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Tuberculosis, Chicken Pox, HIV/AIDS: A Third of Caravan Migrants Have Serious Health Problems

[Some] people have chosen to accept offers of temporary work and asylum from Mexico, yet most still remain committed to entering the United States.

(Lucas Mikelionis – LifeZette)  Migrants who came with the caravan are suffering from respiratory infections, tuberculosis, chickenpox and other serious health issues, Tijuana’s Health Department warned on Thursday morning.

The spokesman told Fox News that out of 6,000 migrants currently residing in the city, over a third of them (2,267) are being treated for health-related issues. Continue reading

Why Are So Many Millennials Ignorant Anti-Americans?

The survey also asked which is better for America’ future: capitalism or socialism? Overall, 61% of the public favors capitalism. Given the appalling record of socialism, that is a shockingly low percentage.

(Investors Business Daily)  Mis-education: Congratulations to the leftists who’ve taken over the nation’s public education system. They’re now producing generations of Americans who know little about their own country, other than that they hate it. That’s what a new survey shows, anyway. Continue reading

Should Christians opt out of Christmas due to its supposedly pagan origins?

Bible study author, speaker and blogger Michelle Lesley was asked the question:

I’ve been hearing a lot of things about Christmas having pagan origins, from Santa’s elves starting out as demons to the Roman winter solstice celebration of Saturnalia morphing into Christmas. Are these things true, and, if so, should Christians be celebrating Christmas?

Here’s Michelle’s thoughtful –and biblical–response: Continue reading

The Hate For Melania’s Christmas Decor Is Even Worse This Year. Here Are The Many Cruel Things Leftists Are Saying.

It’s 2018: It’s well-established that we live in hell. It only makes sense that the first lady’s Christmas decorations would match the bleakness of the Trump era.”

(Paul Bois – Daily Wire)  You may love Melania Trump’s taste in Christmas decorations; you may indeed dislike them, or perhaps even detest them. To each his own. But the venom leftists have spewed at the First Lady these past two years regarding her Christmas decor goes beyond mere differences in taste and into pure “Mean Girls” territory. Continue reading

10 Lessons From the Death of John Chau

“The world can’t understand. Even if you explain it to them slowly and as clearly as you can, all they hear is utter foolishness. The Gospel itself is foolish to the ears of the perishing as the Bible tells us (1 Cor. 1:18). No church or ministry should get any advice from the world, and yet it seems to be a trend these days.”

(Jordan Standridge – The Cripplegate)  Would you be willing to die for the Gospel?

That’s a question every Christian needs to ask themselves. And really, it should be a part of our discussions in Sunday school with our kids and everyone we evangelize. We aren’t just calling people to new life, we are calling people to die to self and be willing to die for the sake of others. Continue reading

Abortion: An American Institution Built on Lies

“There is talk that the current 5-4 majority in the U.S. Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade. But even if that occurs, states will be able to pass laws permitting abortions.”

(Laura Hollis – Townhall)  The new head of Planned Parenthood, Dr. Leana Wen, stated in a recent interview that she intends to expand the organization’s services and reach. If by “expand” she means services other than abortion, then more power to her. But that is hard to square with Planned Parenthood’s status as the single largest provider of abortion in the United States. It performed nearly 330,000 abortions in 2016. Abortion is also its biggest moneymaker. Continue reading

James White Joins Controversial ‘Booze and Tattoos’ Church

It is unclear, at the time of publication, whether White is leaving Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church as elder and member, however, dual-membership is not really something that happens regularly in Reformed Baptist Churches.

(JD Hall – Pulpit & Pen)  Apologia Church is the congregation that became embroiled in a controversy after the Christians News Network posted an article about a number of questionable fundraisers undertaken by the church. On two separate occasions, church members hosted separate events that exchanged booze and tattoos (respectively) for money designated to a Hawaii church plant. Christian News Network found a video posted online under the church’s affiliated media ministry (by the same name), in which a man was receiving a tattoo on his arm in exchange for charity to the church. … Continue reading

Hillsong UK Removes London Carols Promo Video Depicting Wise Men Visiting Baby Jesus in Tavern

“Hillsong also raised eyebrows in 2015 as its Christmas presentation included the carol “Silent Night” set to a nightclub-like setting with 1920’s-style flappers, as well as the “Little Drummer Boy” featuring shirtless men pounding on drums while a woman in tight gold leather pants belted out the song in thick fog.”

(Heather Clark – Christian News)  A Hillsong branch in the United Kingdom has removed from YouTube a promotional video for its annual Christmas musical that depicted the wise men arriving at a Bethlehem inn to see the baby Jesus, and upon entering, finding an environment with much drinking and dancing just feet from the Christ child. Continue reading

Experts on Climate Change Assessment: ‘Every Conclusion of This Latest Government Report Is False’

“President Trump was required by law to release this report, but he is not required to take it seriously – and he surely will not. To do so would undermine his sensible, deregulatory agenda and restart the war on fossil fuels.”

(Penny Starr – Breitbart) The federal government’s Fourth National Climate Assessment, released on Friday, has gained praise from leftists and left-wing environmental groups as a dire warning of the coming death and destruction in the United States if we don’t stop global warming.  Continue reading

National Security Group Puts Out Dire Warning About Interfaith Dialogue

Interfaith Dialogue is nothing more than a communist-contrived influence operation that continues the Cultural Marxist attack on Western Civilization. The American hard Left has partnered with Islam in an unholy alliance we call the Red-Green Axis. Their mutual goal is the subversion of Western laws, culture, and traditions, and our nation’s ultimate destruction, in preparation for the imposition of totalitarian rule.

[Washington, DC] The Center for Security Policy, a Washington think tank comprised of former national security experts, has put out a dire warning about Christians engaging in Interfaith Dialogue.

(JD Hall – Pulpit & Pen)  Written by national security experts, Bill Johnson (not of Bethel Church Redding ) and James Simpson, the report highlights the intentional use of Interfaith Dialogue by both Marxists and Islamic Extremists to weaken American resolve to protect its national sovereignty, culture and Judeo-Christian values. …

Continue reading

‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ Is Now Racist

“A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” is not the only holiday classic the Left has skewered as racist in recent years. In 2016, Salon.com denounced “A Christmas Story” as a racist vehicle of “white nostalgia”

(Paul Bois – Daily Caller)  Another holiday classic has been slapped with the label “racist” by SJWs for supposedly marginalizing the token black character: “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.”

People on social media have expressed outrage over the fact that the lone black character Franklin in “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” appears seated differently juxtaposed to the white characters during the famous dinner scene where Charlie Brown serves popcorn and toast to his hungry guests instead of turkey and stuffing. From The Hill: Continue reading

Conviction Based on God’s Word

So whatever you believe about these things keep between yourself and God. Blessed is the one who does not condemn himself by what he approves. Romans 14:22

This verse is not saying you are to keep quiet about your liberties, that you do not say anything to anybody, that you keep it between yourself and God. What Paul is saying is, if you have faith, have it between yourself and God. Let God’s Word be the basis for your faith, and nothing else. Be sure that what you are doing is not because of pride on your part, because you want to show off how free you are — you are doing this because God has freed you by his Word. If you have really based it on that, then your action will be one in which your conscience is free. You will not feel guilty and troubled as to whether you are acting beyond what the Word of God really says. You will be happy, free, blessed. But, if you do not, if you really have not settled this based on Scripture, but are acting only because you want to indulge yourself; if you like this thing but you still feel a bit troubled by it; if you act then, you are going to be condemned by your conscience. And if you are condemned by your conscience, you will feel guilty. And if you act because you feel guilty, you are not acting out of faith, and, therefore, you are sinning. This is Paul’s argument. View article →

New Vaccine Could Cut Number Of Alzheimer’s Cases In Half

The new vaccine “is the culmination of a decade of research that has repeatedly demonstrated that this vaccine can effectively and safely target in animal models what we think may cause Alzheimer’s disease.” 

(Hank Berrien – Daily Mail)  A new Alzheimer’s vaccine developed by scientists at the University of Texas Southwestern could conceivably cut the number of dementia cases in half.

Unlike a previous attempt that caused swelling in the brain when DNA was injected into the test mice’s muscles, the new vaccine was administered by injecting it superficially into the skin. Continue reading

Race Baiting: Beth Moore and the Black Sheep

The article begins with a screen capture of Beth Moore’s response to a tweet. She writes: So agree. It’s way past time to inventory our personal libraries, to add to them where they are woefully lacking & to quit being clay theologically shaped by only one shade of hands. That needs to be over. It has failed and robbed us. For starters, Jesus didn’t have white hands.

(Seth Dunn – Pulpit & Pen)  The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is in crisis.  It’s dying out.  I mean that quite literally.  The old white people who line the pews of the typical SBC church are dying.  Dead people don’t tithe.  Dead people don’t shop at LifeWay. …

Continue reading

What Is Thanksgiving Day?

Thanksgiving is an American holiday that stretches all the way back to a time long before America became a nation. The Pilgrims landed in 1620. They faced brutal conditions and were woefully unprepared. Roughly half of them died in that first year. Then they had a successful harvest of corn. In November of 1621 they decided to celebrate a feast of thanksgiving.

Edward Winslow was among those who ate that first thanksgiving meal in 1621. He noted:

Our harvest being gotten in, our governor sent four men on fowling, that so we might after a special manner rejoice together after we gathered the fruit of our labors. …And although it be not always so plentiful as it was at this time with us, yet by the goodness of God, we are so far from want.”

Continue reading

Conservative Watchdog Group Releases Christmas Guide So You Can Avoid Sponsoring The Left’s Agenda

“Major retailers have terrible records of supporting liberal activists and pushing leftist causes. In addition to funding pro-abortion, pro-sanctuary city, and anti-2nd Amendment groups, Target still maintains its dangerous policy of allowing men into women’s bathrooms. Walmart is a corporate supporter of similar organizations as well as the left-wing Center for American Progress.”

(Amanda Prestigiacomo – Daily Wire) On Tuesday, conservative watchdog group 2ndVote released a Christmas guide for consumers looking to avoid giving money to corporations that fund the Left’s agenda. Continue reading

Hillsong Church founder Brian Houston accused of not doing enough to expose his pedophile father’s crimes

“We will be addressing much more on these very serious matters in future articles, and we ask our readers to share these articles so the truth stays at the forefront.”


Move along, nothing to see here: Hillsong responds to ’60 Minutes’ (Part 1)

(Churchwatch Central) Up until the Royal Commission in 2014, the press were still reporting a single case of child sexual abuse in New Zealand by Frank. Brian Houston, CLC/Hillsong and the AOGA were the ones who fueled this public misconception and failed to correct the story when given opportunities (Mar 2002 -SMH1 Journalist,  Jul 2002 -SMH1 JournalistJan 2003-SMH2-journalist). Brian actually lied to a journalist (Apr 2006-SMH3 journalist), lied to Ps Taylor; and lastly tried to claim Clergy Privileges before the RC’s report criticised Brian Houston. Continue reading

How quickly we lose our Thanksgiving

“It’s not easy to be joyful in this life. Our emotions at times can seem to control us, but the one thing that our emotions and life circumstances cannot take away is our future. Hell has been defeated and heaven has been won, it is guaranteed, so we have a whole eternity of blessing to be thankful for.” 

(Jordan Standridge – The Cripplegate)  There was a beeping sound that wouldn’t stop.

I mean, what kind of restaurant would seat a party of eight next to this unceasing, annoying sound? Continue reading

Humanity’s Debased Mind

“Since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done.” – Romans 1:28

Homosexual behavior, in particular, demonstrates the exchange of what is good and natural according to God’s created order for that which is evil and unnatural. Thus, it is an especially blatant form of idolatry, of telling the Creator that one will not have Him as Lord but will worship and serve the creature (Rom. 1:24–27). This sexual twisting, however, is not the primal sin of humanity; rather, it is the ethical outworking of the fundamental transgression, namely, the refusal to honor and thank God (vv. 18–23).

Furthermore, homosexual behavior is not the only way our fundamentally idolatrous dispositions show themselves. As we will see in tomorrow’s study, there are innumerable ways in which idolatry bears unethical fruit. Today’s passage, however, introduces the vice list Paul provides in Romans 1:29–31, reminding us once again of the root of all evil. View article →

11-Year-Old ‘Trailblazing’ Child Drag Queen Promoted on Good Morning America

“He’s just a little boy, call it whatever you like, you know he’s being used as eye candy for incredibly sick and twisted people, God forgive us all for allowing this …”

(Michael Foust – Christian Headlines)  ABC’s Good Morning America celebrated an 11-year-old drag queen as a trailblazer this month, although many viewers pushed back and said the show had crossed the line in sexualizing children.

Host Michael Strahan introduced a video of Desmond Napoles — also known as “Desmond Is Amazing” — by saying the child was “inspiring to many” and was “trailblazing” a path for other children. Strahan also called it an “amazing story.”  Continue reading

Michigan College Cancels ‘The Vagina Monologues’ Because ‘Not All Women Have Vaginas’

“Apparently, many of the people who liked the iconic production, which is centered on stigma surrounding female anatomy, still felt it should be updated to include people who don’t have female anatomy.”

(Tré Goins-Phillips – Faithwire) Leaders at a college in Michigan decided to cancel its production of “The Vagina Monologues” because it’s discriminatory, given “not all women have vaginas.” Continue reading

10 Ways to Share the Gospel During the Holidays

Michelle Lesley made a list of the ways in which Christians can share their faith with the lost during the holidays should the opportunity arise. Here are her suggestions:

With all the hustle and bustle during November and December, it’s easy for the gospel to get lost in the shuffle. But the Great Commission never takes a vacation, and the holiday season provides some unique opportunities for sharing the gospel that we don’t have during the rest of the year.


If your family does the “let’s go around the table and say what we’re thankful for” thing at Thanksgiving, briefly express your thanks to Christ for His death, burial, and resurrection, and for saving you. Continue reading