The Thinnest Veneer of Civilization

“We arrogantly are reverting to a new feudalism as the wealthy elite—terrified of what they have wrought—selfishly retreat to their private keeps. But the rest who suffer the consequences of elite flirtations with nihilism cannot even afford food, shelter, and fuel. And they now feel unsafe, both as individuals and as Americans.”

(Victor Davis Hanson – American Greatness) Civilization is fragile. It hinges on ensuring the stuff of life. To be able to eat, to move about, to have shelter, to be free from state or tribal coercion, to be secure abroad, and safe at home—only that allows cultures to be freed from the daily drudgery of mere survival. Continue reading

Joe Biden Demonstrates Why a Faithful Christian Could Never Vote Democrat, Clear Divide Between Left and Right

“Roe isn’t the only political issue that the left wants to codify into national policy. They also want to codify queer theory into national policy and indoctrinate your children into LGBTQ ideology in schools. They want to strip you of your religious freedom forcing you to celebrate these new ideologies. And practically the entire Democrat party platform reads like the antithesis to the Ten Commandments.”

(The Dissenter) I’ve repeatedly argued that those who would immerse themselves into any worldview that allows them to vote for the Democrat party are living and acting completely contrary to a biblical worldview…. Continue reading

California Passes Law to Lure, Keep, and Mutilate Children

“If an adult with an agenda absconds with your child to California, or if your teen runs away and winds up there, not only will you not be able to get your kid back, but he or she can be maimed and brainwashed and you won’t be able to do anything to stop it.” 

(Athena Thorne – PJ Media) California, the sickest state in the nation, has just taken it upon itself to entice unhappy American children to within its borders to be brainwashed, sterilized, and mutilated. Gov. Gavin Newsom signed SB-107 into law on Thursday, setting up California as a sanctuary state for minors seeking medical and psychological assistance in their delusional quest to become a member of the opposite sex…. Continue reading

By Every Benchmark, The World Feminism Created Is The Opposite Of What Makes Women Happy

“With children or without, married or unmarried, single or divorced, young or old, across all ethnicities, job types, and income levels. Women are unhappy and they’re getting unhappier.”

(Zachary Porcu – The Federalist) When Blake Masters, the Republican nominee for Arizona’s U.S. Senate seat, declared that Americans “ought to be able to raise a family on one single income,” he turned a few heads. “Most families,” he added, “would prefer to have one breadwinner and one parent stay at home with the kids,” a phrase that strongly invokes the image of traditional gender roles in the minds of most listeners. Continue reading

Costi Hinn Apologizes To G3, Backpaddles On Doug Wilson, Michael O’Fallon

“Yet, in a surprising move, this skirmish ends with Costi Hinn deleting much of what instigated these internal hostilities and issuing a joint statement with G3 Ministries.”

(Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) Being the nephew of famed prosperity preacher, Benny Hinn, Costi Hinn would be transformed from part of the supporting cast of Benny Hinn’s false gospel to a man of faith fighting the theology of his upbringing. Costi Hinn’s backstory is the backdrop for his apologetics and discernment ministry, For The Gospel. His ministry and backstory has earned him a spot in Big Eva, even writing articles in RNS and The Gospel Coalition. Continue reading

Politicians Go Into Politics to do Good and End Up Doing Very Well—As Did Hunter Biden and His Dad!

“America has been portrayed as the land of milk and honey, but most politicians know it is the land of milk and money. And they care little for the milk but have an insatiable taste for money.”

(Don Boys) A new film has been released dealing with Hunter Biden’s misadventures in parts of the world where he and his father-president almost broke their backs carrying away baskets-full of cash. Newsweek reported that the film made “accusations of criminal activity against Hunter and Joe Biden, sex, drug misuse, scandal, exploitation and murder.” Continue reading

Matt Walsh Announces ‘Rally To End Child Mutilation’

Father giving his son female hormone injection.

Last week, a groundswell of lawmakers demanded an investigation into the Nashville pediatric gender clinic after shocking videos showed a Vanderbilt doctor calling certain transgender surgeries “huge money makers.” 

(Zach Jewell – Daily Wire) Daily Wire host and documentarian Matt Walsh isn’t just talking about major issues. He’s taking action.

Following his exposé on Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s (VUMC) transgender treatment on minors, Walsh announced Friday that he will be holding a rally at the Tennessee state capitol in Nashville to push for the end of “child mutilation” in the state. Continue reading

Parents Beware! Fentanyl Disguised as Candy is a Deadly Result of Biden’s Open Border

(James Soviero) Just in time for Halloween, the cartels, prospering mightily from Joe Biden’s open border policy, have targeted some of our youngest Americans for deadly poisoning.  In a sinister move designed to reach teens and pre-teens, gangs disguise their death-dealing fentanyl as candy.

Beware!  Be very careful if your children and grandchildren have a sweet tooth for Skittles or Nerds.  Soulless drug pushers, some even aided by dangerously lax no bail laws found in New York State, have dumped fentanyl into some very popular but falsely packaged brands. Continue reading

The Left Is Hoping DeSantis Botches Hurricane Response. Here’s What They Didn’t Count On.

(Paula Bolyard – PJ Media) Nothing tests the mettle of a governor like a natural disaster, with hurricanes being among the worst. Emergency efforts include everything from rescue and recovery of victims, to restoration of power, to distribution of needed supplies, to rebuilding cities affected by the storm.

Hurricane Ian, a massive Category 4 storm, made landfall in Florida on Wednesday afternoon, but the worst may be yet to come with storm surges, massive power outages that could last for days, and major rainfall expected. Continue reading

Drag Queen “Identifies” as a Child: Who Predicted This Was Going to Happen?

(The Dissenter) While Southern Baptist leaders like JD Greear are going around urging people to use the “preferred pronouns” of people who identify as the opposite sex all in the name of “pronoun hospitality,” many of us were warning that the capitulation to such nonsense would only lead to the inevitable.

The drag queen story hour phenomenon has exploded like nobody’s business and taking children and handing them over to sex perverts has become a staple for leftist parents…. Continue reading

Soros-Funded Evangelical Immigration Propaganda Has Infected Evangelicals at an Alarming Rate

“These are the Evangelical elites pushing the pro-open borders and amnesty propaganda into Evangelical circles and one can hardly walk into a Southern Baptist church without being bombarded by it.”

(The Dissenter) The Evangelical elitists have been relentlessly pushing pro-open borders propaganda on Christians in the name of “loving your neighbor” and “caring for refugees.” Russell Moore, along with other well-known established Evangelical leaders and groups, have been operating through a Soros-funded think-tank called the Evangelical Immigration Table to advance this agenda. Continue reading

30 ex-FBI agents stand up to support whistleblower who exposed agency’s political bias

“In 2013, when Mueller retired, hundreds of FBI employees signed a letter to incoming Director James Comey, warning him about “political bias and political compromise of the FBI,” and saying that Mueller had led the bureau in the “wrong direction … as a result of its transformation from a law enforcement to an intelligence organization.”

(Miranda Divine – New York Post) Thirty former FBI agents, including a retired deputy assistant director, head of counterterrorism and five SWAT team members, have spoken out publicly in support of suspended FBI whistleblower Stephen Friend. Continue reading

Covid Conspiracy Uncovered: ‘Everyone had to agree to the narrative,’ says former CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield.

“In the early stages, Redfield attempted to get a CDC team into China and investigate whether the pandemic started from a lab accident. At that point, Redfield was cut out of meetings by Fauci, chief enforcer of the Chinese narrative.”

(Lloyd Billingsley – Frontpage Mag) “The potential for conspiracy is really on the other side. The conspiracy is [former National Institutes of Health director Francis] Collins, Fauci, and the established scientific community that has acted in an antithetical way to science.” Continue reading

Joe and Hunter’s Fang Fang Problem

“The Chinese-American “secretary” looks like a Kardashian. Hunter ate it up. So why are we just now appreciating the importance of a story about Hunter bedding a Chinese spy that broke more than a year ago in the London Daily Mail?  Well, now we have an FBI whistleblower who confirms it.”

(Victoria Taft – PJ Media) It was worse than we thought. It turns out that Hunter Biden’s drug enslavement, sex addiction, and penchant for Russkie hookers didn’t stop there. It was probably worse than his hinky “big guy” business deals, diamond “gifts,” and unearned Ukrainian paydays. There was a Chinese spy involved. Just like Democrat Eric Swalwell’s Fang Fang. Continue reading

Married to Jesus? TGC’s Resident Gay Anglican Priest Wears Wedding Ring Despite Being Single, for THIS Reason

“The line of thinking is consistent with the sexual ethos of the SSAC movement that Allberry has spearheaded and continues to promote.”

(Protestia) Gay Anglican priest Sam Allberry, known for partnering up with The Gospel Coalition and the ERLC to be one of the architects for the acceptance of Same-Sex Attraction (SSA) “Christianity, has revealed that he wears a wedding ring on his ring finger, despite being single, as a reminder that God is “pursuing him” and that he is just as “swept up” in the “whole marital romance” thing, and as a result is “taken by Jesus.” Continue reading

When Pain is a Problem

“Bad things will happen to you. That is not in doubt. To believe otherwise is to follow a prosperity gospel. The real question is what you do next.”

The American opioid epidemic started because pharmaceutical companies wanted to eliminate pain. Whatever their motives, though we can be sure they were not altruistic, they manufactured situations where if someone told a hospital they were in pain they would be given an opioid painkiller. Pain was a problem to be eliminated. Continue reading

Wizard of Oz Remake to Include LGBTQ Propaganda According to Interview With Director

“All of the popular kid’s cartoons from Disney to Peppa Pig are being transformed into indoctrination programs designed to turn a child’s natural aversion to abnormal sexual behavior into favorable admiration. Parents are taking their children to drag queen shows everywhere. It’s not even considered unusual anymore, let alone repulsive, as it should be.”

(The Dissenter) “Everything that you assumed or thought was normal in the world, or everything you thought was true about your tradition, your denomination, your own family, I’m going to pull the veil back, and what looked like this beautiful narrative of faithfulness and orthodoxy, and of truth and righteousness and justice, I’m going to peel that back and I’m going to show you the rotting corpse of white supremacy that’s underneath the surface.” Continue reading

Chris Tomlin Plays Worship Fundraiser for Heretical TBN Network at Joyce Meyer Conference

“The conference also featured Joel Osteen and Christine Caine, the latter spending the better part of her week “liking” and “loving” posts by Trinity-denier T.D Jakes.”

(Protestia) Worship Superstar Chris Tomlin put on a concert during the 40th anniversary of the Love Life Women’s Conference, put on by Joyce Meyer, and serving as a fundraiser for Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN).

Founded by false teacher Paul Crouch, TBN is the world’s largest religious broadcasting network and is known for platforming the worse of the worst, including TD Jakes, Joel Osteen, Steve Furtick (who took over from Kenneth Copeland two years ago), Joseph Prince, John Hagee, Andrew Womack, and Jonathan Cahn. Continue reading

Is Louie Giglio A False Teacher?

“The Passion Conference is the leading source of evidence for Giglio’s association with false teachers. This association is more profound, because these are Giglio’s events. Currently the 2023 Passion Conference has the following questionable speakers that we know about.”

(Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) Louie Giglio is Pastor of Passion City Church and the Founder of the Passion movement, which exists to “call a generation to leverage their lives for the fame of Jesus.”[1] In 1997, Louie and Shelley Giglio founded the Passion Conferences, an organization that puts on conferences targeted at college aged students of faith around the world…. Continue reading

The Misuse of Christian Nationalism

“Christ-followers are not here to advocate for candidates or parties. We’re here to advocate for a biblically informed perspective on the world. Any time we put something in front of that—whether it’s a love for our nation, our State, our gender, or when you hyphenate your faith—it becomes idolatry.”

(Allen Jackson – Townhall) Language is being redefined without any apology or shame, and one example is the term “Christian nationalism.” Adversaries are using that phrase to paint Christians as threats, suggesting that we are the root or the seeds of violence…. Continue reading

In Epic Act of Nepotism, Anti-Trinitarian Heretic TD Jakes Passes Torch to His Daughter as He ‘Slays Her in the Spirit’

“Jakes also once gave his fellow charlatan, Steven Furtick, a bronze statue of David because, Jakes said, the giant was “under his feet.” In return, Furtick claps and cheers as Jakes sexually degrades his wife from the pulpit and Furtick says his kids believe that Jakes wrote parts of the Bible.” 

T.D. Jakes is the founder and senior pastor of one of the largest churches in the nation, The Potter’s House, in Dallas, TX. Jakes is a well-known prosperity gospel preacher who has embraced not only the heresy of the Word of Faith movement but also a heretical view of the trinity known as modalism. Continue reading

The Demise of the American Church and God’s Judgment on This Nation

“The people who are more concerned about their 401K than they are about his glory. God will do what He always does. He will bring crushing persecution and pain to purge the goats from the sheep, to burn off the dross from the silver. The whole of biblical Revelation tells us that God is concerned most of all with His name and His glory. This comes from our obedience, not our happiness and contentment. Not even from what we think is right in our own eyes.”

(The Dissenter) Hardly anyone disputes that America and her system of governance were founded on the moral principles of Scripture. And while imperfectly so, historically, this is what is meant by the oft-repeated phrase that “America is a Christian nation.” However, we must define what that means. Continue reading

Alfred Kinsey — A Pioneer Of Perversion Who Paved The Way For Today’s Sex ‘Education’

Dr. Judith Reisman declared that if the general public learned the actual truth about Kinsey, “the sexperts in the field of human sexuality and the sex industry will be shaken to its foundations,” and entire shelves of books in libraries and schools would have to be removed or rewritten. Sex Ed courses thrown out, and “lucrative public grants will dry up.”

(David Fiorazo) Indiana University recently put up a life-size bronze statue of radical sex-researcher, Alfred Kinsey to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Kinsey Institute at the college. The flawed theory of childhood sexuality based on his unmonitored, unscientific research paved the way for today’s sex education taught in public schools. [graphic content warning]  Continue reading

House Republicans Have a Plan to Save America

(Steve Scalise – Breitbart) In less than two years, President Biden and Speaker Pelosi have forced an agenda that wrecked our economy, driving inflation to alarming levels. Far-left socialists have opened our southern border to illegal immigrants, made us dependent on hostile foreign nations for our energy, and empowered our enemies overseas. Week after week, Democrats refuse to consider any bills on the House Floor that would address the serious problems that families are facing. Continue reading