After 15 Years, Todd Bentley is Returning To Lakeland, FL, to Recapture the Fire of Infamous ‘Revival’

(Protestia) Charismatic prophet Todd Bentley, the only huckster in the whole of Christianity that Dr Michael Brown has ever bothered to condemn (and that only slightly), is up to no good again—the result of a string of angelic encounters and personal vision.

He announced on Facebook that that he’s returning to Lakeland, Fl, the site of his infamous ‘Lakeland Outpouring’ where he both became famous and then imploded in a sea of scandal, in order to put on a new revival and touch the hem of heaven for those who missed it the first time around. Continue reading

‘LGBTQ+ Diversity’ Sex Education for Toddlers Branded ‘Extreme and Unbalanced’

“This is the most comprehensive change in the school environment and it places its entire focus on one issue, that of LGBTQ+…the new system left “no room for religious, moral or philosophical views of the children or their parents”.

(Peter Caddle – Breitbart) Mandatory “LGBTQ+ diversity” sex education in Welsh schools aimed at children as young as three is both “extreme and unbalanced”, the High Court has heard. Continue reading

Socialist Democrats Advance ‘Respect for Marriage Act’ with 12 GOP

“Will it force religious people working in the government or any corporation to support gay marriage?…” 

(Mary Dowling – Independent Sentinel) Socialist Democrat Chuck Schumer is poised to pass the Respect For Marriage Act, which would codify gay marriage. Schumer tweeted yesterday that the Senate is “moving forward” with the bill, which Democrats hope to pass with a filibuster-proof majority.

The bill needs support from ten Republican senators to pass without opposition. They probably have 12. Continue reading

The Rise of the Democrat Vote Machine (and How to Beat It)

“Big Left sets the rules, and Republicans can play by them when it’s legal and ethical to do so. But we will continue to lose so long as Democrats are permitted to cheat. Holding them accountable and keeping the playing field fair must be our first priority, or we are doomed to lose in perpetuity.”

(Athena Thorne – PJ Media) They say Joe Biden got 81 million votes — the most ever for any American president — in 2020. One thing’s for sure: He got more votes than a socialist basement-gimp candidate should have. Then, last week, Democrats once again defied logic, public sentiment, and historical precedent when they outperformed all expectations and delivered a remarkably high number of Democrat votes in the 2022 midterm elections. So what’s going on here? Are they cheating? Or did that many Democrats really turn out to vote? Continue reading

Long-Distance Ministry: Pastors Buy Second Homes and Start Churches Hundreds of Miles from Their Base

“Can a pastor effectively make disciples while living hundreds of miles from his congregation?”

(Barry Bowen – Trinity Foundation) Oct. 31 was the day Martin Luther posted the 95 theses on the Wittenberg Church door—October 31, 1517—which began the reformation, also called by some the 2nd wave of Christianity. He critiqued expensive church real estate along with many other practices of the Catholic Church and the Papacy.  Today, Luther’s anger would probably be directed at the aberrant activities of the megachurches.  The reformation is over 500 years old and we still struggle with some of the same problems. Continue reading

The Chosen’s Third Season Is A Seeker-Sensitive CW Show?

“Characteristics of a CW show are good looking actors, hyper-emotionalism, and bad messaging.”

(Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) Christian media is full of shills for The Chosen, and the latest media tour of its cast has publications like CBN and Christian Post misrepresenting the impact that the popular series has had on its actors. During an interview with Faithwire she revealed that she is a skeptic that had become “more open.” This is being hailed as a win and a profound spiritual awakening. Continue reading

Spiritual Child Abuse? Charismatic Revival Night Sees Young Children ‘Slain in the Spirit’ (Caution, Hard to Watch)

With music reverberating through their bodies and surrounded by other kids, she amps them up so much that they become teary, overwhelmed, and succumb to the unbiblical, creepy charismatic invention known as ‘slain in the spirit.’

(Protestia) We last wrote about Jenny Weaver, the former homeless drug addict and self-cutting Wiccan-turned worship leader after she led a charismatic children’s conference that had kids as young as four years old being encouraged to speak in tongues, prophecy, and get slain in the spirit.  Now she’s actually doing it. Continue reading

House GOP on a Suicidal Path with a RINO-ESG-Soros Whip

(Mary Dowling – Independent Sentinel) Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN), was voted as House Whip over Jim Banks in a 115-106 vote. The GOP might as well commit suicide now and save us all the misery. Republicans learned nothing from their past failures. Instead, they are doubling down on them.

Emmer has voted for legislation that has advanced Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives and received funding from Wall Street giant BlackRock. Continue reading

Al Mohler Says Overturning Roe v. Wade Was Worth Losing the Senate

Mohler quotes from columnist Ross Douthat and says that his ultimate conclusion that “Republicans traded the election of 2022 for a generational goal; the reversal of Roe v. Wade” is a fair one, and a trade he’d make again,

(Protestia) Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President Al Mohler has weighed in over the poor showing of Republicans during last week’s midterms, acknowledging them as an “an unmitigated disaster for the cause of the sanctity of human life” which say many states either reject pro-life candidates or policies, while arguing the harsh electoral losses was worth it in the end. Continue reading

Massive Errors in Arizona Strongly Favored Democrats

(Mary Dowling – Independent Sentinel) One of the worst candidates on the Democrat side, Katie Hobbs, would not recuse herself and oversaw her own election. The recorder and supervisor were actively working with PACs to eliminate MAGA candidates. There were massive errors in Congressional Districts that strongly favored Democrats.

What if the problem isn’t people allegedly lying about election fraud but rather stopping the one person who would tighten up elections in Arizona? Continue reading

Exposing the False Prophets of the Mid-Terms #1: Hank Kunneman

(The Dissenter) Prior to the mid-term elections, so much of the right-wing media and landscape predicted that there would be a “red wave” that took control of Congress. Some predicted it would be a sweep in the House giving the Republicans a majority of over 20. and gaining a few seats in the Senate as well. Well, clearly that didn’t pan out as predicted and though we may have a very slim majority in the House, it’s possible—even likely—that we may lose a seat in the Senate. Continue reading

Watch these climate cultists smash stone tablets atop Mt. Sinai as part of their ‘climate repentance’

(Not the Bee) In a not-so-subtle slight to Judeo-Christian beliefs, environmental activists smashed stone tablets atop Jebel Musa in Egypt, the mountain many believe to be Mount Sinai where Moses received the ten commandments written by the hand of God on stone tablets.

Watch the video on the site.

Singing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” while they smash the tablets feels way too similar to the “this is the god that brought you out Egypt” moment in Exodus. Yikes! Continue reading

Report: Former Ravi Zacharias International Ministries Leaders are ‘Disqualified’ For Unrepentant Abuse and Deceit

“Our determination is that Michael Ramsden, Sarah (Davis) Phillips, and Abdu Murray have not displayed a godly sorrow nor demonstrated the fruit consistent with repentance for their actions. They have acknowledged that “mistakes were made” but have not specifically owned their actions or expressed remorse to those they hurt. Nor have they repaired the damage they have caused.” 

(Debbie Licona) On December 22, 2020, Miller & Martin PLLC released an interim report on its “independent investigation into allegations of sexual harassment raised against Ravi Zacharias.”[2] The interim report “found significant, credible evidence that Mr. Zacharias engaged in sexual misconduct over the course of many years.” This abuse was consistent with that which was reported in the past and in the news. More serious abuse was also uncovered. Continue reading

Jars of Gay? Frontman Dan Haseltine is Pro-LGBTQ, Pro-Trans, Pro-Choice

“He has also taken up the cause for trans issues, supporting trans propaganda in library books, trans ‘men’ having access to the women’s washroom, and trans kids being able to compete in sports.”

(Protestia) A few months ago we broke the story that ‘Christian’ band Relient K came out as pro-LGBTQ after inviting open and unrepentantly gay musician Semler to join them on their upcoming tour and selling LGBTQ merch. This came on the heels of Switchfoot’s Jon Foreman Releasing a pro-LGBTQ TikTok video. Continue reading

Woke Fail: Disney Begins Layoffs, Hiring Freeze, and Limiting Employee Travel as Stock Crashes

“Disney picked a political fight with Gov. DeSantis earlier this year over the state’s Parental Rights in Education Law, which prohibits the teaching of sexuality and gender ideology — including transgenderism — to children in kindergarten through third grade.”

(David Ng – Breitbart) It’s been a bad week for the Walt Disney Co.

First, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) won re-election in a landslide victory on Tuesday. Then Disney’s corporate earnings disappointed Wall Street, sending its stock crashing to new lows. Now the entertainment giant is reportedly planning layoffs, a targeted hiring freeze, and travel limitation on its employees. Continue reading

Al Mohler Appears to Embrace the ‘David Raped Bathsheba’ Feminist Sex Abuse Narrative

Mohler appeared to embrace the feminist narrative that is being advanced by Evangelical feminists like Beth Moore, Rachael Denhollander, and others, that any time a man and a woman commit fornication, and that man has some kind of “authority” or “power” over the woman, it is automatically sex abuse on the part of the man. Essentially, it is “rape.”

(The Dissenter) Marxism, in a nutshell, pits people against each other by classifying people according to their status as either “oppressors” or “oppressed.” We’ve seen this play out in modern society through different schemes employing different types of classifications from race, gender, religion, and even sexuality. Continue reading

DeSantis 2024? Think Again.

As J.B. Shurk writes, everything that the establishment class “has fraudulently peddled against Trump—that he’s imperious, mercurial, uncouth, unworthy to hold office, a Russian spy, a warmonger, an insurrectionist, a ‘denier,’ a criminal—is nothing but an endless barrage of psychological warfare directed against MAGA voters.”

(David Solway – PJ Media)  It should be clear by this time that popularity has nothing to do with electability. Trump filled rally after rally in state after state with countless, full-house, full-stadium crowds, and such numbers do not lie. There really was a red wave in the midterms, but it was macro-engineered to a trickle, as should have been expected. The scam of “malfunctioning” voting machines, the shortage of paper ballots, the tsunami of mail-in and late ballots, the temporary closing and slow-downs of polling stations, and so on would have been sufficient to determine an electoral result…. Continue reading

The Marxist general in the American Civil War

“The Obama machine is committed to winning not only the American civil war but what Bertil Haggman…calls a “planetary civil war.” We are in the midst of this revolution, which has been carried forward by Barack Hussein Obama, as we saw in his appearances on the campaign trail. He is the real power behind China Joe.”

(Cliff Kincaid – RenewAmerica) Despite claims of a MAGA Red Wave on November 8, Barack Hussein Obama—America’s first Marxist president—emerged from the shadows and orchestrated a Democratic Party comeback that has effectively blocked any Republican effort in Congress to root out communism and corruption. Continue reading

Tuesday Takeaways

“As voters self-select residences on ideological grounds and the deleterious effect of blue-states’ governance, the country is gravitating into two antithetical nations. Americans vote not so much for individual personalities as blocs of incompatible parties, causes, and ideologies.”

(Victor Davis Hanson – American Greatness) During the COVID lockdowns, American elections radically changed to mail-in and early voting. They did so in a wild variety of state-by-state ways. Add ranked voting and a required majority margin to the mess and the result is that once cherished Election Day balloting becomes increasingly irrelevant. Continue reading

Smear Film: Jerry Falwell Jr. Caused the January 6th Riot and Ended Roe, and You’re Just Like Him

Using the typical monochromatic filters to make Trump supporters look like terrorists, the propaganda film denounces the overwhelmingly peaceful January 6th protesters as “parading around with Christian symbolism, invoking God and Jesus and the Bible in the service of sedition.”

(David Morrill – Protestia) God Forbid, a tawdry, salacious, and politically-motivated smear documentary about Jerry Falwell Jr.’s fall from power was released on Hulu today, advancing the bizarre claim that Falwell was a “kingmaker” for Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential victory and that Falwell’s sins demonstrate the evil of Christians who engage with the culture. Continue reading

WHO, EU, Vatican Call for a Treaty to End All Fossil Fuels

“There is no way solar or wind can sustain the world population. This is calling for the destruction of our society. China, India, and Russia won’t do it. These globalist madmen are calling for the end of Western civilization.”

(Mary Dowling – Independent Sentinel) The tiny nation of Tuvalu, like its neighbor Vanuatu, called for a non-proliferation treaty to phase out fossil fuels at the COP27 conference. The globalists at the COP27 are meeting this week to plan our futures and think it’s a grand idea. Continue reading

Mike Winger, Allen Parr, and the Darker Side of Christian YouTube

“Mike Winger’s normative discernment, practiced by online ministers, is basically a “see no falsehood, hear no falsehood” approach to other teachers – even clearly false ones.”

(David Morrill) The internet certainly provides a great number of teachers saying what itching ears want to hear (2 Tim. 4:3). No site makes this more obvious than the world’s second-largest search engine, Google’s very own YouTube. Viewers can watch content ranging from bizarre and obvious rank heresy all the way to solid expositional sermons from trustworthy ministries around the globe – all loosely defined within the distinct yet unceremoniously monikered “Christian YouTube.” Continue reading

How Could John Fetterman Have Won? Every Possible Answer Is Bad in a Different Way.

“Fetterman’s victory proves that the Democrats’ willingness to put up with Old Joe Biden’s obvious incapacity was no anomaly. The Fetterman victory is an indication that the Leftist elites are just rubbing it in now, showing that they have now filled a sufficient number of people with their propaganda that they can elect literally anyone to any position they want and perpetuate the governance of a shadowy, behind-the-scenes oligarchy. Fetterman, like Biden, will simply serve as a puppet for the people who are pulling the strings, and that seems to be just fine with Pennsylvanians.”

(Robert Spencer – PJ Media) It’s hardly even believable: the stuttering, sputtering John Fetterman, a stroke victim who only rarely manages to utter a complete sentence, coasted to victory in the Pennsylvania Senate race. Like Joe Biden, Fetterman is so clearly unfit for his new job that no sane person could possibly think otherwise;… Continue reading

Google Is Influencing the Midterm Elections Using ‘Ephemeral Experiences’

“We estimated that if these companies were all working together and supporting the same candidate, and really pulling out all the stops and using all the methods they have to manipulate, they could shift ten percent of the voting population of America with no one knowing that they had done this, and without leaving a paper trail for authorities to track.” 

(Lucas Nolan – Breitbart) Dr. Robert Epstein, a consistent enemy of Google’s election meddling plans and the senior research psychologist of the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology, has recently published an article claiming that Google is once again attempting to shift votes leading into the midterm elections, but believes that there is a solution to this issue coming in the near future. Continue reading