Mohler And MacArthur Have Conflicting Views On Governor Mandated Church Shut Downs

“While Mohler may consider what Grace and other churches are doing as malpractice, he diagnoses all problems while offering no solutions. He says that we ought to respect temporary guidelines, but we are entering our 6th month of lockdown. How long must a church sit on their hands? Half a year is a long type of temporary. When precisely does the temporarily turn into the intolerable? One year in? Two?”

(PNP) Southern Baptist Theological Seminary president Dr. Albert Mohler kicked off a new season of the Briefing by accusing his friend, Dr. John MacArthur of Grace Community Church of “malpractice” by choosing to open up five months into the pandemic and not staying shut down for an indeterminable time. Continue reading

John MacArthur stands firm: Grace Community Church will not shut down

“As the context plainly shows, Pastor MacArthur was talking about pastors who are doing what Andy Stanley and JD Greear have done—namely, they have stopped gathering as a church and made small home groups a long-term substitute for congregational worship.”

(Phil Johnson – Pyromaniacs)  Gavin Ortlund has written a blogpost titled “Should Churches in California Defy Government Restrictions? A Response to John MacArthur.” Time won’t permit me to go through his entire post, but I want to clarify one point that Ortlund gets wrong, because it’s a crucial one, and I’ve seen it repeated several times on Twitter…. Continue reading

Leftists Burning Bibles Now, Christians Later

“In times past, the American public and elites would deplore this conduct. Today, it is cheered from by the masses, the elites and the nation’s rulers. Woe is coming. Even great woes to such a nation and people.”

(Capstone Report)  Protesters in Portland burned Bibles outside the federal courthouse, according to new video. The video highlights the godless goals of the Neo-Marxist Woke Mobs. Mobs in some cities burned churches and now it is Bibles. What’s next? Continue reading

Government lockdowns are proving just as deadly as the virus

“Realities like the fact that it is the height of hubris for you, me, them, or some panel of bureaucrats to determine for everyone else what is “essential” and “nonessential” business. Our well-intentioned efforts to do that several months ago have proven fiscally and psychologically catastrophic.”

(Peter Heck – Disrn)  I about swallowed my tongue when I sat down at the table to try to ease into the news of the day, and instead saw this from NBC: Continue reading

Obama’s Senior Law Enforcement and Intel Officials Were ‘Criminals, All of Them, Lock, Stock and Barrel’

“So the question becomes, why did they do that?  And the answer is actually pretty simple, they hated Donald Trump and they wanted to destroy him.  They wanted Hillary Clinton to be President, she didn’t make it, so they had to destroy him.” 

(Joe Hoft – Gateway Pundit) Former US Attorney Joe DiGenova was again on his regular Monday morning meeting with Mornings at the Mall.  He is well versed in what is going on in the swamp and apparently has some pretty good contacts as he seems more connected than most. Continue reading

Obama Uses John Lewis Funeral to Call for ‘Eliminating the Filibuster’

George Wallace may be gone but we can witness our federal government sending agents to use tear gas and batons against peaceful demonstrators.”

(Joel B. Pollak – Breitbart) Former President Barack Obama used his eulogy at the funeral of Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) to call for an end to the Senate filibuster to pass Democrats’ new legislation on voting reform.

Obama said that Republicans had imitated Jim Crow-era restrictions on voting rights, which Lewis marched against, by passing state voter ID laws and other measures that conservatives argue prevent voter fraud. Continue reading

The ‘Socialization’ Scam

“With so many students now homeschooling in America, because the public schools are closed, we’ll never have a better opportunity to wean our people off the moral and academic disaster that is public education.”

(Lee Duigon – News With Views)  Supposed conservatives, of all people, are beating the drum to re-open the public schools and get the kiddies back into the classroom lickety-split. Even if weird and awkward things have to be done to protect the children from the Chinese on Communist Doomsday Virus—“they’ve got to go back to school! Got to!” Continue reading

Politically Correct Lies – the Big Bang Theory, Evolution, and There is NO God

“How about this? Most people want to believe in something higher than themselves, this occurs throughout the world and all throughout time. People have and do worship trees, the sun, the moon, the stars, nature, the divine mother, guiding spirits (demons), animals, and the list goes on. How is it that this need to believe in someone or something higher than ourselves, and to worship this entity came to be in almost all people, in every location on the earth?”

(Greg Holt – News With Views)  It’s funny how many people will grasp at straws and see reason in completely illogical thought processes. People will believe outright lies and falsehood rather than believe the truth…. Continue reading

Rebels in Training at School Sex Clubs

Another GSA Network page is “Pride and Protest—Safety Tips for LGBTQ Youth” with students pictured in “Black Lives Matter” T-shirts. It’s a protest guide for students who are, don’t forget, middle and high schoolers. They are warned to expect police brutality. If arrested during a protest, gender confused students are told they have the right to insist that police use their preferred names and pronouns, and they don’t have to reveal their biological sex. This advice is needed because, “Police often violate the rights of LGBTQ+ people during arrests or jail booking.”  

(Linda Harvey – Mission: America) Why are public schools in America hosting clubs that teach kids to hate the police? Continue reading

Head of CDC Admits Lockdown Killing Way More Americans Than COVID! Urges Masks. When Will These People Be Held Accountable for the Carnage They’ve Caused?

“The CDC’s press release also skipped over the inconvenient fact that, just like the deadly state-enforced social isolation they pushed, even if masks do slow down the spread of COVID-19, they still won’t do a thing to decrease the number of people ultimately infected.”

(Michael Thau – RedState)  CDC director Robert Redfield dropped some bombshell news during a talk he gave two weeks ago. But despite its significance, hardly anyone knows about the sickening bit of data he let slip: Continue reading

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The Problematic Misuse of Matthew 18:20

Taking note of context can avoid theological error and heresy, but it can also help us secure the full blessings of the text. In this case, we can praise God for the promised presence of Christ by His Spirit when God’s people love one another well even while restoring one another from sin.”

(Harry L. Reeder – Tabletalk)  How many times have we heard a pastor quote this verse to affirm the presence of the Lord in a worship service, fellowship gathering, or prayer meeting? “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them” (Matt. 18:20). But in quoting this text this way, we misuse it by taking it out of context. Continue reading

Mark Dever of 9Marks unleashed his own bulldog to pounce on Grace Community Church…and misses the mark entirely

Leeman’s third objection is radically subjective. Maybe, Leeman says, COVID isn’t the right issue for civil disobedience after all. With the LGBTQ issues coming hard and fast, there will be plenty of chance for the church to disobey government mandates. That’s like saying that we should wait until the enemy has us completely surrounded before we fire a shot. By then it will be too late.

(Ed Dingess – Reformation Charlotte)  Every article, podcast, sermon, and blog are written for a reason. The author is attempting to do something with that short moment in time that they have your attention. They are calling you to some sort of action even if that action is restricted to how you think…. Continue reading

Will Authorities Cut Water and Electricity to Churches that Defy Newsom’s Shutdown Order?

“Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has deemed churches “nonessential” and warned in May that nonessential businesses caught defying shutdown orders could have their water and electricity cut.”

(Paula Bolyard – PJ Media)  On Saturday PJ Media reported that Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, Calif., had announced it would not comply with Gov. Gavin Newsom’s draconian COVID-19 order shuttering churches in counties that represent 80% of the state’s population: Continue reading

Getting the Gospel Right

“That message is all about the finished work of Jesus Christ “who gave himself for our sins to deliver us from the present evil age, according to the will of our God and Father” (Gal. 1:4). The gospel that Paul preached to them proclaimed salvation by grace alone received through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone.”

(Tom Ascol – Founders Ministries) Sometimes, what is not said speaks more loudly than actual words. The silence, as we say, is deafening. In the opening verses of his letter to the churches of Galatia, the apostle Paul employs this communication technique to underscore the seriousness of the subject at hand…. Continue reading

They Keep Moving the COVID-19 Goalposts: Will the Next Step Be Masks to Protect From the Flu and the Common Cold?

“There’s risk inherent in living life. Each day we calculate the potential risk and make decisions about what we’ll do and where we’ll go. Most of us climb into a car every day and buckle up knowing that 1.35 million people worldwide die in car crashes each year and our morning commute could be our last. Some choose not to drive because the risk is too high. Others drive faster than the speed limit, making the calculus that the benefits of getting to where they’re going faster outweigh the risks.”

(Paula Bolyard – PJ Media)  How did we go from “flatten the COVID-19 curve” to “shut up and wear the mask—or else” in just a few short months? Back in March, we were told that lockdowns were necessary to ensure COVID-19 cases would not overwhelm hospitals and, in particular, intensive-care units…. Continue reading

New Vatican Document Blames COVID-19 Pandemic on Man’s Sins Against Mother Nature

(PNP)  The Vatican released a document for church faithful with reflections on COVID-19, and the missive is as devoid of Gospel as one might expect from a Church that is doubly so. The Pontifical Academy for Life produced the document and it was introduced by the Vatican Press with the wordy title ” “Useful information on the Document of the Pontifical Academy for Life: Humana Communitas in the age of pandemic: untimely meditations on life’s rebirth.” Continue reading

Why This Revolution Isn’t Like the ’60s

Corporations are no longer seen as evil, but as woke contributors to the revolution. The military is no longer smeared as warmongering, but praised as a government employment service where race, class and gender agendas can be green-lighted without messy legislative debate. Unlike the 1960s, there are essentially no conservatives in Hollywood, on campuses or in government bureaucracies.”

(Victor Davis Hanson – PJ Media)  In the 1960s and early ’70s, the U.S. was convulsed by massive protests calling for radical changes in the country’s attitudes on race, class, gender and sexual orientation. The Vietnam War and widespread college deferments were likely the fuel that ignited prior peaceful civil disobedience. Continue reading

Teen Vogue to Teen Girls: Marx Good, Reagan Bad

“So, Teen Vogue goes after Reagan. Oh, well. For a magazine that publishes “A Guide to Anal Sex” for your 13-year-old daughter, ripping the Gipper seems the least of its sins.”

(Paul Kengor – The American Spectator)  In yet another insidious display of how leftists politicize everything, Teen Vogue is taking a timeout from fashion to teach young girls they shouldn’t like Ronald Reagan. The piece, clumsily titled, “Ronald Reagan Wasn’t the Good Guy President Anti-Trump Republicans Want You to Believe In,” went to such Reagan authorities as a Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, described as a transgender veteran of the Stonewall uprising, to inform girls that “Reagan was so wrong for the country.” Continue reading

One Nation Under Anarcho-Tyranny

“Anarcho-tyranny is how hordes of gay pride activists marching shoulder to shoulder can defy social distancing guidelines with gushing approbation from radical left-wing medical “experts,” while anti-lockdown and anti-mask mandate protesters are deemed public health menaces who now face snitch hotlines, fines, house arrest, or jail time.”

(Michelle Malkin – CNSNews) The America you grew up in is not the America we live in now.

One nation under God? Ha.

Land of the free? Ha.

Domestic tranquility? Ha.

Equal protection under the law? Ha.

The right to bear arms? Ha.

Freedom of speech? Association? Peaceable assembly? Ha. Ha. Ha. Continue reading

Get ready for the ‘Rainbow Nation’ of America

As an eyewitness to what is happening in South Africa, Gaspard understands how a communist regime can take power through the democratic process. Of course, the communist government there is attracting and exploiting the votes of the majority black population. Whites are facing discrimination and fleeing, being persecuted, and/or being killed. In the U.S., at least for the time being, whites are still a majority.”

(Cliff Kincaid – Renew America)  It’s “Nelson Mandela International Day,” designated as such by the United Nations, on July 18. Look for Nelson Mandela statues to be erected in place of George Washington. (There’s already one at the UN)…. Continue reading

Oprah Joins Plot To Convince Americans Their Country Is Racist

“It is fascinating that two of the most privileged women in America, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Hannah-Jones and media empire queen Oprah Winfrey, are advancing the claim that black people are still systematically oppressed. No reasonable person denies that there are still instances of racism and pockets of people with provincial racist attitudes, but to call fundamentally oppressive a country that has provided its citizens more opportunity than any society in history is nonsensical.”

(Krystina Skurk – The Federalist)  Oprah Winfrey is partnering with Lionsgate to turn The New York Times’s 1619 Project into feature films and television programs. Continue reading

Forced masking of America paving the way for Bill Gates’ ‘Final Solution’

“The left is always intolerant of opposing opinions and skilled in the use of coercive tactics. Hence, they have mounted a Twitter campaign to shame any company not requiring masks while bombarding these companies with high-pressure calls, emails and in-person visits, some threatening to sue if the company doesn’t bow to their demands.”

(Leo Hohmann)  The politicization of facemasks is growing more acute by the day, squeezing non-mask wearers out of stores and offices and casting them aside like collateral damage destined for the societal Dumpster. Continue reading