Shai Linne Responds to Paula White Ministries

Christian rapper Shai Linne’s recently released album, Lyrical Theology, Pt. 1: Theology, has drawn the attention of many, and not just for its catchy beats. While each track appears to be filled with theologically rich lyrics, it was Linne’s bold willingness to “name names” in the song “Fal$e Teacher$” that led to many headlines. Calling out twelve prominent preachers, each known for his or her aberrant teaching, Linne was not afraid to denounce the erroneous and dangerous doctrines of these men and women. As previously reported, the ministry of at least one of those ‘false teachers,’ Paula White, responded to Shai Linne’s claims.

Though he currently is traveling on Clear Sight Music’s Black Out Circuit Tour, Shai Linne took the time to graciously address the open letter that was addressed to him and was penned by Paula White’s son, Bradley Knight. In his response, Linne looks biblically at three of the false teachings that permeate the ministry and preaching of Paula White. Concluding his letter, Linne writes:

This is getting long, so I’ll bring it to a close. I know you love your mother, Brad. I love mine as well. I made Fal$e Teacher$ because there are many other sons out there whose mothers have had their lives greatly damaged by the false teachings of Paula White and the others mentioned in the song. I would love to hear that Paula White has repented and renounced the many false things that she has taught. I am praying to that end. But until she does that, I must soberly maintain that the Biblical category of “False Teacher” does, in fact, apply her. And those who follow her must be warned.

This response of Shai Linne to Paula White Ministries is a letter not to be missed. Christians can learn and grow from the gracious and godly example that Linne has modeled in these few paragraphs. View article →