Three Egregious Obama Power Grabs Trump Can Rescind After DACA

Just as he promised during the campaign, Donald Trump is in the process of dismantling the “many, many left-wing remnants of Obama’s term,” says Edward Woodson of LifeZette. He writes:

You have to admit: Liberals are good at playing the victim. Former President Obama’s executive amnesty hasn’t even been around along enough for the Supreme Court to declare it unconstitutional, but as President Donald Trump prepared to announce its end, you’d think the world was ending.

My favorite part was the CEOs, now thoroughly addicted to cheap labor, acting shocked and disappointed that Trump is following through on one of his biggest promises during the campaign.

“There’s no issue that’s more gut-wrenching for us,” one tech exec anonymously told Axios’ Mike Allen, adding that some companies are considering smuggling their illegal alien employees abroad. Here’s an idea: How about take the money you would spend on that and use it to increase the wages of your employees?

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Colleges rocked by left-wing rallies face backlash from parents, donors

According to Fox News:

Both the University of Missouri and Evergreen State College have been rocked by left-wing demonstrations, some of which administrators in both schools allowed. Now both have had to deal with falling enrollment and a decline in funds – and there are fears the situation could spread to other schools.

The defining issue is whether parents and donors see administrators as capable of containing clashes and responding firmly when protests get out of control, experts say.

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Federal Judge Blocks Texas’ Ban on Dismemberment Abortion

Breitbart reports:

A federal judge temporarily blocked a Texas law that banned second trimester dismemberment abortions in which unborn babies are “torn limb from limb” and then extracted from the uterus.

Following a challenge by Planned Parenthood, U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel issued a two-week injunction Thursday against the law – signed in June by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) – that would have taken effect Friday.

The judge wrote that Planned Parenthood and the other plaintiffs satisfied a requirement for the temporary injunction showing that “threatened injury to the Plaintiffs outweighs any damage that the temporary restraining order might cause the State.”

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‘Lot of Explaining to Do’: Chaffetz Says Comey May Have Perjured Himself

Fox News reports:

Jason Chaffetz said former FBI Director James Comey has a lot of “explaining to do” in light of new reports that he began drafting a statement exonerating Hillary Clinton even before interviewing key witnesses, including the former secretary of state.

“He’s certainly got a lot of explaining to do. He could have perjured himself,” the former House oversight committee chairman said on “Fox & Friends.”

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley and fellow GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham wrote a letter to the FBI this week, expressing concern over whether Comey made up his mind about the email investigation months before his public news conference.

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Houston Rescue Images Destroying Media’s Race Narrative

LifeZette has the story:

For the past two weeks, media panels on CNN have painted a picture of America as a nation deeply divided by race. But the countless rescue stories out of Houston, and the images of men rushing in with boats to rescue whites, blacks and Hispanics from rooftops and flooded homes and streets have shown Americans something different.

“The racist thing is going out the window because of the hurricane that happened in Texas…” a Florida woman named Jennifer Santana who goes by the pen name Political Avenger said in a YouTube video that got a thousand likes on Monday.

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Atheist Activist Group Asks Sen. Marco Rubio to Stop Tweeting Bible Verses on Govt.-Related Account

According to Christian News:

A prominent professing atheist group has sent a letter to Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, urging him to stop sharing Bible verses on his official Twitter account, which they say violates the separation of Church and State.

The Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) sent the letter on Aug. 22, noting that Rubio has tweeted over 60 Scriptures in the past three months. It asserted Rubio is violating the Constitution since he is posting the messages on what the group perceives as being a government-related account, not a private and personal account focusing on his home and family life.

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How the ‘Fixer Upper’ Stars Are Helping Victims of Harvey

Chip and Joanna Gaines are giving aid and lending support to fellow Texans. LifeZette reveals what the couple is doing to help:

Two television celebrities want their fellow Texans to know they “will always have your back.”

The “Fixer Upper” stars, Chip and Joanna Gaines, are selling T-shirts that read, “Texas Forever,” to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.

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Anchor: ‘I Experienced Hate Firsthand…From These People Dressed in All Black at Protest in Berkeley’

CNSNews has the story:

Frank Somerville, a news anchor for KTVU in the San Francisco Bay Area, published an article with the San Francisco Chronicle today describing his personal experience of attending a protest in Berkeley, where left-wing protesters dressed in black, chanting they were against hate, sought to intimidate other people.

“I experienced hate firsthand today,” wrote Somerville. “It came from these people dressed in all black at a protest in Berkeley. Ironically they were all chanting about no hate.

“Some had shields and gloves. Some had helmets. Some had gas masks,” wrote Somerville. “I was watching them and taking it all in. I came there on my own time. Because I wanted to see things first hand. I was dressed in shorts and a tank top.”

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Joel Osteen Denies His Church Closed to Harvey Relief

Newsmax reports:

Joel Osteen denied accusations that his Lakewood Church was closed to Harvey relief following the extreme flooding in Houston that has left thousands of people without shelter.

Osteen’s response came after his church received wide criticism for apparently refusing to provide shelter for those affected by Hurricane Harvey, USA Today reported. News stories with headlines implying the church wouldn’t be helping out were widely published.

Osteen, the senior pastor of Lakewood Church, issued a statement saying the accusations were false and that his church is more than prepared to be a place of shelter for Harvey evacuees.

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Theater Stops Showing Film for Fear of Being ‘Insensitive’

Because the Orpheum Theater in Memphis has decided to ax “Gone With the Wind” from its schedule, Zachery Lehman of LifeZette wonders what films will be targeted next. “The idea that art is supposed to be ‘sensitive’ and that we should simply scrub away past works is beyond worrisome,” cautioned Lehman. He writes:

A 34-year-old tradition has ended in Memphis, Tennessee, due to concerns about being “insensitive.”

The board of directors of the Orpheum Theater Group decided to end its once-frequent summer showings of the 1939 film “Gone with the Wind” this month, mostly due to social media outrage.

“As an organization whose stated mission is to ‘entertain, educate and enlighten the communities it serves,’ the Orpheum cannot show a film that is insensitive to a large segment of its local population,” said the board members in a statement.

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Trump Officially Reinstates Ban on Transgenders in the Military

“In my judgment,” said President Trump, “the previous Administration failed to identify a sufficient basis to conclude that terminating the Departments’ longstanding policy and practice would not hinder military effectiveness and lethality, disrupt unit cohesion, or tax military resources, and there remain meaningful concerns that further study is needed to ensure that continued implementation of last year’s policy change would not have those negative effects.”  Kathryn Blackhurst of LifeZette has the story:

President Donald Trump directed the military Friday to reinstate its ban on admitting transgender individuals and fully implement the longstanding policy that former President Barack Obama had reversed near the end of his administration.

The Obama administration lifted the transgender ban in 2016, with Defense Secretary Ash Carter saying at the time that there are an estimated 2500 active duty service members who are transgender. In a directive issued to the Department of Defense, the president ordered the secretaries of Defense and Homeland Security to refrain from recruiting transgender individuals and cease allocating military funds to cover sexual reassignment surgeries for transitioning service members, unless they had already begun medical procedures.

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Trump Advisory Council Warns of ‘9/11-Level Cyberattack’

According to LifeZette:

The National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC) is a task force the National Security Council commissioned to review and evaluate a long list of ways the federal government determines how to secure critical infrastructure — such as dams, bridges, power grids, and airports — against targeted cyberattacks.

The advisory council garnered headlines this week from the media for joining other councils in having members resign after several weeks of controversy dogged the White House. Less covered and of more importance to the nation was the first report the council issued this week — which generated little attention.

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Atheist Group Calls Bible a ‘Violent, Racist Book’ in Scolding Gov. for Lamenting Bible’s Removal From Schools

Christian News reports:

A prominent professing atheist organization characterized the Bible as a “violent, racist book” in scolding the governor of Kentucky over his recent remarks lamenting the ramifications of removing the Bible from public schools.

Gov. Matt Bevin appeared on the Tom Roten Morning Show on Aug. 15, where he discussed the public unrest in Charlottesville, Virginia, as well as a recent bill he signed dubbed as the “Bible Literacy Bill.”

“When you go back a couple of hundred years, in most instances the only textbooks that were in our public schools were the Bible,” he said. “And so to that end to pretend, again, to scrub history and pretend that that wasn’t reality, I think is a dangerous precedent.”

“And it’s interesting, the more we’ve removed any sense of spiritual obligation or moral higher authority or absolute right and wrong, the more we’ve removed things that are biblically taught from society, the more we’ve seen the kind of mayhem that we were just discussing,” Bevin stated.

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Planned Parenthood has a new financial lifeline…from the adult sex toy industry

Earlier this week CRN reported that all proceeds of the “uterus” emoji app in shades of millennial pink will go to abortion mill Planned Parenthood. “You can catch Ooti drinking cold brew, wasting time on the phone, and, of course, swiping.”  So now The Washington Times reports that a Denver-based adult toy shop was established with the “sole mission” of supporting Planned Parenthood. Bradford Richardson has the story:

Ooti the uterus app

 Supporters of Planned Parenthood are trying to boost the abortion giant’s shaky bottom line by selling sex toys, uterus-themed emojis and sex-positive wrapping paper.

The merchandise may be X-rated, but abortion opponents say it’s just another argument in favor of weaning Planned Parenthood off taxpayer funding.

Planned Parenthood from the beginning has been the recipient of private charitable donations and foundation donations,” said Jay Richards, executive editor of conservative news website The Stream. “If you look at all of the corporate donations they have, it’s staggering. Even other nonprofits, like the Susan G. Komen foundation, which deals with breast cancer, give Planned Parenthood funding. And now, apparently, we have sex toy shops.” [emphasis added]

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College’s ‘Welcome’ Concert Celebrates Misogyny, Drug Use

Why would Ole Miss, a university dedicated to promoting goodness and beauty to young people, invite a known pothead whose lyrics celebrate the sexualization of women and glorify alcohol and drug use, as the headliner at their beautiful new 10,000 seat basketball arena during Welcome Week? Lee Habeeb of LifeZette has the story:

It’s the first week of school in the college town of Oxford, Mississippi, home of the University of Mississippi — otherwise known as Ole Miss. Returning college students, a good number of them newcomers to the school, got the full treatment this past week about all manner of things, some of which no doubt had to do with the usual sensitivity and tolerance training now common at most universities. And some of which had to do with alcohol awareness, public safety, and the Ole Miss Creed, which covers the subject of public decency, among other topics.

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‘Ooti’ Uterus Emoji Sticker Supports Planned Parenthood

Breitbart has the story:

A recently released sticker set app that depicts a cartoon “uterus” will donate all of its proceeds to support abortion chain Planned Parenthood.

“Meet Ooti, the uterus,” says the sticker’s website. “Ooti is an expressive uterus in shades of millennial pink. You can catch Ooti drinking cold brew, wasting time on the phone, and, of course, swiping.”

The emoji’s press statement continues:

Ooti’s here so we can celebrate this amazing reproductive organ as well as support the fantastic health services Planned Parenthood provides. All proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood so they can continue offering accessible care to those who need it.

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Americans Wanted ‘Drain the Swamp, Not Clear the Desert’

LifeZette reports:

LifeZette editor-in-chief Laura Ingraham said the American people “thought they were going to get drain the swamp, not clear the desert” during an interview Tuesday on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” the day after President Donald Trump announced his plans to recommit to the war in Afghanistan.

Trump, who ran on a largely non-interventionist “America first” foreign platform, acknowledged his reversal in a Monday night address to the nation and hinted that the U.S. would be sending more troops to Afghanistan. After nearly 17 years of U.S. involvement, Ingraham said she wasn’t “a big fan of a surge of troops in Afghanistan.”

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After Confederates, Leftists Eye These Targets

According to LifeZette, next on the list will be America’s Founding Fathers, great presidents, and Catholic priests. Edmund Kozak has the story:

In the wake of shocking violence that erupted after far-left and far-right protesters clashed at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia the Left has only increased its calls to remove all traces of the Confederacy from American public life.

Critics of these efforts, including President Trump, argue that it isn’t wise to “erase history.” They claim that if we take down Confederate monuments on the grounds that they represent slavery or might be considered “racist” by some people in the modern era, then we open the door to removing far more than just the statues honoring the Confederacy.

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Genetic Research Scientist: Likely Some Aborted Babies Are ‘Alive Until Their Hearts Are Cut Out’

Breitbart reports:

Photo credit::Kelsey Lucas Visualsey,The Daily Signal

The biomedical scientist—who assisted the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) in its preparation to infiltrate Planned Parenthood and expose its practice of harvesting aborted baby parts for sale to biomedical companies—says she suspects that the “babies in some of these cases were alive until their hearts were cut out” for harvesting.

In an interview with Breitbart News, Dr. Theresa Deisher, a world-renowned scientist in the field of adult stem cell therapies and regenerative medicine, discussed what is involved in harvesting the organs of aborted babies.

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‘Biology of trans athletes does not change‘ says professor

Dr Hruz, who is an endocrinologist and Associate Professor at the Washington University School of Medicine, warns that “there are many other components of being a man or a woman.” The Christian Institute has the story:

Fallon Fox, transgender fighter in MMA

Transsexual athletes who compete against women are “feminized males rather than true females”, an American professor has warned.

Speaking to Fox News, Dr Paul Hruz cautioned that “there are many aspects of fundamental biology that don’t change” when athletes take hormone-suppressing drugs.

Transsexual people often take these drugs or have hormone injections to change their physical appearance.

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It Begins: Democratic Strategist Calls for Statues of Washington to ‘Come Down’

LifeZette reports:

Mount Rushmore National Memorial showing Founding Fathers George Washington & Thomas Jefferson.

Progressives driving to rid public spaces of statues honoring Confederate leaders have taken pains to distinguish between the rebels and the slaveholding Founding Fathers.

On Thursday, one liberal commentator veered off script and lent credibility to President Donald Trump’s warning that the anti-Confederate movement will not stop with southern Civil War generals like Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson.

“I don’t care if it’s a George Washington statue or a Thomas Jefferson statue, or a Robert E. Lee statue,” commentator Angela Rye said on CNN. “They all need to come down.”

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Oregon becomes first state to offer free abortions for all, including illegal aliens

According to Washington Times, Oregon insurers must provide 100 percent coverage for abortions without co-pays or deductibles:

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has signed a landmark bill to provide free abortions for all, including illegal immigrants, by requiring insurance companies to cover the procedures and putting taxpayers on the hook for the tab.

Tuesday’s long-awaited signing of House Bill 3391, approved by the State Legislature July 5 with no Republican votes, triggered a torrent of criticism from conservatives along with praise from the pro-choice movement.

“Thank Kate Brown for signing the nation’s most progressive reproductive health bill into law today!” NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon said in a statement.

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Sarah Palin Slams Iceland’s ‘Evil’ Down Syndrome Abortions

Breitbart has the story:

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “The Story,” former Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) discussed reports that close to 100 percent of expecting mothers in Iceland terminated their pregnancy after receiving a positive test for Down Syndrome.

She called it “intolerance for people who may not look like you,” adding it was “so wrong” and “so evil.”

Palin said, “We couldn’t get through all of it all of the report without my heart just absolutely breaking because this intolerance for people who may not look like you is just so — it’s so wrong. It’s so evil. And here Iceland is such a beautiful country. When I was governor here I met with the president of Iceland, and we talked about our beautiful regions of the world and hard working people with such great hearts and I think Iceland won’t be so beautiful if they continue down this path of being so intolerant to the degree of trying to snuff out the life of most those who maybe do not look like the subjective view of someone that would equate to perfection.”

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How Long Before They Show Up at Monticello, Mt Vernon? Are They Going to Start Burning Books?

Laura Ingraham asked the question. Breitbart has the story:

Monticello, plantation of President Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham, editor of LifeZette, denounced protesters removing a statue of a Confederate soldier in Durham, North Carolina, a day earlier.

Ingraham warned there could be other symbols from the past that could go next if this trend were to continue.

“This is not about racial healing or racial unity when you see property being destroyed,” Ingraham said. “That’s not what it’s about. It’s about the eradication of history and an acknowledgment that we had really difficult, horrible moments in our country’s history that we were able to overcome. And at the same time, we do give respect to the dead. I mean, all of our war dead. We respect them. Not respect everything they stood for, but respect the fact that, when the time came, they stood up and fought for their views and this country.”

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