Revoice Pastor Open to Hosting Christian Pedophile Conference

Intro from Crosspolitic interview on YouTube: “Pastor Greg Johnson, whose church is hosting the conference, joins us for a very challenging conversation. We hope this hard conversation is a blessing to the Church, and to Greg, who was willing to join us knowing the disagreements.”

(Pulpit & Pen)  Greg Johnson, the pastor of the PCA church that is hosting the infamous “Gay Christian” Revoice Conference, says that he’s open to a similar conference for Christians identifying as pedophiles. Continue reading

Shroud of Turin Bloodstains Likely Fake, Not of Jesus Christ: Forensic Experts

This is just not what happens to a person on a cross,” Borrini said, noting that the comparison model displayed very different blood angle patterns than the shroud.

(Stoyan Saimov – Christian Post) Bloodstains found on the shroud of Turin burial cloth, believed by many to have once wrapped the body of Jesus Christ, are likely fake, according to new research reported in the Journal of Forensic Sciences.

In June 2017, researchers at the Institute of Crystallography found traces of blood on the 14-foot-long relic, with initial analysis of the particles discovering “a scenario of great suffering, whose victim was wrapped up in the funeral cloth.” Continue reading

The United Methodist Church has appointed a transgender deacon

“I understand the rules of the church,” Barclay said. “But here’s the truth: I’m queer, and I’m called to this. I tried to walk away.”

(Julie Zauzmer – Washington Post) The bishop spoke the traditional words as she placed her hands on the new deacon named M with just a slight difference from the way those words have always been spoken before.

“Pour out your Holy Spirit upon M,” the bishop said. “Send them now to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ, to announce the reign of God and to equip the church for ministry.” Continue reading

More Black Babies in New York City are Killed in Abortions Than Born Alive

“The magnitude of the death toll is nothing short of staggering.”

(Dan Undrusko – Life News) Can you imagine the response of Planned Parenthood or New York’s reliably pro-abortion-to the-max Gov. Andrew Cuomo to this proposal made yesterday by Wall Street Journal columnist Jason L. Riley?

Let’s Talk About the Black Abortion Rate

How about no, absolutely no, positively no, and “you must be a racist for asking it”? Continue reading

Video: Justin Peters Responds to Slander/Libel By Brannon Howse

“Peters noticed that Howse had made (or updated/re-uploaded) a blatantly untrue video attacking him this Spring. Peters did a response video this morning, with indisputable evidence that Howse knowingly bore false witness against him.”

(Pulpit & Pen)  Although he is often right about important issues, Brannon Howse has a scorched-earth policy towards those who disagree with him on non-essential matters. Angered that Justin Peters would politely disagree with James White’s 2017 Interfaith Dialogue but that Peters stopped short of outright condemning White, Howse set his sights on Peters and some of his other Worldview Weekend broadcasters who took a more measured approach of criticism. … Continue reading

Hormone therapy poses stroke risk for transgender women

“Clot rates were twice as high for all transgender women. But in the key subset that had begun estrogen therapy, the odds of developing a potentially-dangerous clot were 5.1 times greater after two years compared with non-transgender males.”

(Gene Emery – Reuters)  Hormones given to people to align their sex with their gender pose a significant risk of serious blood clots and stroke among transgender women, one of the largest studies of transgender patients has concluded. Continue reading

Trump Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh on Abortion: ‘I Would Follow Roe v. Wade Faithfully and Fully’

Other organizations have expressed support for Kavanaugh, including the religious liberties organization First Liberty, whose president, Kelly Shackelford, told the National Review, “Brett Kavanaugh also volunteered his time almost 20 years ago to work on a religious liberty case at the U.S. Supreme Court with me and Jay Sekulow. He has been committed to the Constitution and religious liberty for a long time.”

(Heather Clark – Christian News)  Trump U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who has served on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals for the past 12 years, once stated during his confirmation hearing that he would “follow Roe v. Wade faithfully and fully” as it is “binding precedent.” Continue reading

RESCUED: All Twelve Thai Teens And Their Coach Have Been Pulled From Mountain Cave

(Emily Zanotti – Daily Wire)  Authorities in Thailand now say all twelve teenagers — and their soccer coach — have been rescued from a mountain cave, and the last rescuer, a doctor who was treating the children as they came through the flooded passages, has left the operation site.

The daring rescue mission took more than 18 days, but all members of the “Wild Boars” soccer team are believed to be in good condition and responding well to medical treatment. Doctors say they are helping the boys through malnutrition, minor injuries, and the effects of time spent in an area with low oxygen levels. Continue reading

Abortions in England, Wales Increase to One Almost Every Three Minutes

(The Christian Institute)  Nearly 200,000 unborn babies were aborted in England and Wales in 2017, latest official figures show – that’s one approximately every three minutes.

Over 3,000 abortions were due to the “risk” of disability. Women aged between 20 and 24 accounted for the highest abortion rate.

Pro-life organisations have responded with deep concern at the statistics, with one saying that women need a better outcome than abortion.   View article →

Lesbian Feminists Clash with Transgenders at London Pride Parade

According to their website, “Get the L Out is a group of lesbian and feminist individuals and organizations, opposing the increasingly anti-lesbian and misogynistic LGBT movement and the erasure of lesbians.”

(Tyler O’Neil – PJ Media)  We told you it would happen, and it finally has. Conservatives long predicted that feminism and transgenderism were ultimately incompatible, but for a long time it seemed like the LGBT movement might just hold them together. Well, on Saturday that movement burst open, as lesbians led the parade in attacking transgenderism.

“Transactivism Erases Lesbians!” read a banner that temporarily led the Pride in London march in the heart of Britain’s capital. Continue reading

Professing Christian Foster, Adoption Agency Agrees to Place Children With Homosexuals to Comply With Philadelphia Law

[Palusky] lists Rob Bell, Rick Warren, Coldplay, The Police, Sting and U2 among his likes on social media. Under his “religious views” section, he provides a link to a message from Rob Bell. Palusky also characterizes his political views as being in the “center.”

(Heather Clark – Christian News)  A well-known professing Christian charity has agreed to work with homosexuals seeking to foster or adopt children after its contract with the City of Philadelphia was suspended for a time due to its policies on child placement. Continue reading

New Memos Confirm Russia Probe’s ‘Hyper-Political Bias’

“[Tom] Fitton told Fox News host Pete Hegseth that the memos provide proof of ‘an out-of-control investigation that is really abusive in its targeting of not only President Trump, but people around him.'”

(Kathryn Blackhurs – LifeZette)  A new report revealing top FBI officials’ “hurry the F up pressure” to obtain warrants surveilling former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page shows the Russian collusion investigation “was infected by the hyper-political bias” against President Donald Trump, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said Friday on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle.” Continue reading

Episcopal Committee Hears Call to Revise Book of Common Prayer, Replacing Masculine Terms for God, Mankind

“Rowan Pantalena, who identifies as “non-binary transgender” and a candidate for the Diocese of Connecticut, contended, “I am not your brother or your sister. I am your sibling.” Pantalena asked for language that would expand on the existing text, rather than a complete overhaul.”

(Heather Clark – Christian News)  A committee tasked with hearing desired revisions to the Book of Common Prayer listened to remarks on Wednesday from Episcopalian leaders and others who want to make the historical book’s text more gender-neutral by removing masculine nouns and pronouns for God and mankind. Some Episcopalians disagree, and have presented a resolution asking that no changes be made to the book, but rather that deeper devotion be given to the existing text. Continue reading

‘Thank God for Abortion’ Float Appears in New York City Homosexual Pride Parade

“One commenter remarked, “God bless you brave and intelligent ladies. Yes, it’s your body and your baby. You all have the right to do what’s best for you. Nobody else has the right to tell you what to do with your body. …”

(Heather Clark – Christian News)  A profanity-laced video posted to social media on Monday features an interview with the woman behind the “Thank God for abortion” float that appeared at the NYC Pride Parade on June 24. The woman, who claims that she was “blessed” to have two abortions, says that she is trying to push back against the Christian beliefs that stand against both homosexuality and abortion, and characterized the float as a “never before seen spectacle of autonomy and conviction.” Continue reading

Art Azurdia Falls Into Sexual Immorality

“By every account so far, it seems that Trinity Church in Portland has acted quickly, decisively and with integrity regarding this matter.”


(Pulpit & Pen)  Dr. Arturo G. Azurdia III, the brilliant expositor and homiletics master at Trinity Church in Portland has fallen into sexual immorality and been released from his position as pastor. The statement of Art Azurdia’s fall was made on the church’s website by Thomas Terry, on of Trinity Church’s remaining elders. Continue reading

Hillsong Worship Pastor’s Evolution Comments Spark Fierce Debate Among Christians

“After seeing the intense reaction that arose from suggesting evolution is “undeniable,” Houston  hedged a bit by offering some context  to his earlier tweet.”

(Faith Wire)  Hillsong Church has, over the years, hardly avoided the limelight, often finding itself at the center of hotly-contested debates. Now one of its biggest leaders is running headlong into the creation debate.

Joel Houston,  eldest son of the Sydney-based church’s founders, lead musician in the worship band Hillsong United, and co-pastor of Hillsong Church in New York City, tweeted Monday that “evolution is undeniable.” Continue reading

Here’s Why the Florist and the Baker Aren’t Like The Red Hen’s Owner

Jack Phillips and Baronelle Stutzman were happy to sell their products but not their creative skills to advance a cause they oppose religiously.

(Chris Potts – LifeZatte)  One of these is not like the others.

Editorialists across the country have been falling all over themselves to compare Stephanie Wilkinson — co-owner of The Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, and famous, overnight, for kicking White House press secretary Sarah Sanders out of her establishment — to Jack Phillips and Barronelle Stutzman. Continue reading

‘Media Chieftains’ Must ‘Pull Back’ Liberal Mobs Before ‘Tragedy’ Strikes

“And there are still some, Democratic members of Congress, entertainment figures, religious leaders, media chieftains like Jeff Zucker at CNN or Andy Lack at NBC. They’re silent now, cowering and complicit in all of this, but the country badly needs them to cool the rhetoric and rein in the mob. No more Nazi talk on their TV channels. No more screaming at people in restaurants.”

(Nicholas Fondacaro – News Busters) It has only been a year since a deranged Democrat tried to pull off a mass assassination attempt against Republican Congressmen at a baseball practice. With the left’s targeting of Trump administration officials and others for harassment, which was being egged on by California Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D), many reasonable people were rightfully fearful that we might be headed for a tragedy. Continue reading

Supreme Court Sides With President Trump and Calif. Pregnancy Centers


Court Upholds Trump Travel Ban, Rejects Discrimination Claim  

(Mark Sherman – AP) The Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld President Donald Trump’s ban on travel from several mostly Muslim countries, rejecting a challenge that it discriminated against Muslims or exceeded his authority.

The 5-4 decision Tuesday is the court’s first substantive ruling on a Trump administration policy, and the president quickly tweeted his reaction: “Wow!” Continue reading

Texas Governor Calls Teen Whose Dying Wish Is to Pass Bill to End Abortion in State: ‘Your Wish Has Been Granted’

“I know that it must be difficult standing against a whole federal beast that forces abortion on us, but I think that we … could end abortion here and now.”

(Heather Clark – Christian News)  The Republican governor of Texas called a 16-year-old boy with osteoblastic osteosarcoma on Sunday whose dying wish was to urge the governor to pass a bill abolishing abortion in the state.

Jeremiah Thomas was diagnosed with the aggressive bone cancer in March and has been to hospitals in Mexico, California, and Texas in an effort to save his life. The high school athlete has been paralyzed by two tumors growing on his spine, and also has a large ulcerated tumor protruding from his chest. Continue reading

U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner: What About Black Children Separated From Their Mothers?

“When we’re talking about family separation — this year alone, 4,500 black kids will be separated from their families because their mothers are going to be incarcerated. Not for, on average, a few hours like 30 percent of the illegal immigrants on the border are being separated.”

(Susan Jones – – Liberal activists are literally crying on television about the separation of children from parents who enter the country illegally — and who are now being locked up instead of being released into the community with a promise to appear in immigration court.

But what about the plight of American children living in poverty, some of them in far worse conditions than the foreign children put in temporary government housing on the border? View article →

‘The Shack’ Author Disputes Christian View That Those Who Die Without Jesus Can’t Achieve Salvation

“As a previous CP story showed, more American Christians are abandoning traditional Bible teaching and what many consider essential to Christianity, including the belief that Jesus is the only way to salvation.”

(Stoyan Zaimov – Christian Post)  William Paul Young, the author behind the faith-based bestseller The Shack, later turned into a movie in 2017, has addressed one of the main controversies behind his book, by disputing the Christian mainstream view that those who die without knowing Jesus Christ cannot achieve salvation.

Speaking to Eternity website in Australia, the author was asked what happens to a person who does not know God or does not return to God within the time frame of their life on earth.   View article →    (Christian Post Disclaimer)