It’s Christmas time and that can only mean one thing: the Hebrew Roots folks are busy telling Christians they are sinning if they celebrate Christmas

Is Christmas a paganized celebration? Should those who choose to celebrate the birth of our Savior be looked upon with disdain?  Christine Pack of Sola Sisters responds:

Adoration of the Shepherds by Gerard van Honthorst, 1622

The Hebrew Roots folks are out in force again this Christmas season, attempting to convince Christians that they are sinning against God by celebrating Christmas.Sorry, but I’m going to have to whip out my can of Luke on them for that. After all, if the gospel accounts record Jesus’ birth being proclaimed, angels singing his praises, shepherds rushing to see him, and wise men bringing him gifts some time later, why should we not, as Christians, also have the freedom to:

……proclaim his birth (using Christmas as a springboard to talk about how God has sent a Savior who died for sinners);

……sing his praises;

…..dwell on the fact that one day we will bodily be in his presence, just as those who rushed to his side that day were in his presence; and

… gifts with my loved ones as a way of remembering the greatest Gift of all time, our Savior, who was given to us by God out of his great loving-kindness.

* Please note that I respect the right of my Christian brothers and sisters who choose not to celebrate Christmas. …

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