Climate contrarian uncovers scientific error, upends major ocean warming study

“Our error margins are too big now to really weigh in on the precise amount of warming that’s going on in the ocean. We really muffed the error margins.”

(Joshua Emerson Smith – The San Diego Union-Tribune)  Researchers with UC San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Princeton University recently walked back scientific findings published last month that showed oceans have been heating up dramatically faster than previously thought as a result of climate change. Continue reading

Vatican orders US bishops to delay taking action on sexual abuse crisis

“We are not, ourselves, happy about this [delay]. We have been working hard to get to the action stage, and we’ll do it, but we have to get past this bump in the road.” – Cardinal Daniel DiNardo

(Daniel Burke – CNN)  The Vatican has told the US Conference of Catholic Bishops to delay voting on measures to hold bishops accountable for failing to protect children from sexual abuse, the president of the conference said in a surprise announcement Monday morning.

In announcing the decision to his fellow bishops, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo said he was disappointed by the Vatican’s interference, which he said he learned of on Sunday afternoon. Continue reading

Horrible Pro-Abortion Ad Shows Beautiful Newborn Baby, Says It’s OK to Abort Her

It shows us not a “clump of cells” but a baby. It calls the baby “she,” not “it” or “that thing.” It seems almost to go out of its way to highlight the beauty and lovability of the child. It presents human life — wondrous, miraculous life — and says, “Yes, it is good to kill this person.”

(Micaiah Bilger – LifeNews)  A horrible new ad created for the abortion giant Planned Parenthood uses an adorable baby girl with big eyes and precious smile to advocate for abortion on demand.

The 40-second video, “The Chosen,” was created by the Agenda Project, a pro-abortion advocacy group, to promote the abortion giant Planned Parenthood. Continue reading

‘New’ votes turn up in mystery truck deliveries, abandoned boxes as Florida rocked by fraud charges

“The incompetence & the violation of #Florida reporting requirements by #BrowardCounty elections dept could impact more than just the outcome. The last thing our already dangerously divided nation needs is an important election 1/2 our people believe was rigged by the other 1/2,” Marco Rubio tweeted.

(Brook Singman – Fox News)  Lawyers are descending on Florida as the state braces once again to become ground zero in a national election fight, and the epicenter appears to be Broward County where late-arriving ballots in Democratic strongholds are fueling accusations of political shenanigans. Continue reading

Chilling Details: Tucker Carlson’s Terrified Wife Hid in the Pantry As Antifa Thugs Damaged Her Home

“These agitators publicly shared his home address, as well as the home addresses of both his brother and a close friend and associate. They blocked off both ends of his street, too, quite possibly to make it more difficult for anyone at home to ‘escape.'” 

(Guy Benson – Townhall)  Last night, Beth told you about a developing story involving members of an Alt-Left group gathering outside the private home of Fox News host Tucker Carlson.  The goons demanded that Carlson “leave town,” telling him, “you are not safe,” and “we know where you sleep at night.”  As if to reinforce Carlson’s worldview, they also chanted, “no borders, no walls — no USA at all!”  As it turns out, these Antifa-linked thugs showed up when their target wasn’t even home; he was at Fox preparing that evening’s show.  But Carlson’s wife was at the house, and she was terrified: Continue reading

Trump White House braces for a caravan of subpoenas

“Among the targets: Trump family businesses … Trump dealings with Russia … James Comey’s firing … Trump’s firing of U.S. attorneys … White House staff’s personal email use … Cabinet secretary travel … The travel ban … Family separation … Hurricane response in Puerto Rico … and many more.”

(Mike Allen, Jonathan Swan – Axios)  With a new Democratic House majority, the Trump White House is bracing for a caravan of subpoenas covering everything from Russia to business deals that will soon be headed their way. Continue reading

ONE THIRD Of American Catholic Bishops ‘Failed To Respond’ To Sex Abuse Allegations — But That May Not Be The Worst Part Of The Story

“As a result of what a civilian oversight official called a “common fraud,” misbehavior by bishops “flourished.” Bishops, the Globe and Inquirer say, routinely overlooked sexual abuse by their peers, ignored complaints of abuse brought to their attention, and in extreme cases like that of McCarrick, covered for each other.”

(Emily Zanotti – Daily Wire)  A shocking new report compiled by a team of journalists from both the Boston Globe and the Philadelphia Inquirer alleges that at least one in three living, American Catholic bishops has been accused of failing to respond appropriately to claims of sexual abuse brought to their attention. Continue reading

‘No evidence’ to back Kavanaugh accusers’ claims, Senate panel’s report on FBI probe finds

“Indeed, the evidence appears to support the position that Julie Swetnick and Mr. Avenatti criminally conspired to make materially false statements to the Committee and obstruct the Committee’s investigation.”

(Louis Casiano – Fox News)  An investigation into sexual misconduct allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh by multiple women found that no witnesses could provide evidence to substantiate their claims, a letter to Senate Republicans from the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman said Friday. Continue reading

Church covered up priest’s abuse of 50 boys

“Coyle was stripped of his ability to lead Mass and otherwise function as a priest. But he never faced further punishment and lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico, until recently, retaining the title “father” and collecting financial assistance from the diocese.”

(Ryan J. Foley – APNewsBreak)  A Roman Catholic diocese acknowledged Wednesday that it concealed for decades a priest’s admission that he sexually abused dozens of Iowa boys — a silence that may have put other children in danger. Continue reading

Parents Release Photos of Baby Miscarried at 14 Weeks to Show Humanity of Unborn Children

“Miran died in the womb and was born April 23, Sutherland said. She opted for labor induction rather than a D&C because she wanted to be able to see her son’s body.”

(Micaiah Bilger – Life News)  The dehumanizing of unborn babies by the abortion industry affects more than just families who have abortions. It hurts our culture in ways that stretch far beyond the abortion issue.

Sharran Sutherland, a Missouri mother who miscarried in April, felt deeply how little respect her son’s life received when he died after 14 weeks in her womb, according to The Mirror. Continue reading

Environmentalists: To Save The World, Dump Your Pets

“Reducing the rate of dog and cat ownership, perhaps in favor of other pets that offer similar health and emotional benefits would considerably reduce these impacts,” 

(Emily Zanotti – Daily Wire)  According to a study out Monday on global climate change, your dog (or your cat) is probably killing the environment, and if you want to stem the tide of global warming, it’s time to say “good-bye” to Fido and Fluffy.

The study, which appears in the online journal PLOS, claims the human compulsion to seek out animal companionship is one of the primary factors affecting our climate, particularly in the United States where there are 163 million companion animals — roughly one pet for every two Americans — the highest number of any country in the world. Continue reading

Transgender fight could prove major test for Supreme Court

“The case pending before the Supreme Court centers on Aimee Stephens, a transgender woman who alleges she was fired from her job as a funeral director and embalmer after she told her employer she would begin living and working openly as a woman.”

(Lydia Wheeler – The Hill)  The fight over civil rights protections for transgender people could prove to be a major test for the Supreme Court, particularly its conservative wing, as justices weigh whether to take up the issue this term. Continue reading

Wave of state attorneys general take on Catholic Church sex abuse

“This isn’t a U.S. problem, it’s an institutional problem proven by the wave of investigations spurred around the globe, from Germany to Chile, all the way to the Vatican.”

(Haley Britzky – Axios) The Attorney General of Virginia Mark Herring announced Wednesday that his office was launching an “ongoing investigation” into possible sexual abuse and coverups by the Catholic dioceses in the state, the Washington Post reports. Continue reading

Oxford Students Vote to Ban Christian Group From College as it Would Threaten Their ‘Physical, Mental Safety’

“The move is understood to be driven by LGBT students who say they wouldn’t feel so welcome at the college gave a platform to people who are openly homophobic.”

(The Telegraph)  Students at the University of Oxford have voted to ban a controversial Christian group from one of their colleges because it would threaten their “physical and mental safety”.

The JCR at Lady Margaret Hall voted overwhelmingly in favour of banning Christian Concern from hosting a residential summer camp on the premises because their values do not align with those of the college. Continue reading

The military’s obsession with energy drinks is contributing to PTSD, study finds

“High energy drink use, which was classified as consuming two or more drinks per day, was significantly associated with those survey respondents who reported mental health problems, anger-related behaviors and fatigue, the authors found.”

(J.D. Simpkins – Military Times)  Getting adequate sleep is increasingly rare among the active duty military population, as frequent deviations from the body’s natural circadian rhythms due to a demanding operational tempo pit personnel in an ongoing struggle against the ever-persistent sandman. Continue reading

Hillsong leader Brian Houston and his ‘friends’ named in parliamentary privilege speech

It is now 49 years since the abuse started, 19 years since Brian Houston was aware of it, and three years after the royal commission delivered its damning report, yet nothing has happened.

(Churchwatch Central)  In this latest report, we read that NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge has used parliamentary privilege to draw attention to the fact that there is “compelling evidence” to prosecute Brian Houston after matters raised at the Royal Commission investigating child sex abuse.

Satanist Middle School Girls Facing Charges After Plotting to Kill Students, Drink Their Blood

The two girls were arrested and are now facing both felony and misdemeanor charges, including conspiracy to commit murder. Local television station WFLA reports that the arrest affidavit states that “[k]illing all of these students was in hopes that it would make them worse sinners, ensuring that after they committed suicide [they] would get to go to Hell so they could be with Satan.”

(Heather Clark – Christian News)  Two Florida middle school students, ages 11 and 12, are facing criminal charges after acknowledging to police that they had brought knives to school to murder over a dozen younger children and then kill themselves so that they could “be with Satan.” Continue reading

Netflix Series ‘Big Mouth’ Promotes Abortion to Teens

“Common Sense Media rates Big Mouth as appropriate for ages 16 and up, although plenty of parents on the website said no teenager should watch the show. The series contains cartoon nudity and f-words, among other content concerns.”  

(Michael Foust – Christian Headlines)  The raunchy animated Netflix series Big Mouth always has pushed the envelope, but in its newest season it crosses into new territory by promoting abortion in an episode appropriately titled, “Planned Parenthood.” Continue reading

Some Parents Outraged After Drag Queen ‘Jessica L’Whor’ Speaks At School Career Day

L’Whor said she hoped parents would see her visit as educational, rather than inappropriate.

(Dillon Thomas – CBS News)  A school district has apologized to parents, after hosting a drag queen as part of a career day. A spokesperson for Adams 12 Five Star schools said Rocky Top Middle School staff should have notified parents a drag queen would be speaking to their children, before allowing the speech to happen.

Students at Rocky Top range from 6th to 8th grade. The drag queen, identified as a woman who goes by “Jessica L’Whor,” is a relative of one student. The district confirmed she was invited to attend career day. Continue reading

I ‘Tell Him He’s a Good Boy’: Man’s Wife Identifies as Male and Role-Plays as a ‘Human Pup’

“The episode shows McGinn visiting the operator of the LA Pony and Critter Club, where people can find “safe space” to role play as animals. McGinn wears a mask and a tail, walks around on all fours, barks, and plays with a ball.”

(Heather Clark – Christian News)  A video recently published to YouTube features a California man and his wife who consider themselves “human pup” and “handler,” as the woman, who identifies as a man, likes to role-play as a dog. Continue reading

Trump administration considering narrowing legal definition of gender: report

The administration announced a similar policy in May that required the Bureau of Prisons to use “biological sex” as the basis for assigning facilities and bathrooms.

(Brett Samuels – The Hill)  The Trump administration is weighing a change that would require individuals to identify as male or female based on their genitalia at birth, tightening gender definitions that had offered more leeway to transgender and gender nonconforming individuals, The New York Times reported Sunday. Continue reading

Cardinal Viganó New Letter: Pope Francis is ‘Gravely Responsible’ for Church Corruption

Viganó expressed shock at the lack of concern from Church officials toward abuse victims, writing, “it is shocking that, in the midst of so many scandals and outrage, there is so little consideration for those who have been victims of sexual predators by those who had been ordained minister[s] of the Gospel.” 

(Emily Ward – CNSNews)  Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganó, the cardinal who has written two letters accusing Pope Francis of complicity in the cover-up of sexual abuse by former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, released a third letter on Thursday, Oct. 19, repeating his original claims and calling the pope “gravely responsible” for corruption in the Catholic Church. Continue reading

‘Gosnell’ Being Dropped From Movie Theaters Despite Solid Performance

Dean Cain stars in the film

“The filmmakers have received varying reports of theaters actively preventing customers from buying a ticket by not advertising the film or declaring it “sold out” before capacity is reached. While some of those situations may be the result of human error, Sullivan says the apparent blackballing is too consistent to go ignored.”

(Paul Bios – Daily Wire)  “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer” surpassed box office expectations upon its release last week by entering into the Top 10 grossing films with a revenue of $1,235,000 on just 668 screens. Continue reading