If Trump Wins…

If Trump wins on November 3, you’re going to see a lot of evangelical leaders recalibrate themselves in a panic because they misjudged the cultural winds.

They will seek to jump back on the conservative bandwagon, and again posture themselves as traditionalists in order to maintain favor with the victors. These are leaders who lead by perceived consensus, and not by principles or convictions of basic right and wrong, moral and immoral, good and evil.

Evangelical leaders who endorsed Biden (or make excuses for those who do) are not brave men. These are not good men. They only know how to lead the church by following the world. Do not let them back on the wagon. Do not let them back in the tent. Ostracize them. Mark them. Avoid them.

To victors go the spoils, and these men don’t deserve so much as a table scrap. Give them no lodging. Provide them no greeting. They are traitors, Quislings, and Benedict Arnolds. And whatever bed they’ve made, let them sleep in it.

And if Trump does not win, may the Lord help us all because they’re coming for us.

It’s a good thing God is sovereign.

~JD Hall

Why are some of our evangelical leaders supporting progressive socialist policies and urging believers to vote for Joe Biden and other Democrats? Dr. Peter Jones is not on board with voting for the Left’s socialist/Marxist agenda for America. In his piece, A Plea to my Evangelical Friends for Biden…Who Support His Progressive Socialist Policies, he reveals anti-God Democrat policies and asks if Biden’s worldview is worth your evangelical vote:

“The debate between Republicans and Democrats is no longer about tweaking our democratic republic in economics or international relations. The Left now proposes a Sanders Socialist Marxism that will leave our borders uncontrolled, replace law and order [defund the police] with mob rule, pass the Equality Act imposing the LGBTQ agenda on everyone, promote “critical race theory,” reject nature and nature’s God, promote transgenderism (even in young children) and pack the Supreme Court with radical lawyers, who will destroy the carefully poised structure of American democracy. This governmental and cultural makeover is funded and promoted by billionaire and anti-American George Soros and the hi-tech monopolies of Silicon Valley, like Twitter and Facebook. Ominously, these monopolies threaten freedom of the press and freedom of opinion, as evidenced by the recent suppression of a newspaper article proving the vast financial corruption of Joe and Hunter Biden.”

Following is a list of Progressive Christians, some of whom have made a case that it’s no big deal for a believer to cast their vote for Joe Biden and other Democrats, even though the DNC platform is decidedly Socialist, therefore unbiblical. The details are revealed in Dr. Jones’ article. Some, not all, of these people have strongly urged believers NOT to vote for Donald Trump and Republicans:

Tim Keller, John Piper, Russell Moore, JD Greear, Andy Stanley, David Platt, Rick Warren, Mark Dever, Max Lucado, Beth Moore, Ed Stetzer, Thomas Kidd, Jim Wallis, Michael Wear, Ron Sider, Jonathan Leeman, Phil Vischer, Thabiti Anyabwile, Karen Swallow Prior, Jerushah Duford (grandaughter of Billy Graham), Eric Teetzel, Dan Haseltine, Doug Pagitt, Elizabeth Neumann, Eric Mason, Peter Wehner, Belinda Bauman and more. Plus groups headed by Christian leaders who are more politically progressive, such as Vote Common Good, the New Moral Majority PAC and Faith 2020.

~Marsha West




Progressive (Social Justice) “Christianity”

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