Shockingly, Many Christians Think Nothing of Using Satanic Practices to ‘Experience God in a Powerful Way’

(Marsha West – Christian Research Network) Today I visited a long-time friend’s Facebook page. I’ll call her Ginger.  Ginger is a professing Christian who says she reads the Bible regularly as well as what she deems Christian books. My attention was quickly drawn to the several games that were posted on her page including a “wedding” game. At the top are the words: What Surprise Is Coming Your Way In 2021 According To Your Astrological Sign. Twelve astrological signs appear along the border.  A button is provided in the center for those who wish to play. Below the button are the words: You will finally have the dream wedding you’ve been waiting for Ginger, surrounded by all the people you love.  Another game on her page invites you to pick one of 6 images to find out who will be walking beside you in 2021. Also on the page is a game that shows your 2021 tattoo.  Ginger’s tat is “I am who I am. Your approval isn’t needed.”

I left Ginger’s page in disbelief and disheartened.

The thing is, we have discussed specific occult practices ad nauseum over the years.  I have shared with her that God makes it clear His people are not to participate in any way shape or form in “magic.”  Not even if what you’re doing is “just for fun.”

Ginger always left me with the impression that she was aware of the dangers of dabbling in the world of the occult.  Perhaps she was telling me what I wanted to hear. What I saw on her page made it clear my impressions were inaccurate.

For those who don’t know all that much about the New Age Movement (NAM), I’m going to spend a moment to give you a condensed version and provide links below for further research. Continue reading

Update on Voddie Baucham: Has Complicating Kidney Disease – Treatment Costs are Astronomical

(Protestia)  Funds keep pouring into Voddie Baucham’s GoFundMe page and frenetic prayers continue to be issued forth from the saints as the minister and his wife make way to the United States from Zambia after being diagnosed with heart failure.

(Read what he posted on Social media)

On February 3, when Voddie went back home after a two-week preaching stint in the United States, it took him 40 hours to get home, going from Atlanta to Dallas, Dallas to Doha, Doha to Johannesburg, Johannesburg to Lusaka, and Lusaka Airport to his home. The flight from Dallas to Doha alone is nearly 16 hours, with his whole trip including several layovers with a lot of time spent in between. Continue reading

Stop Defending the Indefensible: A Plea Concerning Ravi Zacharias

“The broader evangelical world defends those who are not fit for ministry knowingly, excusing away the fact that they can’t meet the basic requirements of the pastorate. Time and again, they defend such men rather than stand with the Scripture’s assessment, which finds them utterly lacking.” 

(Grayson Gilbert – Patheos) I wrote a post not too long ago that caused a firestorm of controversy on social media, calling on Christians to look at the life of Ravi Zacharias as a profound warning. In it, my basic plea to people was that they consider their own ways before the Lord—that they see if there were patterns of besetting sin that would not only disqualify pastors from the pastorate, but even if the everyday layman was plagued with sins, which the apostle Paul would say that such a practice of these things would bar them from inheriting the Kingdom of God…. Continue reading

5 Must-Watch Moments From Team Trump’s Impeachment Defense

“Schoen noted that the Democrats built their case against Trump on news reports and anonymous sources rather than an independent investigation. This impeachment made a mockery of due process in the name of speed — and then Democrats delayed the trial for political reasons.”

(Tyler O’Neil – PJ Media) On Friday, former President Donald Trump’s impeachment defense lawyers made their case for the Senate to acquit the former president of “incitement of insurrection” regarding the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot…. Continue reading

If Men Are Women, Then Truth, Science & Sanity are Gone

“It should be alarming to us that 74% of young adults down to 12 years old at least somewhat agree with the notion that what is “morally right and wrong changes over time, based on society.” Not based on any fixed laws or truth, but on society.”

(David Fiorazo)  If men are women, then truth, science, and sanity are history.

A new study reveals 74% of generation Z embrace moral relativism. And Twitter censors another Christian organization for referring to a biological male as… a male. Wait. There just might be a connection here between moral relativism and transgenderism. Continue reading

Cuomo Aide Admits Governor Covered Up COVID-19 Nursing Home Deaths Data

(Matt Margolis – PJ Media) A top aide to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo “privately apologized to state Democratic leaders for withholding the state’s nursing-home death toll from COVID-19,” reports the New York Post. Melissa DeRosa, secretary to the governor, told them “‘we froze’ out of fear the true numbers would ‘be used against us’ by federal prosecutors.”

Last month the New York attorney general’s office released a report saying that New York’s nursing home death count from COVID-19 was undercounted by as much as 50 percent…. Continue reading

The World Goes On While America Sleeps

“Our allies like democratic France warn America that it is cannibalizing itself—and becoming dangerous to others. Our enemies like the totalitarian Chinese are delighted with our suicidal wokeness.”  

(Victor Davis Hanson – American Greatness)  The Democratically-controlled Senate spends thousands of collective hours conducting an impeachment trial against a president who is no longer president.

The acquittal is predetermined, as in the first impeachment effort a year ago—and known to be so to the Democratic prosecutors. Continue reading

What Happened to Officer Brian Sicknick?

National Review claimed, without evidence, that Sicknick was “murdered.” The president and his allies in the Senate, pundits raged, were accomplices. “When he told followers to ‘STAND UP,’ they listened and murdered a cop while storming the Capitol,” one Washington Examiner writer tweeted about the role of Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.). “Make him pay.”

(Julie Kelly – American Greatness)  The claim is so pervasive as not to be questioned: Five people died as a result of the January 6 “insurrection” at the Capitol building, killed by blood-thirsty Trump voters at the president’s behest, out for revenge over a stolen election. Continue reading

How Many Americans Has the American Medical Establishment Killed?

If doctors who advocate for the use of these safe drugs are wrong, what price would we have paid? Essentially none. But what if Dr. Anthony Fauci, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, The New York Times, CNN, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institutes of Health and the poor souls who trust them are wrong? The price we have paid is hundreds of thousands of dead Americans, and quite possibly more than that.

(Dennis Prager)  I should state at the outset that were it not for doctors, I would either be paralyzed or dead. I owe my mobility and probably my life to wonderful physicians.

However, I will now state with equal certitude that the American medical profession as a whole and many individual doctors are responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans — very possibly, more than that. Continue reading

The Betrayal of the American People by Biden and the Ruling Oligarchy

(Steve McCann – American Thinker)  The Biden Administration is willfully and permanently undermining the economy and the future well-being of the citizenry as well as trampling on the Constitution with an unprecedented avalanche of executive orders, proposed legislation and untenable regulations.  The current leader of the United States, safe in his plush bunker, is without a clue as he and his confederates in the ruling oligarchy are more interested in consolidating power and enriching themselves than they are in the long-term welfare of the nation and its citizenry. Continue reading

Reaping the Woke Church We Have Sown

“The culture now has proposed a list of demands that are not presented as options for the church. The world’s project has invaded the church and the message is clear: You will bow down at the altar of our newly defined norms or you will not be welcome anymore as a church in this nation. That’s right around the corner, if not already here.”

(Chris Gordon – The Aquila Report)  The church in America is embarrassed by its own identity. We’ve tried really hard, for a long time, to make ourselves cool, relatable, down to earth, funny, casual, and experts on all the social issues of the day assuming these things will reach people for Jesus…. Continue reading

False Prophets: Masters Of Disguise (Fooled you?)

“Faithful followers of Christ must examine their pastors, television and radio broadcasters, and authors of the books that they read. Do they reveal good fruit or bad fruit?”

(Tom Hill – Reformation Charlotte)  You’ve seen them. They appear everywhere promoting the latest health solution, money-making plan, or the “newest scoop” on popular people, complete with anonymous sources. These flim flam artists fool multitudes of gullible folks every day.

Which one just caught you? The one on television with the hot air cooker? The one at the mall with the sharpest knives that cut the toughest foods like a hot knife through warm butter? Or the one that guaranteed retirement income that will last a lifetime, without any risk? Continue reading

Democrats’ Climate Agenda Will Mimic Their COVID Tyranny

“We’ve seen how many businesses the left can destroy in the name of controlling a virus; imagine the destruction it can wreak if it controls America’s energy policy.”

(Trevor Thomas – American Thinker)  If you’ve enjoyed the last 10 months of foolish, science-denying lockdowns and mask mandates, the widespread destruction of businesses and economies, and the government telling you what jobs are “essential” and how you are to conduct yourself in your own home, then you must absolutely love the Democrats’ climate agenda. Continue reading

Time Publishes an Astonishing Story About a ‘Cabal’ and ‘Shadow Campaign’ That Helped Biden Win

“What is described in the entire story has nothing to do with democracy or the consent of the governed. Instead, it represents a bargain between unions, corporations, activist groups, and the political elite. It is a precursor to the triumvirate of unions, big business, and the government becoming more evident every day. Put another way, the political elite, the very wealthy, the bureaucracy, and those willing to subsidize struck a bargain.”

(Stacey Lennox – PJ Media)  Time published a story that provides absolutely astonishing details and framing of activities that took place around the 2020 election. As readers, you deserve a detailed analysis of this story and the people and organizations involved. The recounting of the story in Time is longer than a chapter in many novels. Time says additional details will be provided in a series of articles over the next several days. This article is an introduction. Continue reading

Will a Hard-Left Turn Lead to Pushback?

“Pundits thought Biden’s prior hints of a single four-year term would make him a weak lame duck. Instead, the idea of just one term has liberated the 78-year-old Biden. We forget that septuagenarians can be as reckless as 20-year-olds. Some old guys can feel their careers only have a few remaining years and might as well go out with a bang — and a legacy.”

(Victor Davis Hanson – PJ Media)  The corruption of the Renaissance Church prompted the Reformation, which in turn sparked a Counter-Reformation of reformist, and more zealous, Catholics. Continue reading

‘What Planet Are You From?’–Rand Paul Denounces Biden Transgender Sports Policy

I come from a family that has a lot of girls who have competed in college athletics and been state champions and, frankly, you know, some boy that’s six foot two, competing against my five foot four niece doesn’t sound very fair.”

(Susan Berry – Breitbart)  Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) challenged President Joe Biden’s Education Secretary nominee on his statement it is “appropriate” to allow boys to compete in girls’ sports by asking, “What planet are you from?” Continue reading

Self-righteous progressives believe they put up with and suffer on behalf of clueless serfs who should properly worship their betters

“Progressivism patronizes the poor and champions them at a distance, but despises the middle class, the traditionally hated bourgeoise without the romance of the distant impoverished or the taste and culture of the rich. The venom explains the wide array of epithets that Obama, Clinton, and Biden have so casually employed—clingers, deplorables, irredeemables, dregs, ugly folk, chumps, and so on.”

(Victor Davis Hanson – American Greatness) One common theme in the abject madness and tragedies of the past 12 months is that progressive ideology now permeates almost all of our major institutions—even as the majority of Americans resist the leftist agenda…. Continue reading

The Eclipse of the Gospel and the School of Hard Knox

John Knox preaching

“As Christ-followers, we must learn well the lessons that church history teaches us. When we forget the past we falter in our faith and fail to exalt the sovereign purposes of our Savior. When we forget the past, we become comfortable stumbling around in the dark and begin to glory in our ignorance.”

(David S. Steele)  I stood in the shadow of St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh, Scotland. Clouds gathered overhead and people walked curiously through the front doors. Here, the famous reformer, John Knox faithfully tended the flock until his death in 1572. Continue reading

Systemic Contingencies – They All Knew – Lessons From Spygate About Severity of DC Corruption

“The legislative branch knew. The judicial branch knew.  The executive branch knew. The FISA court knew… All of the insiders knew the Mueller probe was one big vacuum to suck up all of the evidence that would have exposed a corrupt system to We The People. … They did all of this because the scale of the originating scandal was so severe it would be almost impossible for our nation to cope with the consequences.”  

(The Conservative Tree House)  To expand on the awakening…. and based on a recent call for clarity… here are some brutally obvious points about DC that connect through the stop-Trump operation commonly known as “spygate”. Continue reading

False Prophets Prophesying Falsely

“Claiming to be speaking for God Himself, these prophecies were made by Pat Robertson, Paula White-Cain, Kris Vallotton, Mark Taylor, Kat Kerr, Marcus Rogers, Kevin Zadai, Greg Locke, Taribo West, Denise Goulet, Curt Landry, and others. Jeremiah Johnson went so far as to say his prophecy was 100% sure, yet for some reason his video recently vanished from the Internet.”

(Don & Joy Venoit – Midwest Christian Outreach)  It’s one strike and you are out for false prophets. No redo. No “oops.” God said in His word to give ‘em a “T” or give ‘em an “F” – mark them True or False. It is said that the late Walter Martin claimed God spends more time in Scripture on false prophets, false teachers, and evil shepherds than He does on all of the sexual sins combined…. Continue reading

Discernment, ‘Evil Suspicions,’ and Beth Moore

“False teaching brought by false teachers is serious! We don’t coddle these people. We don’t give grace to these people. I will give you a recent example of an evil suspicion Paul talks about in the 1 Timothy 6:4 verse. Beth Moore. She is the best at casting evil suspicions. Doing so is yet another nail in the proof coffin that Beth Moore is a false teacher.”

(Elizabeth Prata – The End Times)  Over the last two days I have posted something about Founders Baptist Church in Houston’s Love In Truth conference, where the theme was “Discernment, Faith, and Fidelity to the Truth.”…. Continue reading

Biden’s LGBT Agenda: Pedophilia Coming Down the Pike?

The whole idea of “gender” is a recent, irrational, and evolving theoretical construct disseminated by sexual radical academics, political activists, and allies in the medical establishment.  But what we’ve seen play out so far under cover of “transgender rights” reveals it as pure lunacy.

(Amy Contrada – American Thinker)  The Biden regime’s January 20 executive order demanding “equal treatment under the law, no matter [one’s] gender identity or sexual orientation” is just the first salvo in the next wave pushing “LGBT rights.”  The order will soon be backed by federal law, via the pending LGBT “Equality Act.” Continue reading