An Update On Apologia ‘Church’ And Hidden Audio

“James White has done his very best to attack my character, reputation, and profession of faith – even going so far as to say I’m not saved – over the last few weeks. He is intending to ‘poison the well’ before the facts come out. This is all the more reason to have other press outlets cover the story as well, so they can be verified.”

(JD Hall – Pulpit & Pen)  Many are asking when our exposé is coming out on Apologia Church and their immoral and grossly disqualifying practice of secretly recording audio of church members’ confessions of sins and later using them for retaliatory purposes.

The answer is soon, but I wanted to give a quick update.

As you probably already know, Jeff Durbin posted hidden (and illegally recorded) audio of Tim Hurd confessing his sins to him on an anonymous Youtube page. After receiving veiled threats from James White in relation to that audio, Tim Hurd went public himself with it, bringing attention to the anonymous account that had not yet received hardly any views.

After we called Durbin out on it (only three people would have had access to that audio), he took several days to plan a response and try to defend the indefensible. James White joined Durbin in Apologia Studios to portray themselves as victims of Tim Hurd’s ‘slander’ and ‘attacks’ (Hurd politely critiqued Jeff Durbin’s apologetic method). Ultimately, James White defended the practice of recording hidden audio and saving it for later use.

Hurd warned Apologia Church members that their elders might be recording them, too.

Then, the phone calls started coming in.

For the sake of clarity, let me specify that I have not personally spoken or communicated with any of the victims of Apologia’s “hard shepherding” practices. I intentionally chose not to get personally involved. All I have received is a debriefing on those conversations by Tim Hurd and Seth Dunn. I asked Dunn, who is our lead correspondent and our best and most thorough journalist (he is an accountant and has a brain for details) to do all the work on this matter.  View article →


Apologia Church – Jeff Durbin

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