The Five Biggest Pop Culture Stories of the Year

(LifeZette) From Hollywood scandals with stars like Kevin Spacey to celebs taking their Trump hate too far, it’s been a shocking time

This was the year that never slowed down or quieted down — especially in the world of pop culture.

It’s also hard these days for a news story of almost any kind to pass without a reaction from a celebrity in one way or another.

There are arguably more eyes on the entertainment industry than ever before, and the easier access to content and social media bridges the gap between consumer and creator today — so pop culture stories are more widely spread and consumed by Americans now. View article →

‘We’ve Prayed About It’: Professing ‘Christian’ Couple Refuses Woman’s Pleas Not to Abort Baby

(Christian News Network) A viral video posted to social media on Friday shows a man and woman who professed to be Christians declining a woman’s pleas not to abort their baby, stating that the child would interfere with their plans and that they had “prayed about” the matter.

While the background behind the video, such as the location of the recording, has not been divulged, the footage captures the nearly seven-minute conversation between the young couple and a woman named Kate. View article →

Trump White House Celebrates 50 Years of Kenneth Copeland’s Ministry

(Pulpit & Pen News – Important) With Paula White as Trump’s closest religious adviser, it’s been odd to watch his proximity to the strangest of religious leaders. Donald Trump and America’s craziest charismatics make for strange bed-fellows (a term one has to use cautiously, given the frequency with which Paula White changes literal bed-fellows, from her public affair with already-married Benny Hinn to her serial divorce and remarriages). Having been purportedly led to Christ by Paula White herself, Trump has made a showing of the support he’s enjoyed from Jim Bakker to Rodney Howard- Browne (both of whom have been invited to the White House). Most recently, he has shown his support of Kenneth Copeland. View article →

New Research Shows Increased Risks of Same-sex Parenting

This article is posted for informational purposes and not as an endorsement of

Contrary to the narrative pushed by academia and the mainstream media, there is increasing evidence that same-sex parenting has negative effects on children.

An article published last month by Catholic University of America sociology professor Paul Sullins found children with same-sex parents suffer emotional problems two to three times as often as children raised by opposite-sex parents. View article →

Disney Staff Can Enter Your Hotel Room for Any Purpose

Well this is disturbing. According to LifeZette:

Walt Disney World has rolled out an updated security policy requiring its staff to enter guests’ hotel rooms daily, according to a report in Walt Disney World Today (WDWT). And a related policy includes replacing the traditional “Do Not Disturb” doorknob tags with tags reading “Room Occupied.”

Regardless of the presence or absence of any tag, Disney’s terms of service now state that “the hotel and its staff reserve the right to enter your room for any purposes.” Continue reading

Formula One Driver Under Fire For Telling Nephew ‘Boys Don’t Wear Princess Dresses!’

(Dailywire) Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton is on the receiving end of internet leftists’ wrath for telling his young nephew that “boys don’t wear princess dresses.”

Hamilton recently posted a video of his nephew dressed in full-on princess attire, apparently after receiving the dress, shoes and accessories as Christmas gifts. “I’m so sad right now. Look at my nephew,” the driver starts the video, camera pointed to himself. “Why are you wearing a princess dress? Is this what you got for Christmas?” Hamilton asks the boy.  View article →

Swarthmore College Introduces ‘Queering the Bible’ Course

(Breitbart) Next fall, the prestigious Swarthmore College will introduce a course called “Queering the Bible.”

The course, which will launch in the fall of 2018 through Swarthmore’s religion department, will examine the Bible through a queer lens. It will examine issues of sex, gender, and identity as they present themselves in one of human history’s most influential texts. View article →

Supreme Court Will Decide if Illegal Immigrants Have a ‘Right’ to Abortion

( Veteran Supreme Court reporter Lyle Denniston reported today that the Supreme has decided to “move ahead on the dispute over teen abortions.” He is referring to the case of three undocumented pregnant girls whom the ACLU has so far successfully argued ought to be allowed to abort. Denniston begins:

The Supreme Court plans to take up at its first private conference in the new year the intense, ongoing fight over an unsettled constitutional question – do undocumented immigrant teenagers who are pregnant have a right to an abortion? …  View article →

Free All ‘Trans’ Prisoners and Abolish Birth Certificates, Lobby Group Demands

(Christian Institute) All transsexual prisoners should be released, children should be allowed unrestricted access to hormone blockers and birth certificates should be banned, transsexual campaigners are demanding.

In its manifesto, the Edinburgh chapter of the national Action for Trans Health (ATH) group, which has previously called for ‘radical violence’, said: “This is war, and we will win”.

The national body was handed a public platform when it gave oral evidence to an influential committee of MPs, while its founder has reportedly trained hundreds of NHS staff. View article →

CNN Promotes Children’s Book with Gay-Married Santa Claus

(Breitbart) CNN’s relentless campaign to destroy the innocence of young children marched on this weekend with a lengthy Sunday morning New Day segment promoting a children’s book that depicts Santa Claus as a homosexual who is married to another man.

Above a chyron that read, “Children’s Holiday Book Explores Race, Homosexuality,” New Day co-anchor Christi Paul declared the book a “fresh, new twist” and then appeared to lament the fact that “there are some families though, tsk, not so happy about the book’s maybe not so hidden agenda.” View article →

Pennsylvania ‘Pro-Life’ Bill Would Have Allowed Dismemberment of Unborn if Baby Killed First

(Christian News) Democratic Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed on Monday a bill that would have banned abortions after 20 weeks, but also would have allowed dismemberment of the unborn up to that point as long as the baby was first killed by another method, such as being “injected by saline to cause its death before its arms and legs are ripped off.” View article →

Computer models of global warming proven wrong

(World) In the midst of gloom-and-doom predictions of rapid climate change, a recent study shows computer models grossly overestimate the rate of global warming. The study, published in the Asia-Pacific Journal of Atmospheric Sciences, shows real-world climate change over the past 38 years is 0.096 degrees Celsius, about half of what computer models predict. View article →

Catholic League: ‘Homosexuals Committed Most of the Abuse’

(CNS News) Commenting on an Australian commission report that recommends ending mandatory celibacy of priests in the Catholic Church to apparently curtail sexual abuse, Catholic League President Bill Donohue said this possibly is Australia’s way of saying there are too many homosexuals in the Catholic clergy, and he added that in the United States “homosexuals committed most of the abuse” in the church over the last 50 years.  View article →

California Health Officials Release Guidelines To Avoid Cellphone Radiation

(CBS San Francisco) California health officials have a new message for cellphone users.

For the first time ever, the California Department of Public Health has released guidelines about harmful cellphone radiation and how you can avoid it.

Dr. Karen Smith with the California Department Of Public Health said, “We recognize that there are a lot of people in the general public that have some concerns about their cellphones and whether using a cellphone is safe.”  View article →

Federal Judge Blocks Trump Administration’s Rollback of Obamacare’s HHS Contraceptive Mandate

(Breitbart) A federal judge in Pennsylvania has blocked the Trump administration’s new rule on Obamacare’s contraceptive mandate that exempts employers with religious or moral objections to providing contraception and abortion-inducing drugs and devices to employees through health insurance plans.

U.S. District Judge Wendy Beetlestone, an Obama appointee, said Friday that the state was “likely to suffer serious and irreparable harm” if she did not order a preliminary injunction.   View article →

Entire Family Turns Transgender

(CNS News) An entire family – man, woman, son and daughter – in Arizona is transgender.

The father identifies as a woman. His  fiancée, the mother-to-be, identifies as a man. The son considers himself a girl and, of course, the daughter thinks she’s actually a boy. An entire transgender family, all under one roof.

Daniel Harrott was born a woman, while his fiancée, Shirley Austin was born a man. Both have previously been married.  View article →

Nearly one-quarter of teens are using pot

CNBC has the latest statistics on this risky behavior among teens:

Of eighth, 10th and 12th graders surveyed, 24 percent said they’ve used the drug in the past year, according to research from the University of Michigan. The 1.3 percent increase is the first significant rise in seven years.

The increase in teens using marijuana comes as more states legalize pot for medical and recreational use.

This year, 14.1 percent of high school seniors said they see “great risk” in smoking marijuana occasionally, down from 17.1 percent last year. Also, 64.7 percent said they disapprove of using the drug regularly, down from 68.5 percent last year.

View article →

Jennifer LeClaire Resigns From Charisma Magazine

NAR prophetess Jennifer LeClaire, aka Sneaky Squid Spirit, recently made this “mega announcement”:

After eight years with Charisma magazine, I resigned from my role as senior editor to follow God’s higher call for my life and ministry in June. I stayed on as a consultant for several months but am now moving forward to the “next” I prophesied in January.

I am thankful for the opportunity to serve as the first female editor in the company’s history. I would like to think the Lord used me to inspire and equip people through this platform, which grew online from thousands to millions of visitors a month during my time there.

I will continue releasing my voice through my book and itinerant travel ministry, my Ignite prophetic networkAwakening House of and the other ministries under the umbrella of Jennifer LeClaire Ministries.

View article →

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Modern Day Witches Call Theirs ‘A Beautiful Way Of Life’

CBS2 was invited into the Church of the Eternal Circle, a Wiccan church in the state of New York. Witches are all about charms, potions, spells and magic. According to one of the witches “magic is simply the belief that you can make anything happen.” “My thoughts can heal,” sang the church’s high priestess. In other words, positive confession. Some witches actually wear black hooded robes. Brooms are used, not for flying, only for sweeping the circle and clearing the energy. Included in CBS2’s report is a video of the service.

At a time when participation in traditional religions is declining among Americans, the practice of witchcraft is said to be on the rise.

CBS2’s Ali Bauman went inside the secret world of modern-day witches to explore why so many say they’re falling under its spell.

“I am the high priestess,” Lisa Stewart said.

“To be a witch is incredibly relevant in today’s society,” Anton Stewart explained.

Nestled in the heart of the Hudson Valley is the Church of the Eternal Circle, the only legally recognized Wiccan Church in the state of New York.

“We follow the tradition of the craft of the wise — witchcraft — and we are witches,” Stewart said.

For the first time, members invited CBS2 to attend their services.

View article →

After a century, the largest Catholic church in North America is finally complete

Because this piece is about a shrine dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the mother of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, some background on Mary is in order. We have no problem with Mariology which is the term used to describe the legitimate study of Mary. However, we do have a problem with Mariolatry. The word literally means Mary-worship. To worship Mary would be idolatry and idol worship is a sin against God. Should we pray to Mary? No. Since the mother of Jesus is in heaven she’s unable to hear our prayers. Moreover, Mary cannot connect us to God nor can she heal the sick and comfort the brokenhearted. To learn more about Mary, see our Research Paper on Roman Catholicism.

So with this background in mind, here’s RNS’s piece posted over at USA Today:

The largest Catholic church in North America is now complete.

After 100 years of construction, thousands of worshippers Friday witnessed the blessing of 24 tons of Venetian glass that embellish the dome of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

Called the “Trinity Dome,” the glass mosaic is the final architectural element of the church, a shrine to Mary which sits next to the Catholic University of America and is visited by nearly 1 million people a year.

A 10-minute procession of cardinals, bishops, and priests preceded the two-hour ceremony and Mass to mark the dedication of the dome.

View article →

See our Research Paper on the Roman Catholic Church

Palm Springs Becomes First City Council in Nation to Be All Homosexual, Bisexual or Transgender

Christian News reports:

The City of Palm Springs, California has sworn in a man who identifies as a woman, as well as a woman who identifies as bisexual, making its city council all-“LGBT” as its other three members identify as homosexual.

Lisa Middleton, a man who identifies as a woman (pictured), and Christy Holstege, an attorney who identifies as bisexual, were both sworn in on Wednesday after being elected last month.

They join Mayor Robert Moon and Councilman Geoff Kors, who both are “married” to men, and Councilman J.R. Roberts, who likewise identifies as homosexual.

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‘Pope Francis’ Claims Angel’s Greeting to Mary as Being ‘Full of Grace’ Meant She Was Without Sin

According to Christian News:

In one of the feasts and celebrations marked on the Roman Catholic liturgical calendar leading up to Christmas, Catholics around the world observed the Feast of Immaculate Conception on Friday, a day in which those who follow the religion commemorate their belief that Mary was conceived in her mother Anne’s womb without original sin.

Jorge Bergoglio, also known as Pope Francis, delivered an Angelus address, during which he claimed that the angel Gabriel’s reference to Mary as being “full of grace” meant that there was no sin in her. Most Bible translations use the phrase “highly favored,” while a few use “full of grace.”

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See our Research Paper on Roman Catholicism

U.S. Department of Justice to Investigate Planned Parenthood, Business Partners’ Sale of Baby Body Parts

Christian News reports:

Photo: Kelsey Lucas/Visualsey/The Daily Signal

The U.S. Department of Justice has taken steps to investigate the abortion giant Planned Parenthood and its business partners, requesting unredacted documents from the Senate Judiciary Committee in light of Chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley’s letter and report submitted last year.

“The Department of Justice appreciates the offer of assistance in obtaining these materials, and would like to request the Committee provide unredacted copies of records contained in the report, in order to further the Department’s ability to conduct a thorough and comprehensive assessment of that report based on the full range of information available,” wrote Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs Stephen Boyd in the letter, obtained by Fox News and The Hill.

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Lord’s Prayer: Pope Francis calls for change

The Pope of Rome has taken it upon himself to make a change to the Lord’s Prayer (Mat 6:13). He made the announcement that, “The current wording that says ‘lead us not into temptation’ is not a good translation because God does not lead humans to sin.” Before we get to the BBC report, following is an excerpt from Barnes Notes on the Bible:

And lead us not into temptation – A petition similar to this is offered by David, Psalm 141:4; “Incline not my heart to any evil thing, to practice wicked works with the workers of iniquity.” God tempts no man. See James 1:13. This phrase, then, must be used in the sense of “permitting.” Do not “suffer” us, or “permit” us, to be tempted to sin. In this it is implied that God has such control over the tempter as to save us from his power if we call upon him. The word “temptation,” however (see the note at Matthew 4:1), means sometimes “trial, affliction,” anything that “tests” our virtue. If this be the meaning here, as it may be, then the import of the prayer is, “Do not afflict or try us.” It is not wrong to pray that we may be saved from suffering if it be the will of God. See Luke 22:42.

So with this mind, here’s BBC’s piece:

The pontiff said France’s Roman Catholic Church was now using the new wording “do not let us fall into temptation” as an alternative, and something similar should be used worldwide.

“Do not let me fall into temptation because it is I who fall, it is not God who throws me into temptation and then sees how I fell,” he told TV2000, an Italian Catholic TV channel.

“A father does not do that, a father helps you to get up immediately.”

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See our Research Paper on the Roman Catholic Church