Ravi Zacharias

Courtesy of Glenn E. Chatfield, in this short post Apprising Ministries shares a recap of reasons for serious concern about the wildly popular apologist.

How could Ravi use ‘winning souls’ as an excuse to degrade the soul in front of him?

“The problem is when those preachers and teachers become “freelance apostles”, divorced from the accountability of the church eldership and congregation. Rather than be one spiritual gift – teaching – alongside other gifts, all holding the Teacher accountable, we have … Continue reading 

Longtime RZIM Staffer Describes how Senior Leadership Obfuscated Ravi Sex Scandals for Years

Weitnauer states that he became convinced in Sept 2020 that “Ravi had personally and repeatedly lied to me and others in the ministry about his relationship with her” and confesses that like others, his “longing for the approval” kept him … Continue reading 

The White Horse Inn Teams up with Homosexual Anglican Priest, Sam Allberry

“It never seems to occur to anyone on this panel that the other-worldly and supernatural transformation they appear to be so passionately proclaiming does not leave a man in his sin, with an unchanged heart overtaken by perverted passions.”  (Toni … Continue reading 

The Gospel Coalition’s Christian ‘Gay Celibacy’ Movement is a Biblical Farce

“Sam Allberry is one of the founders of the same-sex ministry, Living Out, which has an article on its website entitled Celibate Same-Sex Couples that the author essentially says that homosexuals of the same sex can live together — even be physically … Continue reading