And Perry Noble Is A Pastor To Pastors

Apprising Ministries with another look at the developing new ecumenical evangelical magisterium (EEM); and in addition, through an exclusive video clip of EEM member Perry Noble’s sermon yesterday, you’ll get a peek at the base direction in which they’re headed.

Perry Noble Takes On Adam & Eve

Apprising Ministries takes a look at the attractional megachurch pastor’s latest video concerning his upcoming sermon series, which you’ll see looks more like a marriage counseling seminar.

Perry Noble Unleashed

Just what kind of leaders will be “unleashed” into the visible church after attending Perry Noble’s upcoming UNLEASH conference? We are almost afraid to ask.

Churches Cancel Services for Super Bowl

Christian News Network reports on a disappointing trend among some seeker-driven churches. In an effort to accommodate the world, churches such as Perry Noble’s NewSpring Church in Anderson, South Carolina, chose to cancel their regular Sunday evening services so that … Continue reading 

Church-Going Gimmicks

What brings people into your church? What sort of gimmicks, if any, are used? Is it the music, the performances, the charisma of your pastor? Upon what does your church depend to draw new churchgoers and to retain those who … Continue reading