Was Wrong to Ever Endorse ‘Christian Rap.’

“I’ve watched the early stars of Holy Hip Hop and Reformed Rap – one after another – show themselves as enamored with the glitz, glamor, and bling-bling of worldly success. They have almost all of them taken on the yoke of celebrity like an ungodly albatross, and each one’s apostasy has been commensurate with their level of success.”

(JD Hall – Protestia)  I loved the lyrics of ‘Reformed Hip Hop’ back when it was a new(ish) thing. And this is coming from someone who otherwise hates hip hop. But the lyrics – back in the era of 2013 – were legit….

And so there I was in rural Montana in a 4×4 pick-up truck with an NRA sticker and a camouflage hat at the stoplight, Shai Linne blasting from my stereo as other local denizens looked at me like I was, at best, confused in my music choices.

I called Curt Kennedy – who back then was going by Voice – to get permission to play his song as my opening podcast music. Brannon Howse at Worldview Weekend put the kibosh on that, claiming the network’s listening audience would think it uncouth. I then got permission from Tab Benoit to play Shelter Me, because the blues is less offensive than rap (the irony of this struck me at the time). View article →



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