Pure Flix an arm of dominionist International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders

Berean Research has the story on Pure Flix Entertainmenta Christian film and television studio that “produces, distributes, acquires and markets Christian and family-friendly films.”  Pure Flix is a venue for watching family friendly and Christian movies online.

So, is Pure Flix “a strategic tool of the New Apostolic Reformation,” as Berean Research suggests?  Does this studio simply focus on delivering films with a pro-Christian message as it claims? In this blog post, BR editors make a case for the former.  One of the hallmarks of the NAR, they point out, “is taking dominion over seven spheres of life on Earth, in order to activate the reign of Jesus’ Kingdom. It’s called the ‘7 Mountain Mandate,’ in which Christians are to dominate and fix business, government, media, education, the family, religion, and arts and entertainment.”   View article →