The Church: Why Bother? Book Review

Lauded by John MacArthur (Grace to You) and Mark Dever (9 Marks), CRN contributor Jon Cardwell gives his review of Jeffrey D. Johnson’s book, The Church: Why Bother:

In early 2007, a book was released by an Emergent (or Emerging) Church pastor titled, THEY LIKE JESUS BUT NOT THE CHURCH: INSIGHTS FROM EMERGING GENERATIONS. From a title like this, it’s clear he (and others) hasn’t a clue what the church is all about, what scripture says about what the church is and what it is not, what is the gospel, and what is Biblical Christianity. Imagine this scenario: You invite me to your home, I arrive with my lovely wife, Lisa, in tow, and when I get to your door you tell me, “You can come in, pastor, but I don’t like your wife. She’s not welcome here.” There are certainly gatherings of people calling themselves a “church” of Jesus Christ that do not reflect the behavior or resemble the Biblical picture of what is, in gospel truth, the beloved bride of Christ. Come on people, we’ve all read Matthew 7:21-23, haven’t we? Yet, to portray the true church of Jesus Christ, with the kind of perspective presented in the aforementioned book title, though pervasive today, is altogether wrong— doctrinally misinformed at best and hateful, unbiblical and unchristian at worst. Hard words, I know, yet words needing to be said regardless of toes and feelings.

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