Leftist ‘Gospel Coalition’ Warns (Conservative Christians) Against Making Politics An Idol

“Day in and day out, The Gospel Coalition proves that it is a political organization devoted to replacing the real gospel with the Social Gospel and ousting Donald Trump and replacing him with a Democrat. Almost every post at TGC in some way undermines a Biblical worldview and conservative Christian ethic.”

(JD Hall – Pulpit & Pen)  Make no mistake about it. The Gospel Coalition, which is funded by felonious Clinton money-man and globalist billionaire, James Riady, is a political organization masquerading as a Christian ministry….

The entire purpose of TGC is to move evangelicalism’s Overton Window to the left and convince Christians that social justice requires believers to either stay home from the polls in 2020 or vote Democrat. And now, uber-leftist Joe Carter at TGC is warning Christians about turning politics into “an idol.”

This isn’t the first time that TGC leaders have insisted that conservative political leanings are idolatrous. TGC leadership council member, Russell Moore (who serves on George Soros’ Evangelical Immigration Table), claimed that the border wall has become a “golden calf” to conservatives and insisted that those who want border security were idolaters back in 2016.

Meanwhile, TGC ran endorsements for Hillary Clinton during the last presidential election. TGC figureheads met at Wheaton in 2018, including Ed Stetzer and Tim Keller – a Marxist – to brainstorm the best ways to beat Trump in 2020, leading conservatives to march out of the meetingView article →




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