Tim Challies Reviews ‘The Circle Maker’

Since its release in 2011, Mark Batterson’s book, The Circle Maker, has been the subject of criticism by Christians who took issue with Batterson’s misuse and misapplication of Scripture. The inspiration of the book derives from the Talmud’s story of Honi Ha-Ma’agel, a Jewish scholar who lived in the first century B.C. and who is remembered as a miracle-worker in the tradition of Elijah and Elisha. Batterson takes this extra-biblical story and reads it back into the biblical text, encouraging his readers along the way to “claim God-given promises, pursue God-sized dreams, and seize God-ordained opportunities.”

Well-known blogger and pastor Tim Challies recently reviewed Batterson’s book and arrived at the same conclusion and warning that many have been stating since the book’s release. “The Circle Maker is a mess,” says Challies as he lays out several reasons for this conclusion. View article →