Prayer’s Practicality

Jabez cried out to the God of Israel, Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain. And God granted his request. (1 Chronicles 4:10)

At first glance that looks like a self-centered prayer. It sounds like the man who prayed, Bless me and my wife, my son John and his wife, us four and no more. But Jabez is really not being selfish. He is praying for something God wanted him to have. That is the difference between being personal and being selfish. Selfish prayers are prayers which ask God for something he does not want us to have, at least not then, demanding prayers that are interested only in our own immediate welfare, for our own satisfaction. But God promises great and mighty things to us personally that we may lay hold of, so to pray in this way is not selfish, but personal. View article →

Six Reasons Establishment Media Fabricated a ‘Border Crisis’

“That little crying girl in the hoax photo on the cover of Time? Her mother dragged that poor kid through the desert hoping to get a job in America. She dragged a child along on a harrowing journey in the mercenary hope of exploiting her own child as a golden ticket into America. And if she were successful, a law-abiding American (or immigrant) would lose whatever job this woman took.”

(John Nolte – Breitbart)  As you watch our fake news media desperately try to keep this hoax alive about a “crisis” on the border, never forget that this so-called crisis is fabricated. Never forget that this entire “crisis” was invented, created from whole cloth, ginned up, and is a naked act of fake news. Continue reading

How Planned Parenthood defeats parents to get ‘comprehensive sex ed’ into schools. … And what parents can do to counter it!

Revealed: Their systematic tactics to deceive, marginalize, confuse, and overwhelm anyone who gets in their way.

(Mass Resistance) Part 1 – For decades the national sex-ed lobby has been using sophisticated organizing tactics to defeat parents and push their radical programs into the public schools. We will show you what those tactics are (in their own words!) and explain how parents can counter them.

What we’ve all seen over the years

Sex education is very different than English, math, history, band, or anything else taught in schools. In 25 years, we have never seen a single school anywhere where it was brought in because there was a demand for it by parents. Continue reading

10 Books Every Christian Should Read

Popular blogger, author and book reviewer Tim Challies has 10 book recommendations for Christians and offers reasons for reading his picks. You can watch the video or read the transcript:

I believe that of all the questions I receive, the most common relate to books. What are some books I ought to read? Can you recommend a book on this subject or that subject? What should I read next? I’m happy to answer such questions, but thought I might be able to answer a bunch at once by suggesting 10 books that every Christian ought to read. Continue reading

How the occult has been fully integrated into many Christian lives and fellowship

“I was in a restaurant and a man was witnessing to a group of people at a table near us.  I was grateful that he had the boldness to witness until I heard what he was telling them.  He was saying that you can’t really understand the Gospel until you experience it.  He said that the reason John was a close friend of Jesus and had more revelation than any other disciple was that he laid on Jesus’ breast at the Last Supper.  He got some kind of Gnostic special revelation ability from being in physical contact with the Lord.” 

(Sandy Simpson – Deception in the Church)  The Bible is quite clear about occult practices.  Neither Israel nor the Church is to have anything to do with the way the world tries to gain secret knowledge.  The Gnostics were and are known for promoting new revelation that is either loosely tied to Scripture taken out of context or not at all.  The Israelites seeking information from the dead or in omens were judged harshly by the Lord who had warned them numerous times to stay away from that stuff. Continue reading

The IG Report Should End Mueller’s Obstruction Investigation

The same logic that spared FBI and Justice Department officials harsher treatment in Michael Horowitz’s report should inoculate the president.

(Andrew C. McCarthy – National Review)  While generally cautious about criticizing Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report on the Clinton-emails investigation, Trump supporters have taken aim at its chief logical flaw: Although key investigators harbored anti-Trump and pro-Clinton bias, and even made statements indicating an intention to act on that bias, the IG did not find that this bias was the proximate cause of any particular investigative decision. Continue reading

Texas Governor Calls Teen Whose Dying Wish Is to Pass Bill to End Abortion in State: ‘Your Wish Has Been Granted’

“I know that it must be difficult standing against a whole federal beast that forces abortion on us, but I think that we … could end abortion here and now.”

(Heather Clark – Christian News)  The Republican governor of Texas called a 16-year-old boy with osteoblastic osteosarcoma on Sunday whose dying wish was to urge the governor to pass a bill abolishing abortion in the state.

Jeremiah Thomas was diagnosed with the aggressive bone cancer in March and has been to hospitals in Mexico, California, and Texas in an effort to save his life. The high school athlete has been paralyzed by two tumors growing on his spine, and also has a large ulcerated tumor protruding from his chest. Continue reading

The Lost Spiritual Discipline

We are all accustomed to reading works on the spiritual disciplines of the Christian life. We know that as Christians we ought to discipline ourselves to ensure we maintain a lifelong focus on Word, prayer, and fellowship. And so we read the Bible and meditate on it, we pray as individuals and families, and we maintain fellowship with one another through local church worship and the sacraments or ordinances. Well and good! This is the stuff of the Christian life. Yet in his classic work Holy Helps for a Godly Life, Richard Rogers draws out a spiritual discipline that has largely been lost and neglected in recent years—the discipline of watchfulness.  View article →

U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner: What About Black Children Separated From Their Mothers?

“When we’re talking about family separation — this year alone, 4,500 black kids will be separated from their families because their mothers are going to be incarcerated. Not for, on average, a few hours like 30 percent of the illegal immigrants on the border are being separated.”

(Susan Jones – – Liberal activists are literally crying on television about the separation of children from parents who enter the country illegally — and who are now being locked up instead of being released into the community with a promise to appear in immigration court.

But what about the plight of American children living in poverty, some of them in far worse conditions than the foreign children put in temporary government housing on the border? View article →

‘The Shack’ Author Disputes Christian View That Those Who Die Without Jesus Can’t Achieve Salvation

“As a previous CP story showed, more American Christians are abandoning traditional Bible teaching and what many consider essential to Christianity, including the belief that Jesus is the only way to salvation.”

(Stoyan Zaimov – Christian Post)  William Paul Young, the author behind the faith-based bestseller The Shack, later turned into a movie in 2017, has addressed one of the main controversies behind his book, by disputing the Christian mainstream view that those who die without knowing Jesus Christ cannot achieve salvation.

Speaking to Eternity website in Australia, the author was asked what happens to a person who does not know God or does not return to God within the time frame of their life on earth.   View article →    (Christian Post Disclaimer)

David Platt Repeats Stories of Muslim Dreams and Visions

“So I am eager to preach the gospel to you also who are in Rome. For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith for faith, as it is written, ‘The righteous shall live by faith.’”  Romans 1:15-17

The Qur’an affirms that the certain parts of the Bible (the Torah, the Psalms, and the gospels) are from God.  However, Muslims are taught that the biblical texts have been corrupted.  Thus, they see a need for the Qur’an and the Jesus it portrays, a “different” Jesus. Within the pages of the Qur’an this Jesus is referred to by his Arabic name, “Isa.” The Qur’an describes Isa as without fault, able to heal the sick, and able to deliver the afflicted from demonic possession…. Continue reading

The Doctrine of Unconditional Election

by Mike Ratliff

The Doctrine of Unconditional Election is not for sissies. What I mean by that is if we adhere to this doctrine then we had better be ready for those in unbelief to attack us with their broadsides and accusations. It seems that every Pelagian out there, whether full blown Pelagian or semi-Pelagian or Arminian, is convinced that Man is not dead in his or her trespasses and sins and is fully able to elect God or not. Of course, none of their arguments hold any water because they are derived either from man-centered philosophy or from Bible verses taken out of context (eisegesis). On the other hand, the Doctrines of Grace are all completely Biblical and are based entirely in Holy Scripture expositions done exegetically. Continue reading

VA Hospital Replaces Military Flags with Gay Pride Flag

“The Gay Pride flag was only scheduled to fly for a day to ‘signify that we treat all our veterans equally.’”

(Todd Starnes – Fox News) The VA hospital in Fort Wayne, Indiana is making national headlines after they temporarily replaced flags representing the branches of the military with the Gay Pride flag.

The VA acknowledged the controversy, but defended its decision to temporarily remove the Service Flags.

“Due to limitations in the number of flag poles outside our VA, the Service Flags were lowered temporarily,” a statement read. “Rather than take one flag down temporarily, it was determined to lower all the flags so as to be equal.” View article →

Drive-By Media Bombarding Americans With ‘Manufactured Crises’ to Distract from IG Report, Robust Economy

“But Democrats and their accomplices in the media don’t care about the truth or the children because they are ‘manufacturing a crisis out of something that has been going on for years’ to vilify Trump, distract from the IG report and the booming economy Trump has fostered, [Rush] Limbaugh argued.”

(Alicia Powe – Gateway Pundit)  The liberal media has been manufacturing crises ad-infinitum to divert the public’s attention away from the Trump administration’s tremendous achievements and the Democratic establishment’s corruption, conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh warns.

While Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s damning report proves the FBI colluded with the Hillary campaign to exonerate her in the email investigation, Democrats are bombarding Americans with fabricated propaganda about Trump’s “heartless” immigration policy, which consists of the president enforcing the already established laws, Limbaugh explained Tuesday. (Watch the video)    View article →

‘About 60 Organizations’ Are Considering a Lawsuit Against the SPLC Following $3M Nawaz Settlement

“The SPLC promotes false propaganda, demonizes and labels groups they disagree with, and that labeling has economic as well as physical consequences.”

(Tyler O’Neil – PJ Media)  No fewer than 60 organizations branded “hate groups” or otherwise attacked by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) are considering legal action against the left-wing smear factory, a Christian legal nonprofit leader confirmed to PJ Media on Tuesday. He suggested that the $3 million settlement and apology the SPLC gave to Maajid Nawaz and his Quilliam Foundation on Monday would encourage further legal action.

“We haven’t filed anything against the SPLC, but I think a number of organizations have been considering filing lawsuits against the SPLC, because they have been doing to a lot of organizations exactly what they did to Maajid Nawaz that’s part of the settlement,” Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, told PJ Media on Tuesday. View article →

Holy Living Proof of the Reality of Christianity

Set them apart in the truth; your word is truth. Just as you sent me into the world, so I sent them into the world. And I set myself apart on their behalf, so that they too may be truly set apart. 

I am not praying only on their behalf, but also on behalf of those who believe in me through their testimony, that they may all be one, just as you, Father, are in me and I am in you. I pray that they may be in us, so that the world may believe that you sent me. (Read verses 22-26 on the site) 

These wonderful verses form a fitting conclusion of the most wonderful prayer that was ever prayed on earth–the last Lord’s prayer after the first Lord’s Supper. They contain three most important petitions which our Lord offered up in behalf of His disciples. On these three petitions let us fix our attention.   View article →

Bono Rips Trump For Enforcing Immigration Law After Supporting Legalized Abortion

(Paul Bios – Daily Wire)  After endorsing legalized abortion in Ireland, U2 frontman Bono has donned his Christian facade again to condemn the Trump administration’s separating children from their families at the southern border in accordance with laws enacted by Congress.

Bono has made no apologies for endorsing the practice of permanently separating a child from its mother in the womb; now, he’s quoting scripture regarding U.S. immigration policies.

“For those who would use the Holy Scripture to justify tearing children from the arms of their mother… we put the record straight,” Bono hypocritically said to a crowd of fans. View article →

Three Unmarried Adults + One Baby = A Family in Canada

“I have no reason to believe that this relationship detracts from the best interests of the child,” said the judge.

(Elizabeth M. Economou – LifeZette) A recent ruling in Canada is raising more than a few eyebrows — and is showing contempt for traditional parenthood in a flamboyant way.

A court in Newfoundland and Labrador has recognized three unmarried adults as the legal parents of a child born in 2017 within their “polyamorous” family, the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) reported.

It appears to be a legal first for the Great White North.

That’s right: three parents. One kid.  View article →

Child Border Crossers Have Higher Standard of Living than 13M Impoverished American Children

Migrant children who cross into the United States either alone or with adults have a higher standard of living once they are put into federal care than the more than 13 million American children who are living in poverty across the country.

(John Binder – Breitbart) In Fiscal Year 2017, the federal government referred nearly 41,000 unaccompanied minor border crossers to the Unaccompanied Alien Children program which is facilitated by the Office of Refugee Resettlement.

Data provided to Breitbart News reveals that each unaccompanied minor costs the federal government about $34,660 annually. This is a higher standard of living per child than the roughly 13 million American children who continue to live below the U.S. poverty line.    View article →


13 Facts the Media ‘Pros’ Don’t Want You to Know About ‘Family Border Separation’

Off Witchcraft!

Read the Scripture: Acts 19:8-20

When Paul came to Ephesus he found the city in the grip of superstition, fear, demonism, and darkness. It was a city devoted to sex and to religion — in other words it was the San Francisco of the Roman empire. The great temple of Artemis was located there and was as familiar to the people of that day as the Golden Gate bridge is to us. It was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Tourists traveled from all over the Roman empire to see it, just as they come to San Francisco to see the bridges and cable cars.

In the nineteenth chapter of Acts, Luke gives us a fascinating account of how the gospel can reach and affect an entire city, and even its surrounding province, through a relatively small band of Christians. The church has forgotten for a long time that God never wins his battles by majority vote. He always uses a relatively small band of people who, working with a different approach than the world has available, are able in a fantastic way to affect whole cities, whole areas, whole nations by the effectiveness of their methods and the power that is available to them. This is what the church has forgotten and we need so desperately to rediscover it, as we are now doing in many ways. View article →

Solving Misogyny- You’re Doing It Wrong

When Christian women are being sinned against by Christian men, is the answer to “elevate” women to places of leadership? An unequivocal No! says Bible study author, speaker and blogger Michelle Lesley. Then what should Church leadership do when there’s abusive behavior toward women? According to Michelle, God has made the answer crystal clear in His Word, which she reveals in this blog post. Additionally, Michelle points women to some scriptures that will lead them to a place where they’ll find favor with God.  She writes:

If God is the God of Romans 8:28…

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. Continue reading

Up Next: Normalizing Pedophilia

“Heine claims ‘one to two percent’ of men, or about 60 million men worldwide, are pedophiles. That’s a lot of folks who can never find love. There are so many child lovers that, she says, every audience member must know one. ‘Anybody can be born a pedophile.’  Born.”

(William M. Briggs – The Stream)  There stands Mirjam Heine center stage. She smiles as the TEDx Talk audience greets her at the University of Wurzberg. But this is the wrong emotion. For she is here to tell us something horrible, something heartrending — something that should not be. View article →


The Homosexual Agenda