Onward Followers of the Christ!? – Emerging into the light?

In the search of knowing Whence we came We find a road most traveled Not knowing where it goes We just follow it with a feeling, — That we think is right.

Sensing there must be some force driving us on this road, We make it how we live, We walk along on it but whether it is real or fiction we cannot tell, — Surround it with our personal beliefs and make it our faith.

To protect how we feel we write books of comfort Persuading others to come along, — So we can all go together down this road most traveled.

It maybe without reason we march down the road But we cannot tell it just seems the only way to go, We hear words of religion but do not want to hear any word of a place called Hell! We look to each other to support our cause, — Not knowing what we believe is a god we have made in our minds.

We are without condemnation of those who act on their base or vile passions, Freedom from the tyranny of religion is what we preach! We make leaders of those who extol that nature most with their books, conferences and fine speech! — We especially love those who are bold finding a greater experience!

Are we the real fools who thinking ourselves wise While stating how we hate religion but love Jesus? — Or is it you that is unwise!?  (For the rest of this short prose click here)

Christian-Yoga Studio Owner Claims No Compromise of Faith?

1 Corinthians 3:16 Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and [that] the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?

The studio owner stated they are, “…practicing Christians and have been collectively for over 50 years.  We also own a group fitness studio where we practice a hatha-based yoga.  We do not incorporate any Hindu elements, in fact we use Biblical meditations and Christian music. Since I started doing and teaching yoga, it has made me stand more and more in awe of God and how magnificently he designed the human body is (Ps 139:13). It has also given me countless opportunities to share my faith and turn people’s eyes to Christ.”

Sounds reasonable on the surface does it not? Just a bit of pragmatic / outcome based thinking right?

Or is the very definition of Yoga at odds with Biblical Christian beliefs? Well you might want to consider where Hatha Yoga (or any) comes from:

Kriya Hatha Yoga: including “Asanas,” physical postures of relaxation, “bandahs,” muscular locks, and “mudras,” gestures, all of which bring about greater health, peace, and the awakening of the principal energy centres, the “chakras.” Babaji has selected a particularly effective series of 18 postures, which are taught in stages and in pairs. One cares for the physical body, not for its own sake, but as a vehicle or temple of the Divine (religious, not just an exercise).

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Soularize – Wild Geese Migrate West And To The Far Left

Last year Apprising Ministries was the first to expose “…the latest apostasia-palooza thrown by the sinfully ecumenical [i.e. Reformation repudiating] Emergent Church aka the Emerging Church.” At the Wild Goose Festival (WGF) held at Shakori Hills, NC June 2011.

Largely unnoticed by those of us in the discernment work, another WGF type conference held 10/18-21, 2011 in San Diego by some of the same feathered birds of WGF continuing to propagate the various heresies of the Emergent Church – as well as a strong emphasis to reach out to the homosexual. (Read rest of article click here)