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Are Abortion & Gay Rights American Values?

“When Hillary Clinton said half of all Trump supporters could be put into a “basket of deplorables” for being “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic,” she was conceding that many Trump’s supporters detest many progressive values.”

(Patrick J. Buchanan – Townhall)  “My religion defines who I am. And I’ve been a practicing Catholic my whole life,” said Vice President Joe Biden in 2012. “I accept my church’s position on abortion as … doctrine. Life begins at conception. … I just refuse to impose that on others.” Continue reading

Which Should Be Illegal: Sodomy or Christianity? (A Thought Experiment)

“It’s happening in increments, in dribs and drabs. A Christian baker here, a florist there. But sometimes the chef turns up the heat, and the frogs in the pot start to notice. The Equality Act now before Congress would place homosexuals and “transgender” people on the same legal footing as ethnic minorities under the Civil Rights Act. That would declare Christian (and Jewish and Muslim) teachings on sexual morality the legal equivalent of racial hate speech.”

(John Zmirak – The Stream)  Pick one. Seriously.

This is the choice the intolerant left is forcing on us. Liberals pretended right up to the day before Obergefell v. Hodges was decided that all they wanted was tolerance. Privacy. To keep government out of people’s intimate lives…. Continue reading

‘Birth Strikers’ Pledge Not To Have Kids Because Of ‘Climate Crisis’

BirthStrike is hardly the only group looking to address “the surplus population.” There are several, including a group called “Voluntary Human Extinction,” made up of activists who are choosing not to have children in order to “save the planet.”

(Emily Zanotti – Daily Wire) A group of people who call themselves “birth strikers” are pledging not to to have children in order to save the Earth, according to CNN.

BirthStrike appears to be a small group — no more than 330 people so far — but the group’s members say the trend is growing, and that at least 80% of their membership is female. Continue reading

Beth Moore, Sam Allberry Promote Gay Activists, Calls Them “Brothers”

“There is no question that Beth Moore has aligned herself from those who have deviated far from biblical orthodoxy. While she maligns Reformed and conservative theologians like Owen Strachan, saying she would be “terrified” to be a woman that he approved of, simply because he affirms what the Scriptures say about gender roles, she regularly aligns herself with false teachers.” 

Beth Moore is a piece of work and has truly shown her colors in the last few months…. Continue reading

What churches should know about YWAM Part 2: Partnering with the New Apostolic Reformation

YWAM leaders further solidified their desire to network with NAR leaders, in 2016, by forging an official partnership between YWAM and Mike Bickle’s International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri (IHOPKC). A formal, public announcement of the “kingdom partnership” was made at IHOPKC, following a weeklong gathering of thousands of IHOPKC and YWAM staff. During the announcement, IHOPKC and YWAM leaders summarized the history of unofficial partnership between the two organizations and how they believed God had orchestrated the partnership.

(Holly Pivec – Spirit of Error)  This post is the second in a series on the influential Christian missions organization Youth With a Mission (YWAM). YWAM was founded in 1960 by Loren Cunningham as a way to deploy young people as missionaries throughout the world…. Continue reading

Boy Scouts admit letting sex predators return to scouting, misleading Congress

“I have reviewed information that now makes clear to me that decades ago BSA did, in at least some instances, allow individuals to return to Scouting even after credible accusations of sexual abuse. I am devastated that this ever occurred. On behalf of BSA, I sincerely apologize to the individuals affected by this practice,”

(Paul Bedard – Washington Examiner)  Despite an earlier denial to Congress, the Boy Scouts of America have now admitted that sexual predators were allowed to return to scouting “decades ago” even after “credible accusations of sexual abuse.” Continue reading

Univ. Of Alabama Returns $21.5 Million Gift; Donor Urged Boycott Over Abortion Law

“University of Alabama grounds crews are taking down the signage in front of UA’s School of Law. The Board of Trustees voted this morning to return Hugh Culverhouse’s $21.5 million donation and restore the name of the law school to The University of Alabama School of Law.”

(Bill Chappell – NPR)   The University of Alabama’s board of trustees has voted to return a $21.5 million gift from Hugh Culverhouse Jr. — the school’s biggest donor — and take his name off its law school. The move comes after Culverhouse urged businesses and prospective students to boycott the university and the state over Alabama’s new abortion law. Continue reading

Are There Degrees of Sin?

Jesus answered him, “You would have no authority over me at all unless it had been given you from above. Therefore he who delivered me over to you has the greater sin.” John 19:11

Historically speaking, both Roman Catholicism and Protestantism have understood that there are degrees of sin. The Roman Catholic church makes a distinction between mortal and venial sin. The point of that distinction is that there are some sins so gross, heinous, and serious that the actual commission of those sins is mortal in the sense that it kills the grace of justification that resides in the soul of the believer. In their theology, not every sin is devastating to that degree. There are some real sins that are venial sins. These are less serious sins in terms of their consequences, but they don’t have the justification-killing capacity that mortal sins have. Continue reading

Abortion Is Sacred in Hollywood

“Isn’t it amazing that the left is so fixated on feminist ideology and consequence-free sex that it cannot see the unborn babies as the most “vulnerable population” in America?”

(Brent Bozell – CNS News)  In recent years, generous tax credits have brought a wave of Hollywood productions to Georgia. Then the state legislature passed, and the governor signed a very protective pro-life bill. The reaction was furious. How can the will of the people stand?

Network reporters, all aligned with movie and TV studios, pronounced that their conscientious corporate overlords might forgo the tax breaks to show their support for untrammeled abortion, even though there is no demand from their shareholders — their owners — that they do any such thing. Continue reading

Stop Treating False Teachers with Kid Gloves

“The charitable attitude of the 21st Century, when put through the lens of Scripture, comes out looking less like charity and more like naivety. The Apostles, such as Jude, Peter, and Paul, would have presumed that those teaching subversive and dangerous doctrines know exactly what they’re doing and are being intentionally crafty and subtle because they work for the other team.”

(JD Hall – Pulpit & Pen)  Tom Buck. Nice guy. I wish him well. Fine gentleman. I wish him many years and a happy life. Bla bla bla. You get it.

The last thing I want to do is correct Tom Buck (again) on something, but I’m going to keep saying this until I’m blue in the face; stop glad-handing, back-patting, kid-gloving, and “brothering” false teachers. Stop it. Sthaaaap it. Please. For the love of all that is good and pure, please stop. Continue reading

‘Gay, but celibate’ – But time to be very wary …

“Offering positions of church leadership to people who embrace and celebrate sexual disorders, all on the promise they will be chaste, is foolhardy.”

(Joel Belz – World Magazine)   Imagine this scenario. You’re an officer in an evangelical church. The congregation has been thriving and the spirit is good.

But now comes a thunderbolt. Your assistant pastor has just made it known to your church’s leaders that he struggles with a lifelong sexual attraction to other men…. Continue reading

Trump administration bans government scientists from using aborted fetal tissue in research

The decision from HHS came after discussions with anti-abortion advocates, scientists, ethicists, and patient advocates. It started in September 2018, when HHS ended a contract the Food and Drug Administration had with Advanced Bioscience Resources, Inc., after saying that it was “not sufficiently assured that contract included the appropriate protections applicable to fetal tissue research or met all other procurement requirements.”

(Kimberly Leonard – Washington Examiner)  The Trump administration will block government scientists from acquiring new fetal tissue from abortions to use in medical research, a major victory for abortion opponents. Continue reading

D-Day in Photos: ‘The Free Men of the World Are Marching Together to Victory’

“The following photo essay is offered in their honor and in honor of the men and women of our Greatest Generation.”

(Rebecca Mansour – Breitbart)  On Tuesday, June 6, 1944, over 160,000 brave men crossed the choppy waters of the English Channel to land in enemy-occupied France for the long-awaited Allied liberation of “Fortress Europe.”

Code named “Operation Overlord,” the Battle of Normandy was the largest amphibious invasion in human history. The mission: to liberate a continent suffering for four years under the murderous dictatorship of a racist totalitarian regime bent on world domination. Continue reading

Alabama Legislature Passes Bill Requiring Chemical Castration For Child Sex Offenders

“Any action that we can take against a child molester that would prevent them from ever committing this type of crime again, I support, including chemical castration. I think this bill is one of those steps to ensure public safety.”

(Hank Berrien – Daily Wire)  On Tuesday, Alabama legislators passed a bill that would punish child sex offenders by requiring them to be chemically castrated before they are released from prison. HB 379 was introduced by GOP Rep. Steve Hurst, who told WIAT-TV: Continue reading

There’s a Very Good Chance a Straight Pride Flag Will Fly Over Boston City Hall, Parade Organizer Says

Super Happy Fun America website screenshot

The website also features a woman in a “Make America Great Again” headband saying, “LGBTQ is not LGBTQS. The ‘S’ is for Straight. It’s more inclusive this way.”

(Tyler O’Neil – PJ Media)  Last Thursday, an organizer of the Boston Straight Pride Parade announced that the event would likely take place this coming August. On Tuesday, another organizer confirmed to PJ Media that the event is real and serious. In fact, he even predicted that the straight pride flag will fly over Boston City Hall.

Last month, Super Happy Fun America (SHFA) reported that Boston Mayor Marty Walsh had denied its request to fly the straight pride flag above City Hall. In response, the organization announced, “we have determined that a parade would be the best way to promote our community and its diverse history, culture, and identity.” Continue reading

Exodus: Netflix Has Already Lost $41,800 After New Petition Urges Christians to Cancel

“Not only has Netflix warned it will look to discontinue funding if the “heartbeat bill” comes into effect next year, but it has also vowed to join foreces with the ACLU and mount a legal challenge against the new law.”

Has a mass exodus of Netflix, Hulu and Disney Plus already begun? The reaction to a new petition would certainly make it appear that way.

A petition launched yesterday that was only up for mere hours before Netflix alone lost $41,800, with Hulu and Disney Plus suffering another $20,000 in losses. Both numbers represent estimated annual losses based on the “Money lost per month” total on the petition website. Continue reading

The Root of Idolatry

“Sinners still excel at erecting idols—today it simply takes place in individual hearts rather than the public square. It could be money, influence, career goals, athletic achievements, high-priced indulgences, or even another person—the vast galaxy of idols that rule in sinners’ hearts today likely dwarfs the gods of the ancient world.”

(John MacArthur)  Idolatry is the product of rebellion, not confusion. While hearts and minds darkened by sin can’t find God on their own apart from His Word, the apostle Paul makes it clear that the root of idolatry is man’s rejection of creation’s testimony to its Creator. Continue reading

Ten Plagues of California Are Turning The Golden State into a Third-World Hell Hole

“Even the city’s most notorious trash pile, located between downtown LA’s busy Fashion and Produce districts, continues to be a magnet for rats after it was cleaned up months ago. The rodents can carry typhus-infected fleas, which can spread the disease to humans through bacteria rubbed into the eyes or cuts and scrapes on the skin, resulting in severe flu-like symptoms.”

(Stephen Green – PJ Media)  In your typical Third-World megalopolis, basic city functions fall into disrepair, while once-eradicated diseases run rampant — and the local bigwig boasts about saving the world. Continue reading

Hillary Clinton’s Russia collusion IOU: The answers she owes America

“In short, the Clinton machine flooded the FBI with pressure — and bad intel — until an investigation of Trump was started. The bureau and its hapless sheriff at the time, James Comey, eventually acquiesced with the help of such Clinton fans as then-FBI employees Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.”

(John Solomon – The Hill)   During the combined two decades she served as a U.S. senator and secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s patrons regularly donated to her family charity when they had official business pending before America’s most powerful political woman. Continue reading

Disney, Netflix and More Might Not Make Movies in Georgia Because of Its Pro-Life Legislation

“This also shows Disney to be an outright traitor that shows no respect for the state and its culture.”

(Wayne Dupree – LifeZette)   So let me get this straight: The company that built its brand and business model off children is now promoting the killing of children — and if you don’t kill more of them, they will stop doing business with you.

These people are sick and need to be shamed into the poorhouse, in my view. Continue reading

Observations From A Former Roman Catholic Junior Seminarian on Celibate Homosexual Students and Priests

“Most devastating of all was the culture of secrecy combined with a large population of like-minded and sexually oriented men, who worked against a culture of transparency and moral rigor. Instead, the internal culture facilitated an environment where pedophiles knew they wouldn’t be outed or called to account for their criminal behavior.”

(The Aquila Report)  As an almost 30-year church member in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), I have watched and listened with great interest and concern as certain voices in the PCA have been clamoring to allow celibate homosexual pastors and church officers (the so called “Side B”).  My concerns stem from my time as a member of the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) from birth and my time in a Junior Seminary from thirteen to eighteen. Continue reading