Stop Treating False Teachers with Kid Gloves

“The charitable attitude of the 21st Century, when put through the lens of Scripture, comes out looking less like charity and more like naivety. The Apostles, such as Jude, Peter, and Paul, would have presumed that those teaching subversive and dangerous doctrines know exactly what they’re doing and are being intentionally crafty and subtle because they work for the other team.”

(JD Hall – Pulpit & Pen)  Tom Buck. Nice guy. I wish him well. Fine gentleman. I wish him many years and a happy life. Bla bla bla. You get it.

The last thing I want to do is correct Tom Buck (again) on something, but I’m going to keep saying this until I’m blue in the face; stop glad-handing, back-patting, kid-gloving, and “brothering” false teachers. Stop it. Sthaaaap it. Please. For the love of all that is good and pure, please stop.

Buck has been useful in the last year and a half in helping do some of the research to more fully expose ‘woke’ evangelicalism, particularly his research into LGBT change-agent and evangelicalism’s gay bff, Sam Allberry. Buck is at least partially responsible for a couple of the grosser and more obvious pro-gay articles coming down from the Living Out website and is probably responsible for The White Horse Inn floating the rumor that Allberry will be leaving Living Out in the Fall. Good on Tom for that.

However, as I said at the time, it’s foolish to believe that a reluctant concession is the same thing as repentance. Allberry’s moves to placate critics and quiet them did not suddenly make him a heterosexual Christian who ought to be preaching about human sexuality.  View article →


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