The Cry-Baby Leftist Mind

In the left-wing mind, the buffoonish Capitol riot on January 6 was an “insurrection.” Yet the much larger May 31, 2020, riot that sought to storm the White House grounds and sent the president into a bunker was the sort of mob violence that “was not going to stop” in the words of now Vice President Kamala Harris. 

(Victor Davis Hanson – PJ Media) As the border crisis rages, the Supreme Court clears the way for Biden to end the Remain in Mexico policy, The Washington Post reports.

The policy requires some asylum seekers who enter the country illegally, mainly from Central and South America, to return to Mexico while they await a hearing. Continue reading

Does the Progressive Socialist Left Read the Constitution?

“The courts are supposed to interpret the law, not make law, nor create individual rights. Sadly, this is all lost on our rather misguided leftist friends. They believe that courts should make law rather than issue decisions. Roe is not and has never been the “law of the land” because it cannot be found anywhere in the Constitution and the legislative branch has never passed it and submitted it to the executive branch to become law.”

(Allen West – Townhall) This is a very tumultuous and critical time in the life cycle of our Constitutional Republic. It was just a few weeks ago that I penned a missive titled “Constitutional Rights vs Ideological Rights” for this conservative platform. Who would have ever thought how quickly that writing would come to fruition?… Continue reading

2022 Is Lit: Army Private Sent Sensitive Military Info to White Supremacist Group to Facilitate Jihad Attack

The group didn’t just admire bin Laden; it wanted to emulate him. Melzer, the DOJ explains, “planned a jihadist attack on his U.S. Army unit in the days leading up to a deployment to Turkey and sent sensitive details about the unit” to O9A. Underscoring the seriousness of this plot is the fact that this information included details of his unit’s “location, movements, and security.” 

(Robert Spencer – PJ Media) The official propaganda line that the regime would have us believe, solemnly repeated by Old Joe Biden, Gestapo chief Merrick Garland, and others is that “white supremacists” constitute the greatest terror threat the nation faces today…. Continue reading

Military misses recruiting goals amid vaxx mandate and anti-white training

“While the public framing was vague, the training wasn’t: It ran in a single direction. Servicemembers reporting on their “extremism” training to members of Congress described sessions in which the military warned them against white nationalism and the dangers of far-right sentiment, but didn’t mention Antifa…hammering the January 6 narrative but deflecting questions about riots and arson in the summer of 2020….” 

(Chris Bray) The American military is running a social trust test for the larger society, and the results are remarkably clear.

Remember that the Biden administration opened with an ideological assault on the armed forces, ordering a training stand-down to harangue servicemembers about politics. Continue reading

The Real Danger to America

“There is no question that the Democrats are using guns and abortion to advance party politics. Instead of respecting citizens who believe that killing the unborn is wrong, Nancy Pelosi and her acolytes demean and defame them.”

(Bill O’Reilly) Once again, we’ve become the United States of Hysteria. The two Supreme Court rulings last week will not affect society much (as I will explain), but the outcry from the left-wing cadres is instructive and very important for alert Americans to understand. Continue reading

The Sad Descent of Disney

“It’s satisfying to see that Disney’s creepy propagandizing is causing it financial pain at the box office, here and overseas.”

(Michael Reagan – Patriot Post) I cry to see what’s happened to Disney.

When I was growing up — and until not that long ago — you knew you could trust Disney to make entertaining movies you could take your entire family to see.

The Walt Disney Company became rich and powerful by being Hollywood’s most family-friendly corporation. Continue reading

PRIDE in Seattle – Warning, GRAPHIC, Naked Men Flashing Children

Sodom and Gomorrah.

(Mary Dowling – Independent Sentinel) The perverted LGBTQIA+PRIDE parades have turned into marches and performances of bizarre exhibitionism at family ‘fun’ events. Little children are forced to look on as they are sexualized by the radicals. This is sheer decadence and a distortion of the family and family fun events.

What is PRIDE proud of, anyway? Exhibitionism? Sexualizing young children? What? Continue reading

Colleges Are Ethnically Cleansing America’s White Kulaks

“More Asians are being admitted, and there’s pressure for more blacks, Hispanics, and American Indians to be admitted too. But if those groups are going to grow, another group has to take the hit. Fortunately for America’s admissions gatekeepers, the decision is easy: just crush the kulaks.”

(Revolver) In the days and weeks after George Floyd’s fentanyl overdose, America’s universities proudly proclaimed an imminent “racial reckoning” on campus. “Diversity,” understood in a very specific way, became the top objective. Harvard’s university press published books on how to eliminate schools that were “too white.” Activists demanded the abolition of “white supremacist” standardized tests, and dozens of schools swiftly complied. Continue reading

Blessed is the One

1 How blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, Whose sin is covered!  2 How blessed is the man to whom the LORD does not impute iniquity, And in whose spirit there is no deceit! Psalms 32:1-2 (NASB) 

I debated with myself for a while about the title of this post. There is a part of me that still wants the name of it to be “What a Saviour!” My brethren, there is mischief afoot caused by a misunderstanding fostered by the deceit of the enemy of our souls. That mischief is to convince Christians that there is no need to hear the Gospel anymore now that they are safe in the arms of their Saviour. What rubbish! My times of struggling with my flesh and with overcoming the world always coincide when I am overwhelmed with discernment work or some other business that keeps me from simply expositing Sacred Scripture that points me to the Cross of the Christ. Also, proper worship should also do that very thing. Continue reading

Last Night in America: Democrat Brownshirts

Protestors burning American flag.

“They’re everywhere. These people are part of subversive communist Brownshirts and our DOJ and FBI have little to no interest in that fact.”

(Mary Dowling – Independent Sentinel) Riots and disruptive protests took place in major cities throughout the nation last night after numerous Democrats urged radical abortionists to take to the streets.

Rioters attempted to breach the Arizona capitol building in Phoenix while the Arizona Senate was in session. Continue reading

DHS Tells Catholic Churches to Prepare for ‘Extreme Violence’

(Robert Spencer – PJ Media) Roe v. Wade has at long last been overturned, and the Left’s response has been predictable: Leftists are pounding the walls and gnashing their teeth with rage and hatred. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Make Mine a Double) has shouted that the decision is “illegitimate” and led pro-abortion activists in chants of “into the streets.” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Unhinged) has proclaimed, “The hell with the Supreme Court. We will defy them!” But no one expects the supporters of Antifa and Black Lives Matter to confine their rage to words alone: even Old Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security paused from hunting for “white supremacists” on Friday to warn Catholic churches to prepare for a “night of rage.” Continue reading

After Roe: What’s Our Job Now?

(George Grant – Ligonier Ministries) Circumstances change. Laws, courts, and administrations come and go. Elections raise up and cast down the mighty. Popular opinion waxes and wanes. But through it all, the callings and responsibilities of Christians in this poor, fallen world remain the same.

Taking our stand for life wasn’t first thrust upon us by the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, and we are not relieved of that duty by its now overturning this year. The pro-life movement is not a recent phenomenon or innovation. Rather, it is two thousand years old. It was inaugurated on an old rugged cross, on a hill called Calvary. It is best known as Christianity. Caring for the helpless, the deprived, and the unwanted is not simply what we do; it is who we are. It always has been. It always will be. Continue reading

Suicide, Sex and The School Trauma Cult

“This is the “woke” house of cards. After traumatizing children with offensive drag performances, drenching them in “born that way” and “transition” advocacy, surveying them repeatedly about “orientation,” offering them homo-obscenity disguised as literature, and conspiring with them to conceal their magic potion identities from parents, experts pretend to be shocked that the most vulnerable kids are sent over the edge.”

(Linda Harvey – Mission: America) Children embody our future hopes and dreams. But some parents are willing to deal with the devil, betting tomorrow’s dreams against today’s comfort.

The bargain is suicide prevention, or so they are told. “Would you rather have a dead son or a living daughter?” asks the indoctrinated gender clinic psychologist…. Continue reading

Why the Left Will Cut Biden Loose

“Democrats will soon find no further reason to cover for Biden’s own serial abhorrent personal behavior on matters of financial probity, sex, race, and truthfulness.” 

(Victor Davis Hanson – American Greatness) Republican pundits and conservative activists are debating whether they can win in 2024 with the successful Trump agenda, but without the controversial Donald Trump as their nominee.

The Democrats have a similar, but far more serious dilemma with Joe Biden as the Democratic Party’s nominee in 2024. Continue reading

Evangelical Race Consultant Says Only ‘Redeemed’ (Woke) White People Should be Hired and Promoted at Seminaries

(The Dissenter) The IF Gathering conference has been a blemish on the Evangelical Church since it started in 2014 hosting people from nearly every aberrant theological sect of Christendom while avoiding any actual gospel content. The annual conference exists to advance the “woke church” movement, the Prosperity Gospel, and charismatic charlatanry into mainstream Evangelicalism and includes speakers ranging on the spectrum from extremely troubling views to rank heretics. Continue reading

Justin Trudeau informs his subjects: ‘You have no right to self defense’

“So today Canadians were informed by their communist overlords that self defense is dependent on the weapon you decide to pick up while you are under attack…if you choose to pick up a knife, slingshot, hammer or baseball bat you presumably still have the right to fight back against your attacker, who may be armed with a Glock or a Beretta, placing you at a distinct disadvantage. Good luck, serf.”

(Leo Hohmann) Justin Trudeau is telling his people that under Canadian law there is no such thing as the right to self defense, at least not if you are using a firearm as your defense mechanism of choice. Continue reading

The GOP’s ‘Transgender’ Strategy Is Dangerously Off Track

“The chief victims of the transgenderism explosion are not girls losing out on swimming trophies. The chief victims are the mentally vulnerable people suffering from gender dysphoria who are being “transitioned,” mutilated every which way; physically, psychologically, and spiritually, and manipulated into extreme, harmful, and irreversible life choices.”

(Revolver News) A politically damaged, barely viable President Biden has surveyed the political landscape, and, incredibly, chosen transsexualism as his field of battle. With inflation soaring, the economy collapsing, shortages ravaging America, a human invasion tsunami pouring over the border, and repeated international humiliations, Biden and his administration flunkies are declaring an all-out war effort to promote transgenderism in every corner of America. Continue reading

Domestic Terrorists Put Justice’s 7 Children in Danger – No Word from Biden

“They are looking to get someone killed, even children.”

(Mary Dowling – Independent Sentinel) Radical domestic terrorists doxxed Justice Barrett’s home, her church, and her children’s schools. This is extremely dangerous but these radicals want blood in the streets. Not a word from Joe Biden, Merrick Garland, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, or any of the Democrats. Continue reading

Guilty of Christian Nationalism?

(Peter Jones – truthxchange) The latest critics of the Christian faith accuse Christians of being selfish, out-of-date, non-constitutional “Christian nationalists” who would impose all the Christian rules on everyone around them. Think Ku Klux Klanners parading through Washington, DC in the 1920s to defend “Protestant America.”[1]  Or the The Handmaid’s Tale or a Christian version of 1984. Christians will, they believe, impose an Old Testament-like Christian theocracy on all citizens of the modern state, in which only Christian truth is allowed and the death penalty is employed for various sinful acts. Christian nationalism is decried by many who cry “fascist,” or “domestic terrorist.” Some Christian liberals see their understanding of Christian Nationalism to be “a threat to national security and domestic cohesion,” and even “the greatest threat to the witness of the church.” Continue reading

Drag Queen Comes Clean: Keep Kids AWAY From Drag Shows, He Says

(Selwyn Duke – The New American) Boy, does this drag queen have a story — and not an hour, either. Billy, who goes by the name Kitty Demure when performing and is a self-professed “conservative drag queen,” has a warning for the world:

Keep your kids away from drag events.

They’re akin to having, he says, “a stripper or a porn star influence your children.” Continue reading