“Freedom of thought doesn’t always lead to wisdom as Ben Franklin surely knew.  But lockstep rejection of different beliefs bolstered by loathsome propaganda does always lead to brutal tribalism.”   

(Bill O’Reilly)  Americans are in danger and it’s kind of complicated so please stay with me here. Way back in 1722, an anonymous source who called himself “Silence Dogood” sent a newspaper editor a few opinions.  One of them simply said: “Without freedom of thought, there can be no such thing as wisdom.”

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Understand the new TGC orthodoxy on gay Christians

In their imagined world, these desires become a blessing in the way physical trials such as disabilities can become a blessing, because they are a chance to show the church an outstanding model of cross-bearing. But these desires are also a challenge because, as a citizen of Sodom, your heart will most likely always turn back to gaze at the life you left behind. This is a challenge that must be lived with, not solved. 

(Cody Liebolt) Today Founders Ministries began a 5-part series entitled Revisiting Revoice. It assesses a political and theological battle dividing the PCA and now affecting the Southern Baptist Convention. Churches and denominations continue to divide on how to handle the topic of Same-Sex-Attraction…. Continue reading

Al Mohler Slams Christianity Today Editor, Mark Galli, For His Anti-Trump Hit Piece

While it is difficult to disagree with anything Mohler said in his briefing today, one can only wonder why he is so blind to the very same activity in his own backyard. Not only has Russell Moore poisoned the well of the current president but Mohler employees several politically liberal faculty members who, as well, have denounced Trump at his seminary.

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  Al Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and arguably the most influential leader in the Southern Baptist Convention had some harsh words on his podcast today for the former editor of Christianity Today, Mark Galli…. Continue reading

Michael Brown Practices Cult-Like “Fire Tunnel” Similar to Bethel Church (Republished with the correct link)

“When pressed, he will never criticize those who practice these wicked things. Why? Because he does them himself.”

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  Do you ever wonder why Michael Brown evades criticizing those “fringe” charismatics like Bill Johnson of Bethel Church? Well, the reason is that, in Michael Brown’s view, they are not the fringe, but the norm. In fact, the idolatry and blasphemy that drips from the seams of the charismatic movement can be summed up as nothing less than outright apostasy. They claim the name of Christ, yet they practice something completely foreign to Biblical Christianity. Continue reading

Iran: ‘Death to America!’ MSM, Democrats and Hollywood: ‘How can we help?’

The New Yorker depicted Soleimani as a “flamboyant former construction worker with snowy white hair, a dapper beard and arching salt-and-pepper eyebrows” who rose to power in 1998 as the head of the Quds Force, “an Iranian unit of commandos comparable to the U.S. SEALs, Delta Force and Rangers combined.”
(M. Catharine Evans – American Thinker) The successful U.S. drone strike against a top level Iranian enemy combatant responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans has roused the Democrats, their media mouthpieces and Hollywood haters to defend the terrorist and vilify President Trump….

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Michael Brown Practices Cult-Like “Fire Tunnel” Similar to Bethel Church

“When pressed, he will never criticize those who practice these wicked things. Why? Because he does them himself.”

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  Do you ever wonder why Michael Brown evades criticizing those “fringe” charismatics like Bill Johnson of Bethel Church? Well, the reason is that, in Michael Brown’s view, they are not the fringe, but the norm. In fact, the idolatry and blasphemy that drips from the seams of the charismatic movement can be summed up as nothing less than outright apostasy. They claim the name of Christ, yet they practice something completely foreign to Biblical Christianity. Continue reading

Beth Moore Outed as NeverTrumper

“The idea that evangelical Christian voters choosing Trump over Hillary Clinton somehow killed evangelicalism is patently absurd, as if they would have been better off voting for a person and a party that had absolute contempt for them and their values.”

(C. Douglas Golden – Western Journal) Can American evangelism die because evangelicals voted for Donald Trump? This seems to be the thinking that Beth Moore, Christian evangelist and bestselling author, is following nowadays. Continue reading

Mr. Todd – Noah’s Ark Is Not a Fairy Tale

“This evidence is not just interesting on its face but demonstrates the number of scientists, historians, theologians and open-minded journalists willing to follow the evidence wherever it leads.”

(Gregory Rummo – Townhall)  Chuck Todd’s Sunday commentary on “Meet the Press” equating Trump supporters to Bible believers willing to embrace “fairy tales” is outrageous, displays an ignorance of the manuscript evidence for the authenticity of the Bible (“more than 25,000 partial and complete manuscript copies of the New Testament”), shows a dearth of understanding for the geological and historical evidence for a worldwide flood, and a lack of respect for and sensitivity to the millions of people – both Jews and Christians – who believe the biblical narrative is a true account of this catastrophe of immense proportions that went on to reshape the Earth’s geology. Continue reading

A homosexual’s ‘biblical’ reasoning for his kind of homosexuality falls flat

“This terrible confusion is theological quicksand, and Wes is ready to make our Holy Lord Jesus a model of his own desired type of “friendship”. The PCA must reject this immoral mess, and Hill’s self-serving “Scriptural” reasoning. Dr. Wesley Hill has not imparted soundness of truth. With his reading of Scripture he is out to recruit evangelical support for his kind of homosexuality, so I write to show that the Scriptures he chose for this do not support his kind of gayness at all.”

(David H. Linden – Aquila Report)  Dr. Wesley Hill has risen to the challenge of supplying biblical reasoning for his kind of homosexuality. Before we start we need a couple of things about this gay man reading and teaching the Bible…. Continue reading

An Update On Apologia ‘Church’ And Hidden Audio

“James White has done his very best to attack my character, reputation, and profession of faith – even going so far as to say I’m not saved – over the last few weeks. He is intending to ‘poison the well’ before the facts come out. This is all the more reason to have other press outlets cover the story as well, so they can be verified.”

(JD Hall – Pulpit & Pen)  Many are asking when our exposé is coming out on Apologia Church and their immoral and grossly disqualifying practice of secretly recording audio of church members’ confessions of sins and later using them for retaliatory purposes. Continue reading

On Christians recommending the contemplative heretic Henri Nouwen

Rosaria Butterfield recommends Henri Nouwen’s “Reaching Out: The Three Movements Of The Spiritual Life”

“Rosaria Butterfield should never have given Nouwen’s Reaching Out: The Three Movements Of The Spiritual Life space in her book. This was a serious error. Do I think she had some ulterior motive? I do not.” 

By John Lanagan

“Today I personally believe that while Jesus came to open the door to God’s house, all human beings can walk through that door, whether they know about Jesus or not. Today I see it as my call to help every person claim his or her own way to God.” (Henri Nouwen, Sabbatical Journey, pg. 51)

Henri Nouwen was a heretic, yet remains popular with many high profile Christians, and with the so-called Christian intelligentsia. Continue reading

Todd Bentley Panel Releases Official Statement Today Declaring Him ‘Supernaturally Gifted by God’

Todd Bentley, you’re fired!

“Today, Brown released an official statement from the panel disqualifying Bentley — thankfully so. However, this should have been done years, decades ago. It should not have taken this long to realize that Todd Bentley is not a minister of God, but of Satan.”

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  Nevermind that Todd Bentley is a false teacher who blasphemes God on a daily basis, performs fake healings, and practices idolatry on a level not seen since biblical times. Nevermind all that stuff. It’s Todd Bentley’s sexual immorality that finally, finally, gets the man disqualified as a minister. Continue reading

Heroes of 2019, Left and Right

Among “ordinary” Americans, an overnight hero of the right who emerged at year’s end is Jack Wilson (pictured above), a 71-year-old former reserve deputy sheriff, who stopped what surely would have been a ghastly mass shooting by dropping a shotgun-wielding killer with a single shot during services at the West Freeway Church of Christ in the Fort Worth suburb of White Settlement. “I don’t see myself as a hero,” Wilson told reporters, which is exactly what selfless heroes say. “I see myself as doing what needed to be done to take out the evil threat.”

(Mark Tapson – Frontpage Magazine)  The end of one year and the beginning of another is a natural time for reflection, both personally and culturally, and one way to examine ourselves as a culture is to think upon the figures we held up as the most admired persons in the past year…. Continue reading

The 20 Biggest Virtue Signalers of 2019

“The same people adding to her [Rachel Denhollander) fame and popularity were intimidating same-sex abuse victims into silence. Both she and her husband failed to do due diligence about the organization. Had they looked into the recent history of the ERLC and the SBC, they would have seen that only four months prior to the Caring Well conference, the SBC had blocked a resolution on whistleblowers and sex abuse.”

(Bobby Lopez)  “Virtue Signaling” has become a bit cliché. Still, the term describes a certain kind of public persona. Though the term includes virtue, we all know that when we say someone is virtue-signaling we are criticizing them. If you have virtue you do not signal it…. Continue reading

Trust the Bible Above Your Experience

“This year, resolve to read the Bible more, but let me encourage you to resolve to do what the Bible says. Reading blogs and listening to sermons is wonderful, but every time you do it, seek to apply it. Actually, ask the Lord to change you because of what you just heard or read.”

(Jordan Standridge)  We’ve all had incredible experiences.

Whether it is catching a big fish, or winning a big game, or, more seriously, witnessing the birth of your child or thinking back to your wedding day. Continue reading

James White, Rosaria Butterfield, And The Secret Changing Of Minds

“Here, I am obligated to speak some common sense into James’ life and help him with the discernment he is sorely lacking.”

(JD Hall – Pulpit & Pen) In my previous post on this subject, I entitled it A Brief Condescension to James White and explained that his defenses for Rosaria Butterfield are so embarrassingly bad the man is hardly worth responding to at all.

White claimed that Butterfield’s positive referencing of heretics was merely part of a “bibliography.” When I pointed out that Butterfield drew from these books her perspectives on Same-Sex Attraction in the body of the book and that list they were later mentioned in it was not a bibliography but a list of “recommended reading.”… Continue reading

Here’s Some Of The Most Explicit Material Teen Vogue Published In 2019

“Our culture is in a dire state due to sexual immorality,” Booyens warned. ” Introducing sexual acts and concepts with fluid language to desensitize our youth is without question grooming.  Thereby the radical left such as Teen Vogue is playing into the hands of pedophiles, or doing so by design.”


(Mary Margaret Olohan – Daily Caller)

  • Teen Vogue published many highly explicit stories aimed at a teenage audience in 2019.
  • The publication posted stories about anal sex, sex magic, fat sex, and more.
  • Teen Vogue is driven by a “clear agenda to sexualize and exploit the minds of its young teen and tween readers,” Enough is Enough President Donna Rice Hughes warns.

Teen Vogue churned out a variety of highly explicit sexual material for its teenage audience in 2019.

The publication has been described as a “glossy” magazine “aimed at teenage girls” that has recently stepped forward into the political spectrum to criticize President Donald Trump. But in 2019, Teen Vogue also offered teenagers a chance to discover “How To Have Queer Sex,” “How To Use Sex Magic To Manifest Your Best Self,” “How To Get An Abortion If You’re A Teen,” and more. View article →



Truth Bomb: Former Democratic Politician Says Anti-Semitism in NY Comes From the Left

“According to an Anti-Defamation League survey conducted in Oct. 2013, only eight percent of whites were found to hold antisemitic views, while 36 percent of hispanics born outside the United States and 14 percent of hispanics born inside the United States harbored such beliefs. The ADL survey also found that a much higher percentage of African Americans, 22 percent, held antisemitic views when compared to whites.” 

(Bronson Stocking – Townhall)  Following a spate of antisemitic attacks in Democratic-led New York, Democratic politicians have been busy trying to shift the blame on Donald Trump. Continue reading

Did Henri Nouwen mean God is gay? Man is God? Or something else?

“Nouwen was no friend to Bible believers. He was not a trustworthy guide or teacher. He assigned meanings to Bible passages that were not there and applied salvation universally to most except those who opt out. In his scheme there was no stated need of personal repentance and faith in Christ for salvation…” 

(John Lanagan – The Word Like Fire)  “You know already that the young, attractive, affectionate, caring, intelligent, spiritual, and socially conscious gay man has only one name: God!” (Henri Nouwen, Love Henri, pg. 336, from his letter to a gay friend named Everet) Continue reading

What’s being missed with the ‘waking’ of Olive at Bethel Church, Redding

The phrase “declaring life and resurrection over … Olive” was lost on the media as well as many mainstream Christians. Yet Bethel’s call for declarations wasn’t lost on the insiders, i.e., those who hold to Bethel teachings. This can be seen in the nearly 3,000 comments posted on the church’s Facebook page, in response to the call. Notice the many Bethel followers who used the words “declare” or “declaring,” such as this comment posted by a Rick Davis: “Praying, and declaring resurrection Life for Olive … Little Olive, arise, in Jesus’s name!” 

(Holly Pivec – Spirit of Error)  The story out of Bethel Church in Reddng, California, this past week — following the sudden death of two-year-old Olive Heiligenthal — is tragic. The hearts of people across the nation have gone out to her parents in compassion — not just because they lost a child, but also because of the false hope they’ve clung to that their little girl would come back to life. Continue reading

‘If I ever meet him I’ll probably sock him in the face’ said Jen Wilkin, Redefining Rahab

The reason Rahab has ‘come down to us in history’ as a prostitute is because God in His wisdom inspired the writer to write it that way. It is a fact. She was a prostitute. That was her profession. Lydia was a dyer of purple, Moses was a shepherd. Rahab was a prostitute. It’s a plain fact, but Wilkin spends a good deal of time in her lesson on this topic, as we will see.

(EIizabeth Prata – The End Time) I wrote a 3-part series on Mrs Wilkin, looking at her overall ministry hereherehere. It got long, so I promised to follow up with some specifics from her Rahab teaching lesson. This is that series. Continue reading

What ‘Christian’ author wrote ‘What I see here is God as Mother, receiving back into her womb the one whom she has made in her own image’?

[T]he author speaks of the “first and everlasting love of a God who is Father as well as Mother.” 

(John Lanagan – The Word Like Fire)  The author writes, “What I see here is God as Mother, receiving back into her womb the one whom she has made in her own image.” The author claims the return to “God’s womb” is the “deeper meaning” to the story of the prodigal son.

God as Mother? Nowhere in the Bible are we ever instructed to address God in this manner…. Continue reading

Relavant Magazine’s shameless defense of Buttigieg

The headline, fittingly sharing the front page with other no-doubt theologically rich fare as “Jamie Foxx on Why the Church Should Be More Loving, Inclusive, and Unifying,” and “God ‘Making All Things New’ Doesn’t Mean Christians Can Ignore the Environment,” screamed, “Yes, Jesus Was a Refugee. He Still Is.”

(Peter Heck – Disrn) There’s a famous Babylon Bee headline that satirically reads, “Man Bravely Abandons Unpopular Christian Belief to Affirm Extremely Popular Cultural Belief.” I can’t help but think the writer of that headline must have just finished reading the latest offering from the online Christian publication, “RELEVANT Magazine,” given their increasing propensity to publish stories heavy on culture, light on biblical truth. Continue reading

Do Trump’s personal flaws negate all the good he has done for conservatives?

“Regarding adultery, that sin is for spouses and God to judge. There is no connection between marital sexual fidelity and moral leadership. I wish there were. And as regards the “Access Hollywood” tape, every religious person, indeed every thinking person, should understand that there is no connection between what people say privately and their ability to be a moral leader.” 

(Dennis Prager – OneNewsNow) The editor-in-chief of Christianity Today, Mark Galli, wrote an editorial calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump. In my view, this editorial only serves to confirm one of the sadder realizations of my life: that religious conviction guarantees neither moral clarity nor common sense. Continue reading