Pentatonix and the elephant in the sanctuary

A few years ago Berean Research posted this piece to alert the Body of Christ that Pentatonix, a popular a cappella group from Arlington Texas, celebrates unrepentant sin. “Two of the male members of this group are openly homosexual, and actively promoting LGBTQ initiatives,” she writes.


NOTE: The reason for writing/posting about this is not to point fingers at the world, but to ask questions of the visible Church. A big shift is happening, and many are going along with the cultural tsunami rather than make waves being set apart.

This time of year many Christians share beautiful hymns and music commemorating Christ’s first coming foretold in the Old Testament. Yes, most of us are aware that He wasn’t born on December 25. But those of us who celebrate Christmas are doing so because we are joyful that He appeared. And of course we are incredibly thankful for His reason: To give his life as a ransom for many.

So when we hear a beautiful piece of music remembering this amazing advent – a gorgeous a capella song sung by a choir, for instance – we can be overwhelmed with incredible thanksgiving.

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