New Founders 14-Minute Trailer Accuses Matt Chandler and Other SBC Leaders of Abandoning Scripture

“Other targets of criticism include Jarvis Williams, a prominent and influential professor at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) under Al Mohler as well as Matthew Hall, the provost of SBTS — both staunch proponents of Critical Race Theory.”

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  A few months ago, Tom Ascol and Founders Ministry faced a lot of backlash after releasing a 3-minute trailer that indicted a multitude of Southern Baptist leaders for racial instigation and mission drift…. Continue reading

Adam Schiff’s drive to impeach Trump based on opinions, deception and illusions – Not facts

“It is folly for Democrats to argue that a diplomatic conversation of this nature somehow constitutes an impeachable offense. Schiff, the illusionist, can offer nothing but impressions, perceptions, judgments and opinions. It is all irrelevant and a sham. Facts are what matter.”

(Greg Jarrett – Fox News)  Rep. Adam Schiff is a poor man’s Harry Houdini. He is a cheap illusionist performing amateurish parlor tricks of deception in his quest to convince his audience that he possesses damning evidence of an impeachable offense committed by President Trump. Continue reading

SBC Pastor Says Mohler ‘Might Be Good’ For SBC Pres. So Long as He Doesn’t Interfere With Progressive Shift

“While we can appreciate some of Mohler’s views on certain social issues as it pertains to culture, it’s going to be difficult to see Mohler as an effective leader of the denomination when — by any discernible standard — he refuses to deal with plaguing issues in his own denomination.”

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  Southern Baptist pastor and race-baiter, Dwight McKissic is a fully woke, charismatic egalitarian social justice warrior who has spent his entire career railing against non-existent “white supremacy” in the Southern Baptist Convention. Continue reading

The Hit

“Most Americans rightly praised President Obama for bold action in taking out bin Laden.  But President Trump gets little credit from the opposition in sending al-Baghdadi to the netherworld.”

(Bill O’Reilly)  In May, 2011, U.S. intelligence pinpointed the hiding place of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. President Obama then canvassed his top advisors about how to deal with the situation.
Almost all of them, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, encouraged Mr. Obama to order a special forces raid on bin Laden’s compound and, eventually, that’s what happened….

Continue reading

BREAKING: Al Mohler to be Nominated as Next Southern Baptist Convention President

“This may come as a shock to some, but Mohler is no conservative. To be fair, he isn’t a liberal either. He is a moderate — at least on the political spectrum. Theologically speaking, he tends to be on his game when it comes to the essential issues of doctrine and faith. However, Mohler has continually supported, promoted, and platformed both theological and political liberals under his watch.”

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  This news may come as a surprise to some, but to those who are intricately aware of how the Southern Baptist Convention operates, this is really old news…. Continue reading

‘Great Discussion and Celebration’: Faith Leaders Pray for Trump at White House

Clearly those on the list who prayed for President Trump are not ‘faith leaders’ because most of them are false teachers who hold to unbiblical New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) beliefs. Pretty sure Ralph Reed, Greg Laurie, Robert Jeffress, James and Shirley Dobson, Tony Perkins, Gary Bauer, Michelle Bachmann, Cissie Graham Lynch and a couple of others aren’t NAR, but who knows. We’ve informed you that Pastrix Paula White, who’s President Trump’s spiritual adviser, is a dangerous Word of Faith prosperity preacher. But of course CBN wouldn’t know that, as that publication has zero discernment. What you need to be aware of is that in their zeal to defeat liberalism and to bring a modicum of sanity back to America, Religious Right a.k.a Christian Right (CR) leaders such as some of those mentioned above decided to join forces with people who profess to know and serve God, but are actually wolves in sheep’s clothing…. Continue reading

‘Christian’ Fortune Tellers Now Offer Destiny Card Readings

Christalignment, a group that has no connection to the Lord Jesus Christ, uses what they call “destiny cards” to practice the prophetic. These are actually tarot cards, which is a tool of the occult, but the cards have been given a new name. Many people, including professing Christians, sadly, will actually allow someone to attempt to tell them their future. Using cards to tell one’s future is really no different from gazing into a crystal ball or doing a teacup reading to see what the future holds. Other occult practices include spells, incantations and speaking to or channeling spirits. God forbids His people getting involved in these sorts of things — we’re not to know the future! In the Bible these practices are called sorcery. Continue reading

The Gospel Coalition Author Employs Gay Rights Activist as Personal Pastoral Assistant at Church

Giddens is a long-time member of Grace Meridian and is in good standing. Giddens is also a gay activist. Apparently, when she’s not assisting “Pastor Duke,” she can be found on the streets at various gay pride marches promoting “equality.”

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  If you’ve followed Reformation Charlotte at all over the last year, you are most likely well-aware that we believe The Gospel Coalition (TGC) to be a subversive progressive propaganda machine designed to turn the Evangelical Church sharply to the left…. Continue reading

‘Progressive Christian’ Children’s Book to Offer a Different Picture of Creation

“We must teach our children, starting in Genesis. Teach them that they are fearfully and wonderfully made in the very image of God. Teach them about God’s original “very good” creation. Instruct them that mankind’s sin broke God’s creation and brought death and suffering into it. Teach them that we needed someone to pay the penalty for our sin, and that’s why Jesus stepped into history as the God-man…”

(Ken Ham – Answers In Genesis)  What’s on your child’s bookshelf? The books we read to our children can have a huge impact in shaping their views, beliefs, and theology…. Continue reading

6 Crazy School District Responses To Parents Mad About LGBT Indoctrination Of Preschoolers

My Princess Boy video by Cheryl Kilodavis

In my article last week, I sampled the district’s “age-appropriate curriculum” for children ages 3 to 5. It included numerous LGBT picture books such as the well-known “Heather Has Two Mommies” and “They He She, Easy as ABC” about using trans pronouns.

(Joy Pullmann – The Federalist)  Last week I wrote about a suburban Chicago school district’s Oct. 7-11 week of LGBT curriculum as an example of what the state legislature has required all Illinois public schools to teach starting next July. Although the Evanston/Skokie school district is in a very liberal area, not all parents were comfortable with their preschoolers being taught, among other things, that polyamorous families are equivalent to families of sexually faithful married biological parents, and that being gay simply means “loving” someone of your own sex. Continue reading

Lifestyles of the mega-rich pastors with estates and private jets: You’ll be shocked to see who is among them (OK it’s Beth Moore)

“She presents that veritably, she’s scrimping and saving, eating peanut butter sandwiches by firelight to save on electricity but sighing contentedly amid all this hayseed hardship. What Moore doesn’t tell you is that the Moore property in Tomball TX, these “modest woods,” as she puts it, that “would not be beautiful to everybody,” is part of a 46 acre enclave with its own road, two houses with total of 7 bedrooms and 7 1/2 baths, custom outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, a combined square footage of 6600 sf, and assessed by Harris County TX at $1.8 million dollars.” 

(Elizabeth Prata – The End Time)  I know that we’re all familiar with the ridiculous extravagance of some of the word of faith preachers. Kenneth Copeland, Jesse Duplantis, Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen with their jets and mansions and vacation homes and gold commodes and the like…. Continue reading

Some perspective on the current gender dustup

“I believe Miller’s views on the differences between maleness and femaleness place far too little emphasis on ontology. I believe her view of Genesis 3:16 is wrong (certainly not heresy though). I believe the view that anything a man does is by definition masculine and anything a woman does is by definition feminine to be peculiar at best.”

(Todd Pruitt – Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals)  The Reformed-ish Twittershpere has been in high dudgeon since the release of Rachel Miller’s book Beyond Authority and Submission…. Continue reading

The Spiritual Damage Caused By the Rebellion of Women Preachers in the Church

“More than 20 years have elapsed since a group of feminist scholars at Fuller Seminary realized that the truths concerning the economic Trinity (the specific roles of the members of the Trinity in our redemption) posed a threat to the assumptions of feminism. In a paper that rocked the seminary, these feminists proposed that any member of the Holy Trinity could have become the incarnate Son of God.”

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  Man’s natural wisdom is perpetually pitted against the wisdom of Almighty God. And, this opposition to God’s wisdom is most commonly disguised as pragmatism. In fact, numerous heresies frequently began as ‘pragmatic’ decisions…. Continue reading

‘Your Past Is Terrible, And Your Future Is Terrible’: What the Left Tells Young Americans

“Hey, kids, America’s founders, known as heroes to every generation until the present one, were not heroes at all. They were rich white men who believed in patriarchy, the suppression of women and slavery. They were all racists, and some were rapists. In short, as an American, you have few, if any, heroes.”

(Dennis Prager – Townhall)  Here are some of the messages the left has been giving America’s young people:

— Your past is terrible, and your future is terrible. Continue reading

The Real Reasons Why Legacy Media Are Freaking Out Over Trump’s Successful Baghdadi Mission

“It takes effort to try to spin the unalloyed good news of the Trump administration’s success as a net negative, but corporate media were up for the challenge. That’s because successes such as this one undercut the narratives they’re trying to force into the national conversation.”

(Mollie Hemingway – The Federalist)  Legacy media outlets responded to President Trump’s announcement of the U.S. military’s successful mission against ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi with their trademark hostility and anger. That’s because the inarguably good news threatens corporate media goals for shaping foreign policy, impeaching the president, and defeating Trump in 2020. Continue reading

The Vengeance of the Lord

Christian aid worker Kayla Mueller was kept as Baghdadi’s personal slave.

“He reached the end of the tunnel as our dogs chased him down. He ignited his vest, killing himself and the three children. His body was mutilated by the blast. the tunnel had caved in on it, in addition. But test results gave certain, immediate and totally positive identification. It was him.”

The righteous shall rejoice when he seeth the vengeance: he shall wash his feet in the blood of the wicked. Psalm 58:10

(Steve Lumbley – Apostasy Watch) President Trump held a press conference Sunday morning to announce the death at the hands of US Special Forces one Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, wanted terrorist and head of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).  The president described his death in this manner: Continue reading

Warfield: Paul’s ‘Prohibition of Speaking in the Church to Women is Precise, Absolute, and All-inclusive.’

Note: one hundred years ago this coming Wednesday, the famous Reformed theologian Benjamin B. Warfield published a response to a question he had received on the subject of women preachers. The questions he asks in summary are worth noting here at the beginning. These are the same questions that ought to be asked of Beth Moore’s defenders and John MacArthur’s critics:

“It all, in the end, comes back to the authority of the apostles, as founders of the church. We may like what Paul says, or we may not like it. We may be willing to do what he commands, or we may not be willing to do it. But there is no room for doubt of what he says. And he certainly would say to us what he said to the Corinthians: ‘What? Was it from you that the word of God went forth? Or came it to you alone?’ Is this Christianity ours — to do with as we like? Or is it God’s religion, receiving its laws from him through the apostles?“  Continue reading

Durham Investigation Is Criminal: a Disaster for the MSM

“Even now, within minutes actually, The New York Times is desperately trying to spin the news as legally biased in some manner, insulting Durham with no knowledge. How pathetic. How reactionary and how conformist. They really are still the paper of Walter Duranty, even though some of their more jejune reporters may never have heard of him.”

(Roger L. Simon – PJ Media)  Winter may be coming but it’s already springtime for lawyers in Washington, D.C. The list of people lawyering up these days would probably fill this page and lap over onto the next. It’s just been announced that the John Durham investigation into the provenance of the Russia probe has turned into a criminal investigation. Continue reading

Kanye’s Latest Interview Reveals More of His Faith And Calling

“Kanye West is a confident, well-spoken, intelligent man. His zeal for being a “Christian Innovator” is noticeable. His testimony included some raw moments and it bristled with honesty. So far as one can tell, there is no hint that Kanye has been infected with the prosperity ‘gospel.’”

(Theodore Zachariades – Pulpit & Pen)  In an interview with Zane Lowe, megastar Kanye West at forty-two reveals more about various facets of his life but links it all to the service of God. This took place on Kanye’s property in Wyoming. Amidst comments on manufacturing, factories, farming, and what he calls his job, making music, Kanye insists that it is all about God’s will. His projected album was released today: Jesus is King! Continue reading

Bethel’s NAR Apostle Blasts John MacArthur, Comes to Beth Moore’s Defense

“Bethel Redding is a hotbed of false apparitions, regularly blaspheming the Holy Spirit by attributing the works of men and demons to Him. One such notable occurrence which happens regularly is Bethel’s “glory clouds.” Glory clouds, they claim, are a manifestation of God during their worship, when, in fact, not only is it unbiblical, it has been thoroughly debunked.”

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  If nothing else I’ve written validates John MacArthur’s criticism of Beth Moore, this should. Bethel Church is the worst of the worst when it comes to charismatic cults and false prophets and apostles. Continue reading

Southern Baptist Publication Proves Women Should Go Home

“These two ladies may have ministered much like Lydia did when Paul first preached in Europe (Acts 16:15, 40). But, at present, they are singled out because they are causing division.”

(Theodore Zachariades – Pulpit & Pen) Yesterday the Southern Baptist SBC Voices provided yet more confirmation for sending feminists home. In an article titled “An Admonition for Women Serving Christ”, published at SBC Voices, Etta Linton announced that she is not “going home” and urged her Baptist sisters to get out of the background…. Continue reading

GET YOUR POPCORN READY – Four Different Reports Released Last Night Indicate the Days Ahead Will be Devastating for the DEEP STATE!

“The biggest question left unanswered is why would the Democrats and their Deep State work so hard to prevent candidate Trump from becoming President and then try to end his Presidency prematurely? Why would they put in place a phony Russian sham Special Counsel and then morph into a fake Ukraine impeachment, both of which are bogus?”

(Joe Holt – The Gateway Pundit)  Last night it was as if the planets aligned against the Deep State.  On four different fronts it’s now clear that the crooks in the Obama Administration should be very worried. Continue reading

The Media is a Threat to America

The media would rather have a monopoly in a broken country, than live in a thriving country where internet content is too diversified to support traditional media organizations. Like Milton’s Satan, it would rather rule in hell than serve in heaven. And it’s turning the country into its own private hell.

(Daniel Greenfield – Front Page Magazine)  It’s always bad news for the media.

Verizon is looking to dump the Huffington Post. It’s the latest bad news for the industry in a year that has already seen over 7,200 job cuts across the media spectrum from digital to old-fashioned print. Continue reading

The Occult Roots of ‘Drag’ Identity

“Long gone are the caricatures of drag queens as clownishly quaint entertainment for a sub-group of a sub-group of sexually-isolated fetish followers. Nowadays, they want, nay, they demand, that you openly declare your support for their desires, which is focused, like a laser-beam, on your children.”

(Linda Harvey – Mission: America)  Men who dress as women love Halloween, and not just for the costuming opportunities. They are often keenly attuned to the dark spirits of the season and willing to do their bizarre, depraved bidding. Continue reading

Pro-Abortion Cursing Rapper Wins ‘Gospel Artist of the Year’ at Dove Awards

“The Dove Awards is generally packed with carnal entertainers, but to platform someone as foul as Franklin and label him “Gospel Artist of the Year” is to blaspheme the name of God and mutilate his glorious gospel.”

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  The Dove Awards is an annual Christian music awards ceremony put on by the Gospel Music Association and is broadcast on TBN. This year, as usual, a number of questionable caricatures received Dove Awards in their genre but Lauren Daigle, who spent most of the year questioning God’s word on homosexuality and says she doesn’t even see herself as a Christian artist, won Artist of the year. Continue reading