Kari Lake Attorney’s Closing Argument: At Least 70K Votes Not Verified, Election Must Be Set Aside

Your Honor, the election was unlawful,” Olsen told the judge. “[Arizona statute] 16-550 was not complied with. Defendants don’t dispute our expert. They don’t dispute the evidence.” (Randy DeSoto – Western Journal) Kari Lake attorney Kurt Olsen argued in his … Continue reading 

The Dismissal of Kari Lake’s Election Lawsuit Shows Voter Disenfranchisement No Longer Matters

(Rachel Alexander – Townhall) The trial court judge in Kari Lake’s election lawsuit predictably threw out her case on Saturday, putting on a sham trial that on the surface looked fair to the general public that doesn’t know any better, but … Continue reading 

Expert in Kari Lake election suit: ‘No doubt’ she would have won without Maricopa Election Day chaos

(Natalia Mittelstadt – Just the News) Election modeling expert Richard Baris said Thursday in the Kari Lake election lawsuit that his projections showed as many as 40,000 voters were disenfranchised over Election Day chaos in Arizona’s Maricopa County, causing him … Continue reading 

Maricopa County Judge Allows Two of Kari Lake’s Complaints to Proceed to Trial

(Athena Thorn – PJ Media) Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson ruled Monday night that two of Arizona Republican gubernatorial contender Kari Lake’s election complaints will proceed to trial. Kari Lake tweeted: BREAKING: Our Election Case is going to trial. … Continue reading 

AZ Senate Rocked By New Claims Of Election Violations, Private Meeting Held as Lake’s Appeal Heats Up

“This is becoming all too common in politics — another attempt to weaponize the justice system with a phony allegation against a Republican. Adrian Fontes selectively quotes the statute in an attempt to distort the law and smear Kari Lake … Continue reading 

In Arizona, bombshell new evidence of Maricopa County election wrongdoing

“What happens in Maricopa matters because Lake allegedly lost all of Arizona by a hair over 17,000 votes. Significant wrongdoing in Maricopa should invalidate the whole election. So far, the judge hasn’t yet tossed the case—and, after today’s bombshells, he … Continue reading 

Arizona AG Launches Investigation Into Maricopa County ‘Election Irregularities’

(Tyler Durden – Zero Hedge) AG Mark Brnovich’s election integrity unit has demanded a full report of well-publicized irregularities, and what he claims is evidence of “statutory violations.” The letter, sent late Saturday by Assistant AG Jennifer Wright to the … Continue reading 

Carl Lentz Hires Famous PR Firm To Navigate Swift Restoration to Ministry

“The company will have their work cut out for them, as rumors swirl that more women have come forward with allegations of more sexual impropriety- a move if true will further alienate those with a propensity to brush off his … Continue reading