With Russell Moore Gone, I Weep in Joy

(JD Hall – Protestia) I weep in joy.

For ten years – day in and day out – I have chronicled one particular plague upon my (now previous) denomination who was an essential force driving evangelicalism left. It has been an unwavering exercise in stubbornness to do whatever possible to rid the Christian church of one cancerous sore. His name is Russell Moore.

Since 2011, we have published a total of 597 articles about Russell Moore’s hard-left progressivism, his undermining of Southern Baptist faith, his attack on Christians, his support of the religious liberty of Muslims but not believers, and his role as one who “sneaks into the church privily, to spy out its liberty and take it captive.”

These articles represent thousands of hours, years of toil, and constant attention to his public words. No one in mainstream Christian media – especially and including the Baptist Press – could be bothered to report the truth on this influential figure.

You must understand that when we set about to expose this man and his strategies, we were excommunicated by larger evangelicalism. We were blacklisted and boycotted and banned and blockaded. Back in circa 2011 to 2016, conservatives and Calvinists heralded him as a conservative leader. He had them fooled.

We chronicled his support for animal rights. We chronicled his support for illegal immigration. We chronicled his communitarianism and socialist beliefs. We exposed his former career as a Democrat staffer. We exposed his stated desire for his wife to “be more like Hillary Clinton.” We exposed his partnership with George Soros. We chronicled his rejection of Christian liberty. We chronicled his support for the LGBTQ movement. We chronicled his sojourn into Social Religion and Social Justice every single day, 365 days a year, for a decade.

People did not believe us, until they did. That started in about 2016. Since then, the tide turned. Public pressure mounted. Hundreds, if not thousands, of churches have left the SBC or stopped paying their salaries due to our coverage (praise God). Our chronicles were the ammunition used for tens of thousands of salvos launched against him by men both small and great.  View article →

Research– for those who are unaware of Russell Moore’s departure from orthodoxy, his drift into liberalism, and the negative affect this man has had on the Southern Baptist Convention.

Russell Moore

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