Biden Bust: Unemployment Rate Up, Numbers ‘Way Worse Than Expected,’ Inflation May Be Coming

(Matt Margolis – PJ Media)  With the creation of multiple vaccines in historic time, the COVID-19 pandemic seemed close to being over, paving the way for rapid economic growth.

Unfortunately, the economy appears to be struggling under Joe Biden, based on the latest jobs report released Friday morning.

The unemployment was expected to fall to 5.8% and the economy was predicted to add 978,000 jobs, but that didn’t happen despite mass vaccinations and government stimulus…. not by a long shot. Continue reading

Biden Coronavirus Relief Prioritizes Funds for Non-White Business Owners

(John Binder – Breitbart)  Restaurants and venues owned by white men will be last in line for federal relief under President Joe Biden’s “Restaurants Revitalization Fund” (RRF), prioritizing funds for women and minority groups first.

As part of Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, the Small Business Administration (SBA) is opening the application process by which owners of restaurant, bars, and other venues can apply for federal relief to help make up for the loss of revenue as a result of economic lockdowns spurred by the Chinese coronavirus crisis. Continue reading

New Israeli Drugs May Cure COVID, Successful In Clinical Trials

(Hank Berrien – Daily Wire)  A drug developed in Israel to cure COVID-19 was tested in a clinical trial on 30 patients suffering from the disease and reportedly cured 29 of the 30 people.

The trial, conducted at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, tested an experimental inhaled medication called EXO-CD24. The drug, developed by Ichilov, reportedly stops the “cytokine storm,” the body’s reaction to COVID-19 in which the immune system reacts by savaging healthy cells. Continue reading

Germany Shuts Down International Child Pornography Site Used by More Than 400,000 People

(Tré Goins-Phillips – Faithwire) Prosecutors in Germany have busted one of the world’s largest darknet platforms for child pornography, used by more than 400,000 registered members.

Frankfurt authorities said in a statement Monday that, alongside the Federal Criminal Police Office, they arrested three German suspects in mid-April believed to be the administrators for the website, according to the Associated Press. Continue reading

Francis Chan Says Catholic Understanding of Gospel is Very Similiar, If Not the Same, as His

“Chan is currently involved in an all-out assault on the Word of God and sound doctrine. It would be nice to think the best of him by believing that he doesn’t actually know what he’s doing–but, considering his solid theological education at the Master’s Seminary, that’s going to be tough to pull off.” 

(Reformation Charlotte)  In the third installment of our report on Francis Chan’s diatribe against the Scriptures and sound doctrine for the day, we’re going to show you how Francis Chan is becoming even further aligned with the Roman Catholic Church…. Continue reading

Herd Immunity? Maybe Never, Experts Now Say

(Joseph Curl – Daily Wire)  When the COVID-19 pandemic first swept the U.S. more than a year ago, Americans learned a brand-new term: Herd immunity.

The idea is simple: If enough people get a virus or a vaccine — thus building antibodies — the spread of the virus drops off precipitously.

While experts didn’t know exactly how many Americans would need antibodies to reach herd immunity, the number ranged from more than 50% to upwards of 70%…. Continue reading

BLM Activist Sat on the Chauvin Jury After Claiming He Could Be ‘Impartial’, Tells People to Get on Juries to ‘Spark Change’

Minneapolis’ FOX 9 reporter Paul Blume reported in March that “Judge Cahill asked Juror #52, whether he heard anything about the #GeorgeFloyd civil case. He says, no. He explained hearing some basic info about trial dates, etc from the news in recent months, but nothing that would keep him from serving as impartial juror. #ChauvinTrial”

(Cassandra Fairbanks – Gateway Pundit)  A juror in the Derek Chauvin trial hid that he was a Black Lives Matter activist to convince the judge that he was “impartial.” Continue reading

Caitlyn Jenner Attacked over Gender Fairness in Sports Statement: ‘Doesn’t Understand Science,’ ‘Self Loathing, Vapid Fame-Whore That Abuses Privilege and Platform’

(Wendell Husebo – Breitbart)  Republican candidate Caitlyn Jenner was attacked over the weekend by left-wing personalities regarding Jenner’s statement about transgender athletes and gender fairness in sports.

Many suggested Jenner betrayed the transgender movement, calling Jenner “anti-trans” and “self-loathing,” due to Jenner’s remarks opposing transgender biological boys competing in girls’ sports.

“It just isn’t fair,” Jenner said Saturday. Continue reading

Oregon Town Declares Emergency to Fight Gov. Brown’s Lockdowns

“Our businesses in Oregon have completely suffered,” she told PJ Media. “There are lots of businesses that are just gone and cannot survive, nor should they be asked to. It’s a moral failing of the state to ask them to sacrifice so much when they have just as much right to survive as any Big Box store.”

(Jeff Reynolds – PJ Media)  In the small-ish burg of Baker City, way out in Eastern Oregon, far away from the capital city, a proposal among business leaders has ignited a movement. Now, the mayor says other towns across Oregon are looking to her city as a model to fight back against an out-of-control governor. Continue reading

After $40,000,000 in fines, Police To Lock Doors and Take Over Canadian Church

“They’re facing 40 million dollars in potential fines right now. 40 million. And while the large multi-million dollar fines might possibly be appealed if granted – some of their large fines like the $83,000 given for a single service cannot be waived, removed, or appealed. These crushing tickets are not just to the Church entity, but parishioner after parishioner is being handed crushing fines for daring to attend. These are crippling numbers, but they have not bent the will of the church.”

(Protestia)  “…you joyfully accepted the plundering or your property, since you knew that you yourselves had a better possession and an abiding one.” (Hebrews 10:34)

A judge has ordered a Canadian church to cease worshipping together in their church building, granting the province of Ontario the authority to bar the doors and prevent any congregants from entering…. Continue reading

Catholic Group to ‘Unmask’ Joe Biden: ‘Wrecking Ball’ to Voters of Faith

To “unmask” the president, CatholicVote has launched a website around the president’s first 100 days in office, providing Catholics with a comprehensive timeline of Biden’s actions on issues that matter most to them. 

(Susan Berry – Breitbart) An organization that seeks to inspire American Catholics to live out their faith in the public square has launched a website intended to “unmask” President Joe Biden, a man its leader says is “remaking America from the ground up.” Continue reading

In Chilling Video, Antifa Doxes, Threatens to KILL Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler

(Bryan Preston – PJ Media)  Late last week Portland, Ore., Mayor Ted Wheeler took to video to plea for the community’s help to “unmask” antifa. The violence-prone anarchist-fascist group has terrorized Portland with months of violent and destructive insurrectionist riots despite Joe Biden merely calling antifa an “idea.”

Someone purporting to represent antifa has responded to Wheeler with a new video. In this video, the masked individual pushes anti-American themes and publishes Wheeler’s home address. The individual finishes the disturbing presentation with a veiled threat to kill Mayor Wheeler. Continue reading

Tim Scott Responds to Joe Biden: ‘Hear Me Clearly, America Is Not a Racist Country’

(Ashley Oliver- Breitbart)  Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) on Wednesday delivered the Republican response to President Joe Biden’s first speech to a joint session of Congress, telling the country unequivocally that “America is not a racist country.”

Scott’s message stood starkly against that of Biden’s; the president told Congress during his own speech that “systemic racism plagues American life” in many ways and has, since becoming president, infused the concept of “racial equity” into several components of his agenda. Continue reading

LOL: Hunter Biden to Guest Teach University Class on ‘Fake News’

‘Hunter Biden Teaching a Class on Fake News Is Like Ted Bundy Teaching a Class on Dating’ – Brent Bozell

(Charlie Kirk) Despite not having a background in the news industry or media, Hunter Biden will be featured as a guest teacher at a Tulane University for a class on how the media impacts public policy, according to a report by the Daily Mail.

The course, titled, “Media Polarization and Public Policy Impacts” features several guest speakers, including Biden. Continue reading

5 Things to Know About Joe Biden’s Address to Congress

(Tyler O’Neil)  On Wednesday, President Joe Biden gave his first address to Congress. He touted his COVID-19 “relief” bill and urged Congress to pass his “infrastructure” bill, the union giveaway PRO Act, the anti-Christian Equality Act, and his new American Families Plan.

Biden framed his agenda in terms of jobs and helping the middle class, but his bills represent a far-left giveaway to Democratic constituencies and they’d cost far more than Biden plans to raise in new taxes — supposedly only for people who make $400,000 or more. Continue reading

FBI Spied on Americans without a Warrant in Search For ‘Right-Wing Domestic Extremists’ Despite Being Warned it was Unconstitutional

“The FBI was warned by a federal judge in 2018 and 2019 that searching through NSA electric communications to evade warrants was unconstitutional but they did it anyway.”

(Cristina Lalia – Gateway Pundit)  The FBI once again spied on American citizens without court-ordered FISA warrants.

The FBI went around the FISA court and looked through NSA communications in search of ‘far-right domestic extremists’ despite being warned several years earlier it was unconstitutional (Fourth Amendment violation). Continue reading

John Kerry Divulged HUNDREDS of Israel’s Covert Attacks to Iran, Leak Reveals

“This appears to be a betrayal of the first order, not unlike the Obama administration’s effort to save Soleimani from Israel in 2015. The Biden administration appears to be going overboard to resurrect the disastrous Iran nuclear deal.”

(Tyler O’Neil – PJ Media)  Former Secretary of State John Kerry, now President Joe Biden’s climate envoy, briefed Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on hundreds of Israel’s covert attacks on Iranian interests in Syria, according to leaked audio reported by The New York Times on Sunday…. Continue reading

Christian University Faculty Revolt After Board Votes to Affirm Biblical View of Sexuality

Matt Bellinger, an assistant professor of communication at the college, described the board’s decision to affirm biblical sexuality as “so out of touch with the convictions and values of the SPU community,” arguing it “calls into question the legitimacy of the board’s leadership.”

(Tré Goins-Phillips – Faithwire) The faculty members at Seattle Pacific University — a Christian college in Washington state — have cast a vote of “no confidence” in the leadership of the school’s board of trustees, which, last week, voted to affirm a biblical interpretation of sexuality. Continue reading

LifeSite News Launches Petition To Cancel Pope’s ‘Morally Rotten’ Conference

(Protestia)  LifeSite News has launched a petition against the Vatican for hosting a “Health” Conference on “Exploring the Mind, Body, and Soul,” explaining, “Everything about the conference is rotten — morally, scientifically, and culturally,” and amassing over 22,000 signatures calling for its cancellation.

Despite being populated by Roman Catholics and having an entire variant of their website designed as the “Catholic Edition,” that promotes and reports Catholic news, Lifesite has been notoriously critical of Pope Francis, deigning him to be dangerous and likely one Papal Bull shy of being an anti-pope. As for the problems with the conference, they explain: Continue reading

Seattle Antifa Hate Group Threatens to Burn Down Church Over Event With Charlie Kirk

“Ultimately, the church had to rescind the offer to speak.”

(Victoria Taft – PJ Media)  A Puyallup, Wash., church has canceled an event featuring conservative speaker Charlie Kirk after antifa activists threatened to burn down all of its buildings and torch the neighbors’ properties too.

Motion Church planned an event with Kirk, the head of Turning Point USA and a Christian speaker, on May 2. Continue reading

Prominent Evangelist Banned From American Airlines After Preaching, No Reason or Recourse

“Gendron believes that his being banned from the airline has nothing to do with a face mask incident, for which the airline refuses to provide a copy of the report. Instead, Gendron believes that a disgruntled flight attendant probably recognized him and filed a false report against him as retaliation.”

(Reformation Charlotte)  Prominent Evangelist, Mike Gendron of Proclaiming the Gospel, who is known for his defense of the gospel against counterfeit perversions of the gospel like Roman Catholicism, says he was banned from American Airlines after traveling to Green Bay to preach at a local church. Continue reading

Ravi Zacharias’ Wife Breaks Silence – Says all Accusations Are Bogus + Takes Shot at John MacArthur

“When Ravi learned his cancer had metastasized he said he was ready to meet the Lord. He had no regrets, he said, except that he would have to leave us behind. He had no fear of dying, of meeting the Lord. His conversations at the end when he was seeing things we couldn’t and talking to people we couldn’t see were not filled with angst or fear or guilt. He was talking about strategy for sharing the Gospel with his unseen visitors. So much for Randy Alcorn and John MacArthur.”

(Protestia)  The wife of disgraced Apologist Ravi Zacharias has broken her silence around the allegations of her husband’s sexual perversities and shenanigans, publicly stating that she does not believe them for a second and that they are all fabricated and made up, perpetuating a cycle of denial in which she and her family find themselves. Continue reading