A Warning To Christians About Homeopathy

“Since I have been observing many in the Christian community accepting and embracing the claims of homeopathy, and since the focus of the Sola Sisters ministry is primarily to warn about false teachings coming into the church, I am therefore making a warning to the church at large about the unscientific, untested claims associated with Homeopathy. I am also warning about the unbiblical belief system out of which Homeopathy was developed. To begin with, I think it might be prudent to simply consider the scientific method, and why it is so valuable.” 

(Christine Pack – Sola Sisters)  The idea of mystical essences imbued into nature isn’t a hard sell to New Agers. After all, the New Age mindset already embraces a panentheistic worldview, which means that they believe some form of Divinity is “in” all things……..in the stars, the galaxies, the planets, in zebras, rocks, mountains, oceans, snakes, plants, humans, etc….

This concept of “Divinity,” however, is far from the Christian understanding of the God of the Bible, and can mean that this animating force comes from a monotheistic god (somewhat similar to the biblical God) or from multiple gods (polytheism), or it can also simply serve to describe some kind of vague force often nebulously described as an “energy,” “vibration” or “essence.”

With this worldview in mind (a worldview, that is, that developed in the east outside of the scientific method that was developing in Christian nations in Europe and America in the west), it’s not hard to see that eastern methods of health treatment (which I hesitate to call medicine, as they don’t employ scientific methodology) would develop along distinctly different lines. The overarching view in eastern medicine, which stems from their panentheistic belief that “God” (or some concept of “Divinity”) is “in” all things, is that the human body is born into a state of perfect alignment, wholeness and health, and that illness is just a result of some element no longer being in alignment. This is obviously in distinct contrast to the Christian worldview, which is that illness is a result of humans living in a broken, fallen world, and that until Christ returns to institute his kingdom, there will be suffering, illness and disease in this life. By saying this, I don’t mean to imply that people shouldn’t care for their bodies to the best of their ability (they should). But, Christians should not resort to using pagan medicine that has occultic spirituality at its core when their bodies begin to break down. Until we are in heaven, ALL of us are inhabiting bodies that, at some point or another, are going to begin to break down. Out of the eastern mindset and worldview, we have many alternative forms of treatment, but here are just a few:

– Aromatherapy – Yoga – Reiki – Acupuncture – Acupressure – Cranial sacral massage – Rolfing – Chakra therapy – Cupping – Iridology

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