Pentagon Halts Obama’s Transgender Endorsement Plan

Breitbart reports:

The Secretary of Defense has frozen a decision by former President Barack Obama to recruit transgender soldiers this year, and a new poll shows the planned recruitment freeze is very popular.

Two of every three swing voters say the Pentagon should postpone plans to accept “transgender” people who are trying to live as members of the opposite sex, according to the new poll by Rasmussen Reports.

Defense Secretary James Mattis explained his July 30 decision to delay Obama’s plan for six months, just before it was to begin operating:

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Michael Moore’s Fourth of July Plans Are Horrible

According to Zackary Leeman of LifeZette, controversial leftist filmmaker and “blatant opportunist” Michael Moore is calling for Trump haters to storm the offices of their Senators over the 4th of July week. Leeman writes:

While most people will be getting together with family and friends and celebrating the birthday of our great nation, filmmaker Michael Moore has different plans altogether.

“I call upon EVERYONE to observe this 4th of July week by nonviolently storming the local offices of your Senators, pack town halls, RISE UP!” Moore tweeted on Wednesday.

He continued in this vein by taking issue with the potential of an Obamacare repeal in the near future.

“The Snakes of the Senate languishing in their pit, unable to attack the millions of sick, elderly & newborn. The Resistance lives to fight on,” he wrote. “They now scurry home 2 ‘celebrate’ the birthday of the country & its people they despise so much. They’ll quietly regroup w/ rich backers…”

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New Device Allows Cops to Download All of Your Smartphone Activity in Seconds

According to Anti-Media, a new technology allows police to plug drivers’ phones into a tablet-like device that will tell the officer what the person was doing on their phone and exactly when they were doing it. Clearly, this is a violation of a person’s Constitutional right to privacy. Here’s the story:

New York – Any person who operates a motor vehicle in the state shall be deemed to have given consent to field testing of his or her mobile telephone and/or personal electronic device for the purpose of determining the use thereof while operating a motor vehicle, provided that such testing is conducted by or at the direction of a police officer.” 

That’s language from the text of a bill currently working its way through the New York state legislature. The legislation would allow cops to search through drivers’ cell phones following traffic incidents — even minor fender-benders — to determine if the person was using their phone while behind the wheel.

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Austrailian Police Charge Vatican Cardinal With Sex Offenses

Associated Press reports:

Australian police charged a top Vatican cardinal on Thursday with multiple counts of “historical” sexual assault offenses, a stunning decision certain to rock the highest levels of the Holy See.

Cardinal George Pell, Pope Francis’ chief financial adviser and Australia’s most senior Catholic, is the highest-ranking Vatican official to ever be charged in the church’s long-running sexual abuse scandal. Pell said he would return to Australia to fight the charges.

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Study: Networks Devote 55 Percent of Trump Coverage to Russia

Edmund Kozak of LifeZette reports that in a five week period evening newscasts spent 353 minutes on the Trump-Russia probe. He writes:

A new study performed by the Media Research Center (MRC) details the incredible amount of time that mainstream-media networks have dedicated to covering the Trump-Russia probe. Between May 17 and June 20, evening newscasts devoted 55 percent of their coverage of President Donald Trump — 353 minutes in total — to the Russia investigation or other allegations of possible collusion.

Tellingly, the investigation revealed that a full third — 34 percent — of networks’ coverage of the Trump-Russia probe was based on anonymous sources, some of whom turned out to be providing false information. “I think that’s something that should suggest to news viewers that there’s people behind the scenes with an agenda,” said Rich Noyes, research director at the MRC.  View article →

See also Three CNN Employees Resign Over Retracted Story On Russia Ties


Rev. Graham: ‘Johnny Depp Is One Dark Soul’

According to CNSNews:

Commenting on actor Johnny Depp’s alleged “joke” about an actor assassinating President Donald Trump, Christian leader Franklin Graham said “Depp is one dark soul,” and he prays that Depp will one day come to know “the Savior who died so that he could be saved from his sins.”

On June 22 at a festival in England to screen his 2004 film The Libertine, Depp — known for many of his popular films but especially the Pirates of the Caribbean series — said of Trump: “I think he needs help, and there are a lot of wonderful dark, dark places he could go. …. When was the last time an actor assassinated a president? It’s just a question. I’m not insinuating anything.

“By the way, this is going to be in the press. It will be horrible. I like that you are all a part of it. I want to clarify, I’m not an actor. I lie for a living. However, it’s been awhile [since the last assassination].”

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Three CNN Employees Resign Over Retracted Story on Russia Ties

According to TheWrap:

Three CNN employees have handed in their resignations over a retracted story linking President Trump to Russia, the network announced Monday.

The article was removed from on Friday after the network decided it could no longer stand by its reporting.

“In the aftermath of the retraction of a story published on, CNN has accepted the resignation of the employees involved in the story’s publication,” a network spokesperson told TheWrap in a statement.

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Illinois Bishop Decrees: No Communion and No Funeral Rites for Same-Sex Couples

CNSNews reports:

Before LGBT Pride celebrations begin in Chicago this weekend, Bishop of Springfield Thomas Paprocki issued a formal decree calling on all members of the Catholic faith to enforce the Church’s longstanding policies on the issue of homosexuality.

These policies include no same-sex marriages, no Communion for people in a same-sex union, and no funeral rites for unrepentant homosexuals, among other teachings.

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Pro-Family Groups Push Back After GuideStar Labels 46 American Organizations ‘Hate Groups’

Christian News reports:

Over 40 pro-family groups recently signed a letter to the charity database site GuideStar after it labeled dozens of organizations as “hate groups” based on a list compiled by the controversial Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). “The ‘hate group’ list is nothing more than a political weapon targeting people it deems to be its political enemies. The list is ad hoc, partisan, and agenda-driven,” the correspondence read. GuideStar added a banner atop the info pages of 46 nonprofits, which reads, “This organization was flagged as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.”

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Canadian Christian School Reportedly Told Not to Teach ‘Offensive’ Bible Verses to Children

According to Christian News:

A Christian school in Canada says that it is shocked after recently being told by the local school board that it should not teach any “offensive” Bible verses to children, particularly those those that refer to homosexuality. Cornerstone Christian Academy in Kingman, approximately an hour outside of the provincial capital of Edmonton, says that it was recently approached by the Battle River School Division and asked to remove 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 from its student handbook.

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Preacher who lived a life of luxury indicted on tax fraud

The indictment accuses prosperity preacher William Todd Coontz of a check-cashing scheme. Coontz is charged with hiding income from the IRS “by claiming travel as a business expense while using reimbursements as personal income.” Joe Marusak of Charlotte Observer has the story:

A former Charlotte preacher who wrote the book “Please Don’t Repo My Car” was indicted on tax charges Thursday.

William Todd Coontz enjoyed a life of luxury, federal prosecutors contend, by claiming as business expenses the $1.5 million condo he and his family lived in as their parsonage and the luxury vehicles they drove, including three BMWs, two Ferraris, a Maserati and a Land Rover.

He also claimed a Regal 2500 boat, 400 charges at movie theaters, $228,000 in clothing purchases and $140,000 in meals and other entertainment as business expenses with no proof the expenses were for business, according to a federal criminal bill of indictment returned by a grand jury in Charlotte on Thursday.

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Warren Inspires Followers to Threaten Violence Against Republicans

According to LifeZette:

In the aftermath of last week’s targeted shooting of Republican congressmen in Alexandria, Virginia, by a left-wing activist, many wondered if the shocking event would herald a new period of political civility and the rejection of sensationalist rhetoric. It hasn’t.

On Thursday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) posted a video to her Facebook page in which she rails against the newly unveiled Senate Republican health care bill — using intensely inflammatory rhetoric.

“I’ve read the Republican ‘health care’ bill. This is blood money,” Warren wrote. “They’re paying for tax cuts with American lives.”

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Federal Appeals Court Reverses Injunction Against Mississippi’s Freedom of Conscience Act

Christian News reports:

A federal appeals court has reversed an injunction against Mississippi’s Protecting Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act, a bill meant to protect residents from punishment when acting in accordance with their religious convictions in regard to the institution of marriage. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, Louisiana ruled on Thursday that the plaintiffs who filed the legal challenge did not have standing to sue because they could not demonstrate any actual harm created by the law. It said, however, that the matter could be considered if and when an actual incident occurs.

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Obamacare Unraveling as GOP Set to Unveil Fix

According to LifeZette:

The Affordable Care Act continued its inevitable collapse Wednesday when Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield announced it would be pulling out of most of the Wisconsin and Indiana marketplaces.

The bad news for Obamacare followed on the heels of Anthem’s announcement in early June that it would be withdrawing from Ohio’s marketplaces. Roughly 46,000 Hoosiers purchased health care coverage from Anthem on the exchange, while approximately 14,000 Wisconsinites purchased Anthem’s coverage.

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Oregon Becomes First State to Allow Residents to Be Neither Male or Female on Driver’s License

Christian News reports:

Oregon has become the first state to allow residents to identify as neither male or female on their driver’s license and identification card.

Beginning on July 1, residents can select an “X” for their gender instead of “M” or “F.” The new policy was unanimously agreed upon by the Oregon Transportation Commission.

According to Reuters, the concept was considered after Multnomah County Judge Amy Holmes Hehn last June granted a man’s request to identify on his driver’s license as “non-binary.”

As previously reported, Jamie Shupe (pictured) was born male, served in the military and married a woman. But in 2013, as he found himself struggling with his gender identity, Shupe decided to seek treatments that would make him look and feel feminine.

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Cities Across America Creating Rainbow Crosswalks to Celebrate ‘LGBTQ Pride’

What if tax payers don’t want their hard earned money spent on rainbow crosswalks that celebrate “diversity”? What about the citizens who find the crosswalk offensive for the reason that the rainbow has been hijacked by the LGBTQ community and some folks don’t approve of their lifestyle choices? Well, too bad for them. Christian News has the story.

Several American cities recently approved the creation of rainbow crosswalks to celebrate “LGBTQ pride,” and homosexual advocacy groups are circulating petitions to request that more cities paint their crosswalks with the “diversity” stripes.

Houston, Texas, Atlanta, Georgia and Washington, D.C. created rainbow crosswalks to coincide with their June homosexual pride events. In Atlanta, the display will be permanent.

“I believe that symbols of unity matter,” Mayor Kasim Reed said in a statement. “In recognition of the outstanding and ongoing contributions of Atlanta’s LGBTQ community to our city, I am pleased to announce today that the city will install the rainbow crosswalks at the intersection of Piedmont Avenue and 10th Street year-round.”

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Berean Research has put together a White Paper on the Homosexual Agenda.

Attorney for Bernie Donor Class Action Calls DNC ‘The Ultimate Ponzi Scheme’

According to Breitbart:

Backers of Bernie Sanders are suing the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for fraud based on last summer’s hacks revealing systemic bias for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 primary campaign.

The class-action lawsuit, Wilding v. DNC Services Corp., is underway in federal court in Florida, where it is awaiting a ruling on the DNC’s motion to dismiss heard in April. The plaintiff class, Bernie donors who also gave money to the DNC under the assumption of its impartiality in the 2016 primary contest between Clinton and Sanders. The suit alleges fraud, negligent misrepresentation, unjust enrichment, and a consumer protection violation.

The claims are based on the celebrated leaked emails and memos from the “Guccifer 2.0” hacks last June. The leaks appear to show direct assistance of Secretary Clinton to the detriment of Senator Sanders. The novel legal theory is based on the donors having been duped by the DNC’s claims of impartiality.

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Three Celebrities Who Walked Away from Weed

According to LifeZette these celebs “finally realized smoking marijuana was doing no one any good, including themselves and their families.” PopZette’s editors reveal who they are and why they quit the drug:

Many artists believe weed is a creative tool — which is why marijuana is so common in places like Hollywood.

Some artists, however, find the drug can hold them back, not to mention threaten their health — and that moving forward without it leads to something far better.

Here’s a look at three celebrities who have publicly talked about why they’ve quit smoking weed and why.

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London Mosque Attacker: ‘I Want to Kill All Muslims’

Newsmax reports:

Worshipers leaving a London mosque just after midnight on Monday were helping an unwell elderly man when a van deliberately targeted them, eyewitnesses said, driven by an attacker who shouted: “I want to kill all Muslims.”

The van swerved towards the people outside the Finsbury Park Mosque in north London just as they began to assist the man, who had collapsed.

“He turned left into the alleyway, and he just drove at people,” eyewitness Abdiqadir Warra told AFP.

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Protester disrupts play that appears to depict Trump assassination

According to Washington Examiner:

A right-wing protester disrupted the “Shakespeare in the Park” production of “Julius Caesar” in New York City that appears to depict the assassination of President Trump on Friday night.

A woman jumped on the stage during the assassination scene and shouted, “this is violence against Donald Trump” and “this is political violence against the Right.” The demonstration was met with boos and jeers by the audience.

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Eight-Year-Old Drag Queen: If Your Parents Won’t Let You Do Drag, ‘You Need New Parents’

Watch the video and you’ll see a very confused 8-year-old Canadian boy and his parents, who’ve encouraged their young son to become a “drag queen.” His mother even applies makeup to his face.  “Obviously, we’re not like most moms and dads,” admit the parents. If you can stomach it, you’ll also see the boy saunter down a catwalk while those in the crowd cheer him on with shouts of approval, whistles and raucous applause. Christian News has the story.

Photo credit: Christian News Network

A video of an eight-year-old boy who performs in drag has gone viral, with the child advising during the interview that if one’s parents will not allow them to be a drag queen, “you need new parents.”

Nemis Quinn Mélançon-Golden uses the stage name “Lactatia,” which he says was suggested by his teenage sister. Last month, Mélançon-Golden appeared at Montreal’s “Werq the World Tour,” where drag queen Bianca Del Rio told the child that he was “[expletive] adorable,” among other profanities.

Mélançon-Golden’s mother handles his makeup before shows, as he often wears lipstick, eyeliner and shadow, as well as a long wig.

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R.C. Sproul Jr. Accepts Plea Agreement for Drunk Driving With Children in Vehicle, Sentenced to Probation

In December 2016 Christian Post, a site we do not recommend, broke the story that R.C. Sproul Jr. was arrested in Indiana for driving under the influence with a minor in his vehicle. Also in December 2016, prior to his drunk driving arrest becoming public, R.C. Jr. mysteriously resigned from Ligonier Ministries and Reformation Bible College, where he served as the rector of theology and professor of apologetics, for “personal reasons.” CRN reported the story here. According to Christian News, a plea agreement in the case has been reached:

Reformed theologian, author, speaker and former Presbyterian elder Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr. recently accepted a plea agreement surrounding his November drunk driving arrest in Indiana and was sentenced to one year of probation after the initial jail sentence of 1 year and 183 days was suspended.

Public records in the case of “State of Indiana v. Robert C. Sproul” outline that on June 2, a change of plea hearing was held and a plea agreement was filed whereas Sproul pleaded guilty to a felony count of “Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated or Controlled Substance: Passenger Under 18.”

The remaining counts of endangering a person by intoxication and neglect of a dependent through endangerment, as well as operating a vehicle with an alcohol concentration equivalent to .15 or more, were all dismissed under the agreement. The scheduled jury trial was also subsequently canceled.

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Death Threats Mount for GOP Lawmakers ‘Outspoken Against the Left’

According to LifeZette, Republican House members and their staff are claiming that alarming messages have steadily increased since 2016 election. Kathryn Blackhurst has the story:

The same day that a gunman shot House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) during a Republican baseball practice, a GOP congresswoman from New York received an ominous email with the subject line, “One down, 216 to go…”

Gunman James T. Hodgkinson opened fire on the group of lawmakers and staffers gathering at a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia, early Wednesday morning while practicing for the bipartisan Congressional Baseball Game for Charity, set for Thursday. Scalise was critically injured during the fray, and two Capitol Police officers and a congressional staffer were also injured.

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Hateful: Scalise Shooting Puts Focus on Left’s Vilification of GOP

According to a shooting update over at Breitbart: Facebook group called “Terminate the Republican Party” seemingly celebrates Wednesday’s assault. The Belleville News-Democrat reported that Hodgkinson [the shooter] belonged to this group.

Lifezette’s Edmund Kozak says the Alexandria ambush highlights Democrats’ dehumanizing, hyperbolic, anti-conservative rhetoric. Here’s Kozak’s report:

The attack on Republican congressmen that occurred in Alexandria, Virginia, on Wednesday quickly drew attention to the American Left’s escalating anti-Republican rhetoric, which demonizes and dehumanizes conservatives and their beliefs.

The shooter, identified as James T. Hodgkinson, appears to be a far-left activist who had volunteered on Democratic campaigns and held a deep disdain for President Donald Trump.

“I don’t have the evidence of why the shooter did what he did, but I’ll tell you this: My colleagues, Republicans who have done town halls, have been approached and rushed by people in the crowd and shaken up,” said Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wisc.) to Fox News after the incident. “Members of Congress have been followed after town halls and run off the road.”

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Trinity Broadcasting Network on hook for entire $2 million judgment awarded to Jan Crouch’s granddaughter, judge says

According to Orange County Register:

Trinity Broadcasting Network, which preaches the “prosperity gospel,” is on the hook for the entire $2 million in damages that a jury awarded to the aggrieved granddaughter of Trinity’s founders, a judge decided.

Later in the story we learn that,

The $2 million awarded by the jury last week was carved up so that Trinity was only responsible for paying 45 percent of it – $900,000. The other $1.1 million was the responsibility of Crouch’s mother and the man involved, the jury decided – even though neither was named in the suit.

Orange County Superior Court Judge Peter Wilson up-ended that formula with an order made public on Monday. The jury found that Crouch is entitled to $2 million, Wilson said, and ordered Trinity Christian Center of Santa Ana, TBN’s corporate parent, to pay the entire sum, with interest accruing at 10 percent per year until it’s paid.

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