Sacred Cows and Stars

Herescope examines the history and mechanics of the leadership idolatry running rampant in the evangelical world.

Somehow Born-Againers never quite repented of their proclivity to follow the Stars. And a cult of leadership idolatry arose and became utterly acceptable…

There was money to be had in Stardom. Sacred Cows are Cash Cows. The Stars thrived on publicity. They published books, wrote articles, went on tours, ran the gamut of conference circuits, and addressed receptive audiences from behind the fancy new plastic podiums in rising megachurches. Some Star Performers launched their own media outlets, and others formed mega-ministries. Their name became their brand name. Evangelical show business became big business.

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Be Still

Pastor Larry DeBruyn has significantly updated an article he authored six years ago with additional information pertinent to the Passion 2012 event. Entitled “Be Still: Contemplative or Listening Prayer & Psalm 46:10,” Pastor DeBruyn’s article provides a direct and succinct Biblical rebuttal to the increasingly common false teachings that one needs to “be still” through the practice of contemplative prayer. View article →

NAR in the Political Limelight

Dr. Orrel Steinkamp has written an excellent commentary on the latest foray of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) into the American political mainstream. Today’s Herescope post, subtitled “A Theocratic Dominion Apostle Gains Political Exposure at the RNC,” examines Samuel Rodriguez, who recently gave the benediction at the Republican National Convention. Rodriguez has other associations and agendas, but perhaps his most controversial role is that of anointed apostle in the NAR. View article →

Desolations Are Determined

Pastor Larry DeBruyn has updated a key article at Guarding His Flock in which he examines the current events in the Middle East in the light of the Scriptures.

Among many others, one verse in the prophecy of Daniel stands out as it bears upon the prospect for peace in the Middle East. In delivering a futuristic view of the Holy Land, the angel Gabriel announced to Daniel that from his time “even to the end there will be war; desolations are determined” (Daniel 9:26b). The fullfillment of this prophecy is evidenced by the revolutions, wars and homicide bombings taking place in that region of the world. According to Gabriel’s prediction, violence will plague the Holy City and her environs until “the end.” Desolations are determined!

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In the Name of Jesus

Pastor Larry DeBruyn has written a new booklet, In the Name of Jesus: Oneness Pentecostalism and Jesus Only Baptism. This important work is now available free online. The topic of this booklet is especially relevant to the rapidly rising popularity and mainstreaming of T.D. Jakes in the evangelical world. View article →

Vain Imaginations

Another wonderful nugget of truth from J.C. Philpot is posted at Herescope. Addressing the importance of being sober-minded, he wrote:

But sobriety implies not merely the absence of all unbecoming levity in speech and conduct, but the absence also of all wild, visionary imaginations in the things of God. It denotes, therefore, that “spirit of a sound mind” which the Apostle says is the gift of God. (2 Tim. 1:7.)

Few things are more opposed to that wisdom which is from above (James 3:17), and to that anointing which teaches all things, and is truth, and is no lie (1 John 2:27), or to the work of faith, the labor of love, and the patience of hope—than those wild flights of imagination, and those visionary ideas and feelings which so many substitute for the solid realities of the life of God.

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Kept by the Lord

In this nugget of truth, J.C. Philpot expounds on how wonderfully the Lord keeps His saints from evil, error and delusion. Though preached in 1852, it remains a very current message for our day.

Many, many persons are under a spirit of delusion, whose lives are consistent and whose creed is sound. Their minds are mostly of a peculiar cast. They are not persons usually of strong animal passions, nor of speculative reasoning minds, but dreamy, visionary, imaginative, with a strong tinge of superstition and a tendency to natural enthusiasm. Now upon such minds Satan specially works.

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Nephilim Eschatology

Prominent evangelical teachers are now bypassing the obvious and essential teachings on sin to focus on the unclear, obscure, and sensational. They say that the Nephilim (demigod giants who are the offspring of fallen angels and human women), proliferated at such a rate during Noah’s day, that it resulted in an almost complete destruction of the human race through genetic corruption with Nephilim DNA. Sadly, Nephilim aficionados are preparing their students and readers for the soon return of these Nephilim—not the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. View article →

Conformed or Transformed

Pastor Anton Bosch examines the current state of the evangelical church today by measuring it against the standard of Romans 12:2, which states,

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

Bosch concludes that the majority of people in the church today are part of the group that has been transformed by the world and conformed to the seeker-driven model:

Thus people progress from enjoying the free coffee, playing in the softball team and losing weight in the fitness program to leadership positions without ever being transformed by Christ. Yet they have successfully learnt the language and behavior that identifies them as a “Christian.”

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“Reimagining” Conversion

Responding to a recent report from Christianity Today which states that evangelicals have undergone a “paradigm shift in their understanding of conversion and redemption,” Pastor Larry DeBruyn writes:

But now within evangelicalism a new paradigm of conversion is emerging, a paradigm that places emphasis on baptism, spiritual formation, community and kingdom building on earth. As opposed to the old revivalism with its emphasis on becoming a Christian, the new paradigm of conversion emphasizes being a Christian (To this distinction, the New Testament’s emphasis upon both becoming and being a Christian can be noted, the emphasis upon the one not to exclude the other; See John 3:3, 7; Galatians 5:22-24; James 2:17; 1 John 3:17.).

This new paradigm of conversion, argues Debruyn, has led to evangelicals becoming increasingly ecumenical and ecclesiastical. View article →

The Spirit of Error

J.C. Philpot, known as “The Seceder,” resigned in 1835 from the Church of England and became a Strict & Particular Baptist. Defending the faith in 1861 with his message The True, Proper, and Eternal Sonship of the Lord Jesus Christ the Only Begotten Son of God, Philpot bluntly stated,

[W]e have little hope of convincing those who have drunk deeply into the spirit of error. The poison is already in their veins, vitiating in them all that once seemed like truth and simplicity.

As infidelity, when once it has got full possession of the mind, rejects the clearest evidences from positive inability to credit them, so error, when once it has poisoned the heart, renders it for ever afterwards, in the great majority of instances, utterly incapable of receiving the truth.

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Coda Scriptura

In the series “Neologisms for Evangelicals,” the Discernment Research Group is developing a descriptive vocabulary for the new doctrines, practices and heresies of the emerging evangelical church. The most recent installment defines “Coda Scriptura.” View article →

The Harbinger: A Review and Commentary

Pastor Larry DeBruyn reviews Jonathan Cahn’s bestseller The Harbinger: The Ancient Mystery that Holds the Secret of America’s Future from a unique Scriptural perspective. Can one apply the words of judgment spoken and written to ancient Judah (circa 732 BC) by the prophet Isaiah (i.e., Isa. 9:10–11) to the fall of the Twin Towers on 9/11 and its aftermath in America? View article →

Quantum Mysticism Goes to Market

In this final installment of Herescope’s “Cosms, Codes, and Cryptologies” series, author Gaylene Goodroad examines the bigger picture of the vast marketing network that is furthering this Quantum Mysticism agenda.  This section includes an overview of Jonathan Cahn’s popular bestseller The Harbinger, which also contains the idea that there are secret hidden codes in the Bible. View article →

A Quantum Cosmic Christ

In Part 8 of the ongoing Herescope series, “Cosms, Codes, and Cryptologies,” the Discernment Research Group investigates the connections between quantum physics and the emerging concept of Quantum Spirituality, particularly as articulated by Leonard Sweet, who wrote a book of this same title in 1991. Leonard Sweet would go on to become an influential force in Leadership Network, including its launch of the Emergent Church movement in the year 2000. This post illustrates the far-reaching effects of Sweet’s original concepts and efforts to integrate quantum physics and New Age mysticism into a postmodern faith. View article →

Quantum Prophecy

In Part 7 of Gaylene Goodroad’s “Cosms, Codes, and Cryptologies,” she explains how the teachings of Quantum Mysticism alter biblical prophecy. She writes:

These men [Quantum Mystics] abuse the text of Genesis 6 (and other passages) by adding in strange and wild speculations. They combine their exotic occult and extra-biblical suppositions with New Age physics, then make further conjectures about transhumanism. In short, these men have craftily distorted biblical eschatology into a far-fetched science fiction-fantasy that directs attention to the return of their mythical, mutant, and hybrid “demigods” instead of the Lord Jesus Christ, the believer’s “Blessed Hope” at His Coming (Titus 2:11-15).

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Quantum Geomancy and Cryptic Mystic Math

In Part 6 of Herescope’s current series, “Cosms, Codes, and Cryptologies,” Gaylene Goodroad analyzes the writings and beliefs of David Flynn, a researcher and author who, in uncovering a time table for End Time prophecy, claimed to have decoded Freemasonry lore and the alchemical writings of Isaac Newton. Employing ancient methods of divination and occult calculations, Flynn concluded that extraterrestrial beings would return to earth in the year 2012. Flynn’s ideas have been widely disseminated by Tom Horn, who is one of the “quantum collaborators” being investigated in this series of articles. View article →

Quantum Teleporting Through Time

In Part 5 of Herescope’s ongoing series, “Cosms, Codes, and Cryptologies,” author Gaylene Goodroad examines several key “quantum collaborators” who are leading the movement to incorporate emerging concepts of quantum physics and quantum spirituality into a 2012 end-time scenario. These men propose that the occult practices of astral projection, bi-location and time travel are part of new understandings about quantum physics and can be blended together with new revelation about the last days. View article →

False Eschatology Arising

In Part 4 of “Cosms, Codes, and Cryptologies,” the Discernment Research Group provides a brief overview of the consequences of the introduction of Quantum Mysticism into the church. The result is an emerging new eschatology.

Scripture no longer seems sufficient to many believers who are now beginning to incorporate the added elements of mythology, science fiction, technology, apocrypha, ancient occult prophecies, ghost stories, Freemasonry, fables and pure fiction. All of these additions go far beyond Scripture and result in creating an entirely new theology, particularly a new hybrid eschatology about the Lord’s return.

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The Emerging ENIGMA Bible

Does the Bible contain hidden codes that only the elite can detect? Does God’s Word hold the secret of mystical numbers that may only be deciphered and decoded by today’s computers? In Part 3 of the Herescope series “Cosms, Codes, and Cryptologies,” author Gaylene Goodread writes:

The study of “cosmic codes” and related occult methodologies did not originate with Chuck Missler, but from the ancient sages and Jewish mystics who generated the occult body of mystical writings called the Kabbalah.

According to Kabbalists, “only the worthy and pure could locate” the hidden codes. Similarly, in Missler’s book Cosmic Codes, only the scientifically and mathematically astute and credentialed can locate and decode these purported hidden Bible codes. Note that this belief that only an elect group can glean hidden or coded truths runs contrary to a foundational teaching of the First Reformation…

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Discernment Detractors: Calling Good Evil

Warren B. Smith, author of such books as A “Wonderful” Deception and Deceived on Purpose, recently posted an article entitled, “Discernment Detractors: Calling Good Evil.” In this post, Smith uses Scripture to refute some of the common arguments that are used against those who seek to discern and expose false teachings within the church. View article →

Cosms, Codes, and Cryptologies

The Discernment Research Group at the Herescope blog has conducted a lengthy investigation into the aberrant beliefs of Tom Horn, Chuck Missler and many of their associates. At issue is their highly unusual sci-fi eschatology based on ancient Gnostic writings, mythologies, Jewish mystics, the Apocryphya, the Book of Enoch and ancient Mayan legends.

In Part 1 of this series, author Gaylene Goodroad discusses quantum mysticism in the church, especially in the context of evangelical author Tom Horn’s recent book, God’s Ghostbusters. View article →

Part 2 of the series examines cosmic cryptology in the church. This article briefly examines Chuck Missler’s Cosmic Codes: Hidden Messages from the Edge of Eternity. Goodread refutes the notion that the Bible contains hidden codes that must be deciphered and notes,

Contradicting the idea of God communicating in “cosmic codes” is the fact that Lord Jesus Christ, The Word, (though on occasion He spoke in parables), spoke openly and not in hidden, encrypted language (Jn. 1:1; 18:20).

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Effectual Preaching

Herescope continues the series, “Outcome-Based Conversion: By Man’s Machinations or God’s Ministration?” In Part 3 of this series, Pastor Anton Bosch examines the biblical model for effectual preaching. View article →

The Dupe of False Hope

In Part 2 of the Herescope series, “Outcome-Based Conversion: By Man’s Machinations or God’s Ministration?” Pastor Anton Bosch writes:

Many people live in false hope – the same false hope that casinos employ to make their dirty money and scam artists use to lure their victims to make investments in fraudulent schemes. The sad thing is that victims are as much to blame as the con-artists who tempt them. While it is terrible to see people deceived by some vague hope that their ten dollars will suddenly multiply into thousands, it is even worse to see people gamble with their souls and eternity. Victims who put their trust, hope and confidence in a religion that cannot save them are to be pitied. But false prophets who assure people that everything is well when it is not, are to be condemned.

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The Altar Call

In Part 1 of a new series by the Discernment Research Group, Pastor Larry DeBruyn examines what has come to be known as the “altar call.” He writes:

In America over the last two centuries, no event has become more associated with the evangelical-fundamentalist movement than the altar call. In evangelistic campaigns, revival crusades, and many church services, the altar call is synonymous with winning souls to Jesus Christ, or calling backslidden believers to repent and return to the Lord.

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