invites Bible-believing Christians to refrain from seeing the pageantry of Rome as somehow superior to their own church.

As Rome’s pomp and circumstance gets paraded on CNN, Christians too often begin to view their own churches and traditions with more of a jaundiced eye. In an age of plastic, self-designed spirituality, who can deny the appeal of firm traditions made of stone and mortar? And the traditions of Roman Catholicism would indeed hold beauty, if they weren’t false.

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