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Where’s the Proof That Mindfulness Meditation Works?

Scientific American reports that the highly touted technique that allegedly relieves stress and pain has very little scientific evidence backing it. Bret Stetka informs us that “only around 9 percent of research into mindfulness-based interventions has been tested in clinical trials that included a control group.”

The concept of mindfulness involves focusing on your present situation and state of mind. This can mean awareness of your surroundings, emotions and breathing—or, more simply, enjoying each bite of a really good sandwich. Research in recent decades has linked mindfulness practices to a staggering collection of possible health benefits.

Tuning into the world around you may provide a sense of well-being, an array of studies claim. Multiple reports link mindfulness with improved cognitive functioning. One study even suggests it may preserve the tips of our chromosomes, which whither away as we age.

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Pro-Life Students Should Have Same Rights as Superstar Athletes

Shouldn’t pro-life students have the same rights as superstar athletes? Clearly they don’t. According to Kristan Hawkins, student voices that favor life over abortion are forcible being silenced. LifeZette has the story:

The uproar over Vice President Mike Pence’s decision to leave the Colts-49ers game after some NFL players took a knee during the national anthem again highlights the intense cultural debate over free speech that seems of utmost importance to the media and activists. Yet not all “speech” is treated as equal in coverage and attention.

Over the last few weeks, the free speech rights of students on college campuses have been violated, as peaceful chalk messages from students have been destroyed, flyers pulled down, and permits for new pro-life groups and speakers slow-walked through the approval process to prevent voices from being heard.

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Why Doesn’t God Just Talk To Me?

From Berean Research:

“Will you at least whisper, Father. Or give me a sign…something, anything personal so I’ll know it’s you.”

In the following piece over at TheoLatte, Dan DeWitt appeals to professing believers to consider the ramifications of God actually speaking to His people in any way except through the Holy Spirit inspired scriptures. For example, “what happens if God says something contradictory to someone else? Who is the judge? Are you? Are they? Who decides?” The answer is that we’d need an “external reference point by which to help judge each other’s claims.” Ever considered that, brethren? Dan has. Which is why he tackles the ongoing debate over whether God’s sheep receive special revelation. He writes:

Why doesn’t God just talk to me? Have you asked that before? Why should it require hundreds of years, a bunch of dead old guys from who knows where, and something called a “manuscript tradition,” for you to hear from God?

So, here’s a few reasons why it’s better for you that God has chosen to speak to you through his Word rather than waking you up in the middle of the night with an audible, “Hey you! Get out of bed and listen up!”:

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Collective consciousness to replace God

The statement was made by Dan Brown, author of “The Da Vinci Code,” a book of pure fiction that was made into a movie starring Tom Hanks. In the book Brown attacks the reliability of Scripture, the deity of Christ and pretty much everything else about Christianity. He wrote: “Almost everything our fathers taught us about Christ is false” (p. 235). So with the stage now set, Reuters’ columnist Douglas Busvine’s has a written a piece on Brown’s latest book

Humanity no longer needs God but may with the help of artificial intelligence develop a new form of collective consciousness that fulfils the role of religion, U.S. author Dan Brown said on Thursday.

Brown made the provocative remark at the Frankfurt Book Fair where he was promoting his new novel, “Origin”, the fifth outing for Harvard “symbology” professor Robert Langdon, the protagonist of “The Da Vinci Code”, a book that questioned the history of Christianity.

“Origin” was inspired by the question “Will God survive science?”, said Brown, adding that this had never happened in the history of humanity.

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Do you have the ‘spirit of Jezebel’?

Many of us in discernment have been accused by charismatics of having the “spirit of Jezebel” because we attack their error and stand for God and His truth. Glenn Chatfield of The Watchman’s Bagpipes tells the story of the wicked Jezebel and discloses the truth of who really possesses the Jezebel spirit. He writes:

Many false teachers and their followers, especially of the Word of Faith cult, rail at those who expose their false teachers by claiming the nay-sayers have “the spirit of Jezebel.”  This supposedly identifies the nay-sayers as false teachers opposing God.  But let’s look at who Jezebel was, what her evil was, and how that applies to today’s claims of having her “spirit.”

Pastor Bob Liichow, of Discernment Ministries International, wrote an article about this issue in his August “Truth Matters” apologetics letter.  The information he provided needs to be spread among believers so as to be able to address the false teachings about “the spirit of Jezebel.”

The End Of The Road For American Truckers Is Coming Into View

One-third of America’s $700 billion trucking industry goes to compensate drivers, providing a rich target for Technocrats. UPS, for instance, has increasingly moved from being a trucking company that uses technology, to being a technology company that has some trucks. About 3.5 million people are employed in the U.S. trucking industry. — Technocracy News Editor

According to The Guardian:

Jeff Baxter’s sunflower-yellow Kenworth truck shines as bright and almost as big as the sun. Four men clean the glistening cab in the hangar-like truck wash at Iowa 80, the world’s largest truck stop.

Baxter has made a pitstop at Iowa 80 before picking up a 116ft-long wind turbine blade that he’s driving down to Texas, 900 miles away.

Baxter, 48, is one of the 1.8 million Americans, mainly men, who drive heavy trucks for a living, the single most common job in many US states. Driving is one of the biggest occupations in the world. Another 1.7 million people drive taxis, buses and delivery vehicles in the US alone. But for how long? Having “disrupted” industries including manufacturing, music, journalism and retail, Silicon Valley has its eyes on trucking.

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Charismatic Hippies Take a Knee for Racial Disharmony at D.C. Event

Pulpit & Pen News has the story:

They billed the event as a “Holy Spirit Woodstock.” The term hippies might be a broad brush to describe the charismatics flocking to the National Mall to take part in the ecstatic mind-altering worship experiences led by New Apostolic Reformation gurus like Lou Engle, but it’s hard to deny that the experience-driven, rhapsodic worshipers have something in common with the intoxicated celebrations in 1969 New York.

Steven Kozar writes of the futility and pointlessness of such a vaguely-objectiveless event at Messed Up ChurchDescribing the attendees singing nonsensical songs and blowing shofars to “blast away the darkness, Kozar writes…

Let’s be honest, folks, nothing is really happening here. Many of these people are wearing t-shirts from the last “world-changing” conference or rally that they attended. This is sad, delusional and useless activity being passed off as a “revival.” Do these people really believe that darkness has now been officially driven out because they gathered and clapped and stomped and chanted?

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Why the Brownsville Revival was a demonic revival, run by Satan’s servants

By Churchwatcher

This article’s title may seem extreme, but Christians MUST scrutinize the spiritual nature of the so-called Brownsville Revival, (also known as the Pensacola Outpouring or Father’s Day Outpouring). This event was heralded as a crowning achievement by many Apostles and Prophets of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) cult. They claim this revival came from God Himself.

Furthermore, NAR Apostles like Michael Brown used this event as if it had a greater authority than scripture itself to justify his NAR-centered theology, arrogantly calling that which was demonic, of God.

The proof is in what they say and teach. Firstly, Apostles of the NAR attribute the origins of this revival not to God but to David Yonggi Cho, a dangerous false teacher (and a good friend of Apostle Michael Brown). Cho listened to a demon who gave him ‘pagan’ revelation (Japanese Buddhism) under the guise of Christian doctrine – this demonic entity speaking to Cho audibly. It was through this spirit’s revelations that Cho boasts of his extra-biblical revelations which he calls the teachings of the Fourth Dimension, on which he built his church (not Jesus).

And it is through this demonic spirit that he prophesied the Toronto Blessing and the Pensacola Outpouring.

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Francis Chan and Todd White Headline Upcoming IHOP Festival of False Teaching

From Berean Research:

The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork. – Psalm 19:1

Museum of Idolatry (MoI) includes a video trailer that promotes International House of Prayer’s (IHOP) annual convention, Onething 2017.  In the video we see IHOP- KC founder Mike Bickle shouting to the crowd: “God is raising up a church that is going to be prepared to be the vessels of His glory, to release His glory into the earth this very hour of intense darkness…” So, those who attend Onething will come away prepared to “release God’s glory into the earth”? Is there a verse to back this up? asks museum curator, Steven Kozar.  Why should we be concerned about a gathering of young people who want to get together to celebrate God? For one thing, IHOP’s teaching is built on a contemplative foundation and because of this, much deception has occurred. (Source)

In this piece over at MoI, Kozar deals with Francis Chan‘s return to Onething and his association with Mike Bickle, Todd White and other NAR wolves:

Francis Chan has been a very respected Evangelical pastor and author for over a decade now, but he has taken a very deliberate turn towards the “Signs and Wonders” New Apostolic Reformation-version of Christianity in recent years. Chan does not teach the extreme Word of Faith doctrine at all, in fact, he’s been really clear about wanting to stay away from man-centered false teaching altogether. He is to be commended for much of his Bible-based teaching, but that makes it even harder to understand his willingness to partner with IHOP and Todd White.

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Former Megachurch Minister Refuses to Exclude Profanity From Social Media Post: ‘I Will Not Sanitize This’

Christian News reports on disgraced pastor Perry Nobel’s latest attempt to draw attention to himself:

A former megachurch pastor who says he has been struggling with guilt since being fired last year due to problems with alcohol abuse recently refused to exclude profanity from a social media post that transparently expressed how badly he feels about his sins and the consequences of his choices. His language has generated a variety of reactions, including concern from those who note that profanity is not to proceed from the mouths of those who profess Christ.

“I know it’s harsh, but I will not sanitize this article to appease those who may be offended at the language and want a scrubbed and safe version of Christianity that simply doesn’t work for the world!” Perry Noble of NewSpring Church in Anderson, South Carolina recently wrote on social media.

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Pastor as Overseer of Worship Music

According to Joshua Jenkins, the pastor’s role is to be an overseer.  One of the areas he’s responsible to oversee is the worship music of the church, says Jenkins. Why? Because the songs we sing during worship “are of utmost theological importance, second only to the ministry of the Word from the pulpit.” Therefore, “It is unbiblical and ecclesiastically illegal for a congregation, committee, or other party to strip the pastor of this responsibility, since it is God who gave it to him.”

In a piece over at For the Church, Joshua Jenkins lays out what the pastor’s responsibility is when it comes to overseeing worship music. He writes:

Most people would typically understand and agree that one of the pastor’s main responsibilities is the weekly preaching and teaching from the pulpit. Further, most would agree that the pastor is the overseer of the doctrine that is taught in the church, although it is most likely within the bounds of the confession or doctrinal statements already laid out by the church.

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Is Christianity on a ‘great spiritual migration’ to a new religion?

From Berean Research:

In a piece entitled The Great Migration, Dr. Peter Jones warns us that Progressive Christians see Christianity as “malfunctioning” and are hell bent on “saving” that “old time religion.” And Emergent Church guru Brian McLaren (who we thought had slithered into obscurity) thinks he’s the guy who’s destined to save us from the “Supreme Being of violent and dominating power.”

In his piece over at truthXchange, Dr. Jones presents McLaren’s grand scheme to oust the Trinity and “embrace a grander, inclusive God who demonstrates solidarity with all.” Sadly, we must take Brian McLaren’s attempt to revise Christianity seriously. Dr. Jones explains why:

Berlin is a very different city today than the Berlin my daughter Eowyn and her husband David met when they moved there as church planters. They now find themselves preoccupied daily with a large immigrant population. Eowyn writes of her contact with a woman who said: “’I want to change religions. Mine leads to death and destruction. The God you describe is so lovely!”

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Roman Catholic Dioceses Nationwide Being ‘Consecrated’ to ‘Immaculate Heart of Mary’

According to Christian News:

A number of Roman Catholic dioceses nationwide—and also globally—have been consecrating themselves to the “immaculate heart of Mary” throughout 2017, a practice that evangelicals say is unbiblical and gives to the earthly mother of Jesus the devotion that should be bestowed to Christ alone.

“We are uniting ourselves to her who opens up the way for God to enter, and we are uniting our hearts to her immaculate heart, the one heart that is perfectly united to the Sacred Heart of Jesus,” James Johnston Jr. of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Missouri told the National Catholic Register.

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See our Research Paper on the Roman Catholic Church

Mike Huckabee brings star power and a shot of news to TBN’s Christian lineup

Mike Huckabee has a long list of accomplishments. For one thing he was the governor of Arkansas. Before he became governor he was a SBC pastor. Huckabee also hosted his own show on the Fox News channel, now he’s a Fox commentator. You may remember him as one of many GOP candidates in the 2008 and 2016 primaries. Huckabee’s newest venture is to host a TV show on TBN, the “world’s largest religious network.”

According to pastor-teacher John MacArthur “TBN has been dominated by faith-healers, full-time fund-raisers, and self-proclaimed prophets spewing heresy.” In other words, TBN is dominated by heretics. Heresy spewers include Kenneth & Gloria Copeland, Benny Hinn, TD Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Paula White and Joyce Meyer. Faith teachers such as these are notorious for fleecing the Christian flock. TBN is rightly referred to by some as Trinity Blasphemy Network.

This begs the question. Why does it not bother Mike Huckabee that he’s linking arms with a “religious network” that shamelessly airs programs hosted by wolves in sheep’s clothing who prey on Christ’s sheep?

Tennessean has the story:

Mike Huckabee’s weekly talk show premieres Saturday on Trinity Broadcasting Network, representing a programming shift for the Christian television giant.

Hosted by the two-time Republican presidential candidate and taped just outside of Nashville, “Huckabee” will offer news commentary and feature political, musical and religious guests. Its look at current events from a practical and Biblical world view is a departure from TBN’s typical lineup flush with well-known Christian ministers, like Joel Osteen.

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Oprah Magazine: God’s ‘in’ Abortions?

From Berean Research:

Here’s a cold hard fact. Close to sixty million innocent babies have been butchered in the one place they should be safest — their mother’s womb. In this piece over at Herescope,Pastor Larry DeBruyn and Sarah Leslie shred the new counternarrative to the abortion debate embraced by the Oprah Winfrey establishment as well as “Christian” celebrities like The Shack author William P. Young: abortion is a sacred and divine right. Yes, you heard me correctly. Professing Christians, with Oprah’s help, are putting forth the narrative that abortion is a sacred and divine right. Let that sink in, brethren.

“Sacred Oneness”—a Deadly Counternarrative! 

Humane theology was the foundation of Dr. George Tiller’s practice. It dictates that alleviating suffering is a Christian’s sacred responsibility. If God is in everything, and in everyone, then God is as much in the woman making a decision to terminate a pregnancy as in her Bible. —Dr. Willie Parker, MD, Life’s Work: A Moral Argument for Choice[1]

Because of his “oneness” worldview that God is “in” everyone and everything is “in” God, Dr. Willie Parker believes that God sanctions aborting-killing of babies. The Oprah Magazine quotes him as having written in his book,

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Presbyterian Megachurch ‘Pastor’ Says God Isn’t Male, Denies Exclusivity of Christ

According to Pulpit & Pen News:

Shannon Johnson Kershner is the impastor of the Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago, a 5,500  member megachurch. The church just happens to be the second-largest church belonging to the Presbyterian Church of the United States of America (PCUSA). In a podcast with the Chicago Sun, she recently denied that Jesus is the only way to Heaven.

Known as the “Exclusivity of Christ,” this doctrine teachers that the only means of salvation is through Christ. This is a benchmark doctrine of virtually all Protestant Christian thought, and is enshrined in Reformation theology as Sola Christus. Denying the Exclusivity of Christ is tacitly a form of Universalism or pseudo-Universalism, which teaches that ultimately, everyone (or most) will be saved whether or not they come to Christ for their salvation.

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Forty percent of cancers linked to obesity, overweight

Following is the correct link to the article:

According to Fox News:

An unhealthy diet may affect more than just your waistband, a new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ‘Vital Signs’ report shows. In a press release on Tuesday, the CDC stated that 40 percent of all U.S. cancer diagnoses can now be linked to overweight and obesity.

The study presents daunting results, as nearly two-thirds of American adults are currently defined as overweight or obese.

“A majority of American adults weigh more than recommended – and being overweight or obese puts people at higher risk for a number of cancers – so these findings are a cause for concern,” said Brenda Fitzgerald, CDC director. “By getting to and keeping a healthy weight, we all can play a role in cancer prevention.”

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Up to 50 witnesses for Cardinal Pell sex abuse hearing

The Local reports:

The 76-year-old, a top adviser to Pope Francis, is accused of multiple historical sexual offences relating to incidents that allegedly occurred long ago.

He is the most senior Catholic cleric to be charged with criminal offences linked to the church’s long-running sexual abuse scandal.

The exact details and nature of the allegations against Pell have not been made public, other than they involve “multiple complainants”.

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See our Research Paper on Roman Catholicism

Hollywood Producer Hides Lewd Behavior Behind Liberal Politics

According to Zachery Lehman, “Charges against Harvey Weinstein and his own admissions reveal the man to be anything but the liberal feminist he’s claimed to be.”

LifeZette has the story:

Sixty-five-year-old Harvey Weinstein co-founded the successful studios Miramax and The Weinstein Company, and jump-started the careers of such filmmakers as Quentin Tarantino and Kevin Smith. He has arguably been Hollywood’s biggest producer for decades.

The mega-producer has also been an outspoken liberal over the years. He’s long been a critic of the National Rifle Association, and he was a major donor to Hillary Clinton’s 2016  presidential campaign. He even participated in the Women’s March in January of this year.

A new report from The New York Times reveals that, aside from his professional accomplishments and political advocacy over the past decades, Weinstein has also been leading a secret life.

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Light and Truth

Send forth your light and your truth, let them guide me; let them bring me to your holy mountain, to the place where you dwell. Then will I go to the altar of God, to God, my joy and my delight. I will praise you with the harp, O God, my God (Psalm 43:3-4). 
What a word of triumph! Now the psalmist understands what God is doing; He is driving him step by step to the ultimate refuge of any believer in any time of testing: the Word of God, which is the truth of God coupled with the light. The truth is God’s Word; the light is your understanding of it. The psalmist cries out for an understanding of the Word as he reads it and for light, which breaks out of these marvelous promises to encourage and strengthen his heart. He says, If you will do that, God, then my heart will be filled with joy and gladness, and I will praise you with the harp; for you, O God, are my God, my personal God. What a revelation that is!   View article →

The New Taboo: More People Regret Sex Change and Want to ‘Detransition’, Surgeon Says

The National Post reports that following surgery some transgenders. particularly women, experience crippling levels of depression and in some contemplate suicide.  Joe Shute has the story:

Five years ago, Professor Miroslav Djordjevic, the world-leading genital reconstructive surgeon, received a patient at his Belgrade clinic. It was a transgender patient who had surgery at a different clinic to remove male genitalia—and had since changed their mind.

That was the first time Djordjevic had ever been contacted to perform a so-called “reversal” surgery. Over the next six months, another six people also approached him, similarly wanting to reverse their procedures. They came from countries all over the Western world, Britain included, united by an acute sense of regret. At present, Djordjevic has a further six prospective people in discussions with his clinic about reversals and two currently undergoing the process itself; reattaching the male genitalia is a complex procedure and takes several operations over the course of a year to fully complete, at a cost of some euros 18,000 (pounds 16,000).

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Anal Cancer: The New Gay Epidemic the Media Won’t Talk About

So, if the liberal media has chosen to keep a deadly cancer epidemic from the public, what else are they hiding from us? If we can’t trust the press to report the CDC’s latest findings, then many young people will be kept in the dark about all the ugly diseases, including cancer, associated with having multiple sex partners. The CDC reports that there’s an epidemic of STD’s among teens. Is the public aware of this? Don’t take our word for it. According to Meg Meeker, MD:

Social and media maneuvers encouraging teens to have sex whenever they want with whomever they want may seem reasonable to many parents, but we have one serious issue that no one — including the press, media outlets, Planned Parenthood, and school sex ed teachers — will face the ugly truth: There is an epidemic of STDs among teens in the U.S. And according to the CDC, the numbers are rising fast. (Source)

As if this isn’t bad enough, we now learn from reporter Megan Fox that anal cancer is epidemic among gay men — and no one’s talking about it. Why?  Here’s another question. If sodomy causes cancer (there’s plenty of evidence that it does) why is Teen Vogue writing “how to” guides about anal sex for teenage girls? (More on this here)

PJ Media has the graphic details: 

On the Center for Disease Control’s website it says, “Receptive anal intercourse also increases the risk of anal cancer in both men and women, particularly in those younger than 30. Because of this, men who have sex with men have a high risk of this cancer.” (Source)

The Los Angeles Times calls anal cancer “the next big crisis” for the gay community. According to the American Cancer Society, the future looks grim.

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Church of England Head Denies Sodomy is Sin

According to Pulpit & Pen News:

The Archbishop of Canterbury is the Church of England’s equivalent to the Bishop of Rome. This archbishop is the head of the Church of England and the Anglican Church, worldwide. Augustine was the first Archbishop of Canterbury, and since then, 104 bishops have followed in that role and been given that title. In the 1600s, the Archbishop of Canterbury affiliated with the newly Protestant Church of England rather than the Roman Catholic Church. With the role of Archbishop comes the presidency of the ecumenical groups, Churches Together in England. Moves to ecumenism have grown rapidly in recent years, with the Archbishop of Canterbury beginning to meet with the Roman Popes and attend significant events like funerals and inaugurations of Popes since at least 1997.

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Awaken the Dawn! What’s Behind the ‘Holy Spirit Woodstock’ Coming to DC

The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) cult is behind the October 6 gathering on the National Mall where thousands upon thousands will go to pray for revival in America. So, will there actually be a “Holy Spirit Woodstock” those who attend Awaken the Dawn are going to pray for? Without getting too far afield, for a revival to take place the true Gospel of Jesus Christ must be preached. That won’t happen. It never happens at NAR assemblies.

See True Revival and False Revival

As a side note, when NAR false prophet Lou Engle is  even remotely associated with any so-called Christian event, we can assure you that what’s going on is not biblical. And those who attend these events should not be referred to as evangelicals. Why? Because NAR/Latter Rain/Dominionism, which Engle is a part of, is not authentic evangelical Christianity. NAR is a well-organized, well-funded counterfeit. Those who are a part of this movement lack spiritual discernment; sadly, many of the folks are deceived. Even worse, they’re false converts.

Now back to the subject at hand, revival. CBN reporter Paul Strand informs us that, “Only God Himself can bring about such a revival and answer such a prayer.” Here’s the kicker: “But those behind Awaken the Dawn feel they know how to partner with Him.” Partnering with God to bring about revival is taught in the Bible…..where, exactly?

Strand’s piece can be found over at CBN News, a site we do not endorse.  Be sure to watch the video.

This vast expanse of public land stretching from Capitol Hill to the Lincoln Memorial has seen many mass gatherings across the decades. But never one aimed simply at worshipping the Savior of mankind around-the-clock for days in a row. Yet that’s what’s coming October 6th-9th.

Tens of thousands of Christians praising and praying will fill some 57 tents, taking up much of that vast space running through the heart of the nation’s capital.

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