Leaked Docs: Critical Race Theory Seeks to Undermine Equality and the Constitutional Order

“This training is hard proof that Critical Race Theory is being used as a POLITICAL weapon specifically targeting Republicans. This is NOT education. It is political vengeance using the federal education system. They are starting with our children – even in DARK RED STATES.”

(Bryan Preston – PJ Media)  In its own words, critical race theory seeks to overthrow America’s system of government. Leaked mandatory training documents from Iowa’s Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency (MBAEA) make this clear. Continue reading

Charismatic Day Of Infamy

(Protestia)  On June 23, 2008, cessationists will celebrate what has affectionately been called the “charismatic day of infamy.” For on that day, 17 high-profile charismatic “apostles,” including Bill Johnson, Jon Arnott, Rick Joyner, Che Ahn, and C. Peter Wagner, came together in a ceremony of “apostolic alignment” over 32-year old Todd Bentley, commissioning him to lead the Lakeland Revival and recognizing him as an evangelist doing the work of the Lord led by the Holy Spirit. Continue reading

A Peculiar Approach to Unity

“The insistence of some to force a place within the PCA for Revoice theology and Critical Race Theory is tearing apart the seams of our unity. There are already denominations which affirm Critical Race Theory and Side B homosexuality. Why would elders seek to change the PCA when they could simply move to a denomination which welcomes those views?”

(Todd Pruitt – Reformation 21)  The National Partnership is gearing up for the PCA’s General Assembly (June 29-July 2). If you are unfamiliar with the National Partnership, it is a confidential, dare I say secretive organization of PCA elders who, to use Bryan Chapell’s word, represents the more “progressive” wing of the PCA. You can read about the National Partnership HERE and HERE. Continue reading

If America Is Racist, Why Have Millions of Blacks Emigrated Here? Did Jews Emigrate to Germany in the 1930s?

“Vast numbers of blacks yearn to come to America. They do so because they have not been influenced by the pravda of [Adam] Schiff and his fellow Democrats, The New York Times and the rest of the left-wing media, or by Yale and the rest of America’s left-wing universities.” 

(Dennis Prager – PJ Media)  If America is systemically racist, why have millions of blacks from Africa and the Caribbean come to this country over the past 50 years? Why would they and many millions more want to move from all-black societies to a white-dominated, racist one? Continue reading

One Country No Longer

“Here in Wyoming, it is unheard of for public school children to be taught that their country is essentially based on evil. No one is tearing down statues. Few are canceled for stating an opinion.  But in the mega-cities of New York and Los Angeles, careers are routinely destroyed by political witch-hunters. It’s now a macabre sport. Hollywood is the worst.”

(Bill O’Reilly) Jackson, Wyoming.  No masks.  That’s the first thing you notice upon leaving the airport.  Everyone is face-forward. Continue reading

Like Greear, New SBC President Says the Bible ‘Whispers’ About Homosexuality

(Reformation Charlotte)  There must be a conspiracy in the Southern Baptist Convention to elect presidents who hate the Word of God and deny its power. Following in the footsteps of former Southern Baptist president, JD Greear, the newly elected president, Ed Litton–whose church website denied the Trinity as recently as last week–makes the exact same mistake with nearly identical wording–which was taken, according to Greear, from Village Church lady-preacher, Jen Wilkin (who also says that women’s periods are a parable of the crucifixion)–that the Bible only “whispers” about homosexuality while it “shouts” about other sins. Continue reading

Numbers Don’t Lie, Liberals Lie: A Real Look at Illegal Immigrant Crime

“It seems to me libs are all about skin color. Would they happily allow people over the border if Central America had been conquered by the pale people of Ireland?”

(Kevin Downey Jr – PJ Media)  For the party that supposedly supports women, Democrats make it really easy for rapists to enter the country illegally. Libs always fall back on certain talking points in regard to crimes committed by illegal immigrants…. Continue reading

The Passion Translation author: ‘We are the Reincarnation of Jesus Christ’

Brian Simmons claims Christ came to him and gave him the task of issuing forth The Passion Translation. Simmons is a New Apostolic Reformation leader, and The Passion Translation serves many as an NAR “Bible.”

(John Lanagan – The Word Like Fire)  “We are the Word made flesh again. We are the Reincarnation of Jesus Christ.” Continue reading

Here’s What the Chinese Defector Has Reportedly Given Us About COVID…But Also on Joe and Hunter Biden

“Not only is the COVID lab leak theory looking more credible by the hour, but also Joe being compromised by China and for being a shady dealer with his son looks like it got corroborated.”

(Matt Vespa – Townhall)  As the media laments being totally wrong about the COVID lab leak theory, more details are coming out about the Chinese defector who has been taken into US custody…. Continue reading

Canada Announces Pride Month Isn’t Enough, Will Now Celebrate ‘Pride Season’ From June To September

“This is just one example of the frenzied celebration of all manner of sexual perversions as individuals, corporations, organizations, and, sadly, even some “Christian” groups trip over themselves trying to be the most enthusiastic in their LGBTQ activism. But what are they really celebrating?”  Ken Ham

(Harbingers Daily)  Canada has announced the launch of its “Pride Season,” which will run from June to September to celebrate “LGBTQ2+” people. Continue reading

Levin: Biden, Military Leaders ‘Promoting the Enemy’ with Critical Race Theory

(Breitbart)  On Thursday, conservative talk show host Mark Levin delivered a monologue addressing the inclusion of “How to Be an Antiracist” by Ibram X. Kendi in the Chief of Naval Operations Professional Reading Program.

Levin said on FNC’s “Hannity” that the Democratic Party is “seeking to universalize and devour all of those who disagree with it.” He noted critical race theory such as Kendi’s book derives from Marxism and seeks to destroy the existing society. Continue reading

Spiritual Deception Is Rampant

(Daniel Mann)  Jesus teaches that the world cannot receive the Spirit of God, God within us:

“If you love me, you will keep my commandments. And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Helper, to be with you forever, even the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees him nor knows him. You know him, for he dwells with you and will be in you.” (John 14:15–17) Continue reading

A Chinese Lab Virus? So Now What?

“Americans then would end up wondering to what degree our own doctors and institutions, at the highest levels of the U.S. government and of global medical establishment, not only lied to us throughout the crisis, but, in some bizzarro way, may have shared responsibility for the engineering of the Satanic virus itself.”

(Victor Davis Hanson – American Greatness)  For over a year, the American establishment and media borg have ostracized anyone who dared to connect the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic with the Chinese military-sponsored, level-4 biosafety Wuhan Institute of Virology. Continue reading

Rep Gaetz Calls on FBI Director Wray to Fully Disclose the Role FBI Operatives Played in Instigating the Jan. 6 Capitol Riot

“Fox News’ Tucker Carlson also covered the Revolver News story in his opening monologue, Tuesday night. “We know that the government is hiding the identity of many law enforcement officers who were present at the Capitol on January 6—not just the one who killed Ashli Babbitt,” Carlson said.”

(Debra Heine – American Greatness) Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) on Wednesday called for FBI Director Christopher Wray to “fully disclose” any role the FBI may have played in instigating the breach of the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, 2021. Continue reading

Al Mohler Loses SBC Presidency. Pastor who Lets his Wife Preach is the Victor

(Protestia) In a dark day for Southern Baptists, Pastor Ed Litton has won the SBC presidency, defeating Al Mohler, Mike Stone, and Randy Adams to take the helm of the floundering denomination.

In a stunning upset, the first round of ballots knocked off Mohler, who only received 26.32% of the vote, as well as Adams, who got 4.71%…. Continue reading

Our Government Is Evolving into Something Horrifying

“Quite alarming is the emerging unholy alliance of various monopolies in Big Government, Big Business, and the media, wielding increased power and seeking to impose all-embracing cradle-to-grave control over American citizens. They seemingly lack any degree of interest in our welfare; our quality of life; or as they continue to demonstrate with their ongoing response to COVID-19, whether we live, suffer, or die.”

(K.S. Guardiola – American Thinker)  Today’s Democratic Party, aligned with certain associated power elites, is actively fighting a second American Revolution dedicated to overturning our original one, with the objective of imposing a Marxism-style political order upon our country…. Continue reading

Pitiful Pride

“Watching some of the news reports on various Pride marches with all of their infantile celebrations of sexuality, I could not help but recall the closing line of Algernon Swinburne’s “Hymn to Man”: “Glory to Man in the highest! For Man is the master of things!” And what glory has that mastery brought in its wake? The death of shame, Drag Queen Story Hour, and Presbyterian ministers who think involvement in commercialized gay carnivals is somehow courageous and edgy.”

(Carl Trueman – First Things)  It is doubtful that there is anyone in the United States who is unaware that June is Pride month. Saturday morning saw the self-indulgent antics of Pride marchers, and if you are on the email list of almost any corporate entity, you will have had the triumphant celebration of the LGBTQ+ community trumpeted in your inbox…. Continue reading

Tony Evans Says He’d Be ‘Lynched’ If He Became SBC President

(Protestia) The keynote speaker for the SBC’s Send Conference yesterday told the crowd that he would be ‘lynched’ if he ever became President of the Southern Baptists Convention, playing into tropes that the SBC is rife with racists and white supremacists for a laugh.

Evans is a disastrous choice to be giving a talk there and shows the drift of the denominational leaders who thought his presence was a good idea…. Continue reading

The faith to die in the faith

(Jordan Standridge – The Cripplegate)  The perseverance of the saints is an astonishing miracle. And perhaps in this day and age, an underrated act of God.

Whether it is moral failures or theological drifts, it is all too common for men of God to die while bringing shame upon the Gospel.

But on the other hand it is so wonderful when we see men and women greatly used by God in their lives who model for us what it truly means to die well. Continue reading

The Threat

“I could give you 50 important stories that the corporate media companies ignore simply because they are trying to protect liberal politicians and “woke” causes. The news blackout is corrupt and a threat to us all.”

(Bill O’Reilly)  The threat is gaining strength.  It is affecting every single American citizen.  It is vicious, hateful and obscure.  And the threat will diminish your freedom. Continue reading

New Mini-Documentary Exposes Al Mohler’s Complicity in the Southern Baptist Woke Movement

“The state of the denomination is perilous and while many of its leaders, including Al Mohler, Danny Akin, and several professors who sit under their leadership, have been exposed in this documentary for not being as “conservative” as they claim to be.”

(Reformation Charlotte)  Many in the Southern Baptist Convention have heralded Al Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and arguably the most influential voice in the denomination, as the voice of reason and conservatism in the midst of looming schism…. Continue reading