Married for 51 years, they died of Covid-19 six minutes apart

Baker said he hopes his family’s story can be a catalyst for change. He’s calling on people to listen to what health officials have been saying: practice social distancing, wash their hands regularly and most importantly, stay at home.”

(Harmeet Kaur – CNN)  Before just a few weeks ago, Stuart and Adrian Baker were perfectly healthy.

The inseparable couple had been married for more than 51 years and were living in Boynton Beach, Florida, in retirement. Neither of them had any serious health conditions. Then in mid-March, they started feeling ill. Continue reading

GOP Governor Refuses To Cave, Keeps Church Doors Open As ‘Essential’

“While dozens of states have refused to designate houses of worship as “essential,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has been outright hostile to the faithful, namely Christians and Jews, threatening to close down their churches and synagogues permanently if they don’t obey his shutdown order.”

(Amanda Prestigiacomo – Daily Wire)  Despite national media pressure to close down houses of worship, Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has refused to cave, overruling some counties within his state and designating churches, synagogues, and mosques as so-called “essential.” Continue reading

ABC Trashes Pence’s Christian Faith: Do You ‘Talk to God’ About How Many You Let Die From Coronavirus?

“If he were looking for social distancing measures to be made more than guidelines, the question would then be how law enforcement would go about enforcing it.”

(Curtis Houck – LifeNews)  ABC’s Nightline has returned to its old timeslot with a larger audience after late local news (instead of after Jimmy Kimmel Live). On Wednesday’s show, co-host Byron Pitts ended an interview with Vice President Mike Pence by asking him “not in a political way,” but whether he “talk[s] to God” about feeling remorse for Americans who have died “because of steps the federal government did not take soon enough.” Continue reading

Audit: FBI May Have Obtained FISA Warrants Using Inaccurate, Nonexistent Supporting Docs

“Our lack of confidence that the Woods Procedures are working as intended stems primarily from the fact that: (1) we could not review original Woods Files for 4 of the 29 selected FISA applications because the FBI has not been able to locate them and, in 3 of these instances, did not know if they ever existed….”

(Edwin Mora – Breitbart)  The internal watchdog at the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) this week suggested that the FBI may have obtained approval for secret surveillance using inaccurate or even nonexistent documentation to support factual assertions made to judges when seeking a warrant. Continue reading

New York Data Confirms Once Again – 99% of Coronavirus Fatalities Have Pre-Existing Conditions – 94% of Fatalities Over Age 45!…Open The Economy!

“We’ve been searching and searching for REAL U.S. DATA on COVID-19 deaths by age, and it’s been mostly missing other than a passing mention by the CDC that “80%” of those who died were over 60.” 

(Jim Holt – The Gateway Pundit) It’s very difficult to find the numbers – as if they are being hidden. The reason may be because the actual numbers of coronavirus fatalities indicate the China coronavirus is not nearly as deadly as heralded by the Mainstream media and the results are similar to flu-like data. Continue reading

Florida emergency management official says 3M selling masks to foreign countries: ‘We’re chasing ghosts’

“The idea that an American company is selling masks away from our hospitals…doctors…the real heroes on the front lines is… really criminal.”

(Yael Halon – Fox News) The head of Florida’s Division of Emergency Management has accused U.S. mask manufacturer 3M of shipping the critical protective equipment to foreign countries who outbid U.S. buyers — even as hospitals and state officials desperately scramble to secure N95 protective masks for healthcare workers on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic. Continue reading

‘Battlefield Medicine’: NY, NJ Doctors and Patients See Anecdotal Evidence of Hydroxychloroquine Benefits in Fighting Coronavirus

“Numerous healthcare workers and patients contacted by this reporter expressed concern that media outlets and some anti-Trump politicians are playing politics with hydroxychloroquine simply because Trump has been touting the drug.”

(Aaron Klein – Breitbart)  Doctors who have treated a combined total of over 425 confirmed or presumptive Chinese coronavirus patients with the drug hydroxychloroquine told Breitbart News they are finding the medication to be helpful. Continue reading

FACT: Where Abortion Clinics Are Closed, Coronavirus is SAVING More Lives Than It’s Taking

(Pulpit & Pen) The Republic of Texas placed a temporary moratorium on elective abortion procedures in the wake of the coronavirus panic. Called by leftist media, the “biggest-ever disruption for embattled women’s health providers,” Attorney General Ken Paxton’s decision to close abortuaries is a common-sense provision designed to reserve medical supplies for those trying to save lives. A survey of Texas abortion and coronavirus statistics demonstrates that at least within Texas, coronavirus is a life-saving virus. Continue reading

FDA Gives Emergency Authorization of Hydroxychloroquine Use

“The Food And Drug Administration (FDA) issued an emergency authorization Sunday for hydroxychloroquine, a drug already used to treat malaria and other ailments, which has shown anecdotal efficacy against coronavirus.”

(Joel Pollak – Breitbart) The use of the drug — often paired with azithromycin — has not yet been proven in clinical trials to be effective against the disease. However, given reported success in a growing number of small, non-randomized studies; as well as testimonials from doctors and patients about the use of the “off-label” drug regimen, doctors are said to be prescribing the treatment to patients who are severely ill. Anecdotally, many doctors are taking it prophylactically. Continue reading

Dr. Birx Pops Media’s Coronavirus Panic Balloon

“On Thursday, the U.K. readjusted a report that initially claimed some 500,000 people would die from the coronavirus in the U.K. and some 2.2 million would perish in the United States. The number for the U.K. was adjusted down to 20,000 deaths, a mere 4 percent of the original estimate, to account for the public health interventions that have since been put in place. …”

(Bronson Stocking – Townhall)  During the coronavirus taskforce briefing on Thursday, Dr. Deborah Birx rebuked much of the media’s panic reporting about the number of estimated deaths related to the coronavirus and the state of America’s medical supplies. Continue reading

US Dept. of Justice Agrees It Is Not Fair for Males Who Identify as Female to Compete in Girls’ Sports

“Following the Athletic Conference’s decision to provide “transgender student athletes with equal opportunities to participate in CIAC athletic programs consistent with their gender identity,” two biological boys, who go by the names Andraya Yearwood and Terry Miller, were permitted to join the girls track team at their school and compete as females — moving on to the New England regionals.”

(Heather Clark – Christian News)  The U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) has filed a Statement of Interest in a case involving three female high school track athletes who sued the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) and other entities over a policy allowing students to compete in sports in accordance with their stated “gender identity.” Continue reading

Epidemiologist Behind Highly-Cited Coronavirus Model Drastically Revises Model

“He now says that the U.K. should have enough ICU beds and that the coronavirus will probably kill under 20,000 people in the U.K. more than 1/2 of whom would have died by the end of the year in any case [because] they were so old and sick.” 

(Amanda Prestigiacomo – Daily Wire)  Epidemiologist Neil Ferguson, who created the highly-cited Imperial College London coronavirus model, which has been cited by organizations like The New York Times and has been instrumental in governmental policy decision-making, offered a massive revision to his model on Wednesday. Continue reading

HBO Reality Show to Feature Drag Queens Training ‘Small-Town’ Americans for Drag Performance

In the trailer, drag is described as a “triumph of love over labels,” “electric” and giving one a purpose. When one man is asked how he feels dressed in drag, he replies, “Sexy as [expletive].”

(Heather Clark – Christian News)   A new reality show set to premiere on HBO next month features three drag queens who travel throughout small towns in America looking for contestants who they can train to perform in drag for a one-night show. Continue reading

Americans rally around flag during coronavirus pandemic: ‘Put the flag up’

“There’s a lot of uncertainty and I think this is a way to make people feel better.”

(LifeZette)As the coronavirus pandemic continues, an increasing number of Americans are turning to patriotism to get through this difficult time.

During a press conference on Friday, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R) called on the people of his state to rally behind the American flag throughout this pandemic. “We’ve been attacked by this virus. We have to pull together,” said DeWine, according to WOWK. “Fly that flag every single day.” Continue reading

Coronavirus reveals financial irresponsibility of Americans

It is not only low income and middle income earners who blow through their paychecks every month. Many high income earners also live above their means. Indeed, at least a quarter of households making $150,000 and above live paycheck to paycheck.”

(Kristin Tate – The Hill)  How long could you sustain your household if you were to stop earning income? If you are like most Americans, the answer is not for long. Only 40 percent of Americans can afford an unexpected $1,000 expense with their savings. In fact, nearly 80 percent of workers are living paycheck to paycheck. It is no surprise that the probability of an economic recession brought on by the coronavirus pandemic caused many to worry. Continue reading

‘Disgusting, Despicable, Depravity’: Drag Queen With Exposed Buttocks Dances for Child While Adults Approve

“Having so many members of our society who are comfortable with and enjoy such lewdness is already concerning for our society, but not having the sense or moral compass to not purposefully invite your children to watch from the front row and take part in the disgusting act is a whole new level of debauchery. This is despicable. Not even one person concerned, but many actually laughing and getting a kick out of it.”

(Heather Clark – Christian News)  A TikTok video, which has since been removed, shows a Canadian drag queen, dressed in cut-off shorts that expose his buttocks, dancing for a young girl as other adults look on smiling. The footage has generated disgust online, with many stating that such performances are inappropriate for children. Continue reading

Doctor says he’s 3-4 weeks from developing treatment to ‘neutralize’ coronavirus

“Glanville said that he believes “social distancing” is working to reduce the spread of the virus, but that medicine is needed to further combat the spread.”

(Victor Garcia – Fox News) Distributed Bio co-founder and CEO Dr. Jacob Glanville revealed on “The Story with Martha MacCallum” Thursday that his company’s  laboratory is three to four weeks away from engineering a therapeutic antibody to combat the coronavirus. Continue reading

‘I feel that my heart is ready,’ James MacDonald says days before return to pulpit

“From January 2016 through mid-February 2019, [the disgraced pastor] MacDonald’s spending included $170,851 on hunting and fishing trips; $139,502 on meals and entertainment; and over $94,000 for clothing and eyewear. The church maintained two private checking accounts that gave MacDonald $3.1 million during those three years.”

(Leonardo Blair – Christian Post)  Founder of Harvest Bible Chapel in greater Chicago, James MacDonald, believes his “heart is ready” for what is expected to be an unusual return to the pulpit Sunday at Calvary Chapel South Bay in Gardena, California, just over a year after he was booted from ministry at his former church. Continue reading

Trump announces FDA making anti-malaria drug available ‘almost immediately’ to tackle coronavirus

Watch the video.

(Fox News)  President Trump announced Thursday that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is making experimental drugs — including those used for treating malaria — available as part of the ongoing effort to tackle the spread of the coronavirus.

Trump announced at a White House press briefing that chloroquine, a drug designed for use in malaria, has been FDA approved and will be made available by prescription “almost immediately.”…. Continue reading

CDC analysis shows coronavirus poses serious risk for younger people

“We’re talking to young people about doing their part and being good millennials because they could be asymptomatic spreaders, That’s true, but it’s also true that some high number of them will also get sick enough to be hospitalized, and many of them may have lasting consequences.”

(Reid Wilson – The Hill)  Early data analyzed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that younger Americans are at substantial risk of experiencing serious medical problems from the coronavirus sweeping the globe. Continue reading

Baltimore mayor asks residents to stop shooting each other so coronavirus patients can have hospital beds

“Young declared a citywide emergency and urged people to stay inside. Baltimore had five positive cases of the coronavirus as of Wednesday.”

(Madison Dibble – Washington Examiner)  Baltimore Mayor Jack Young pleaded with his city to stop filling hospital beds with gunshot wound victims.

A mass shooting in a park on Tuesday left seven Baltimore residents hospitalized. In a statement about the shooting, Young said hospitals don’t have room to tolerate gunshot victims as the coronavirus pandemic sweeps across the United States. Continue reading

Social distancing for coronavirus will save lives – look at these numbers

“The scariest part of coronavirus is how fast it spreads to other people. This rate is affected by a multitude of factors but the most important ones are incubation period and contact rate. Coronavirus can have an incubation period of up to 14 days, meaning that you can have it and spread it to others while having no idea that you have it. That makes the “I feel fine, why can’t I go out?” argument null and void.”

(Liberty Vittert – Fox News)  As I hunker down for the long haul at home with my Newfoundland dog Henry, I can’t help but feel real frustration and, fine, outright anger, at the many individuals who are choosing to ignore the social distancing advisories. Continue reading

Giant Faith-Healer Gathering Canceled Due to Coronavirus

“So far we have, Bethel’s affiliated pastor, Shawn Bolz, declared a prophecy that God had ended the virus. Perhaps Bethel didn’t get the memo. Rodney Howard Browne promised to bind coronavirus from the United States (again, it’s growing), Jim Bakker claimed his venereal disease ointment also heals coronavirus, and Rick Wiles claimed Christians are immune altogether….” 

(Pulpit & Pen)  Well, this sounds like satire, but it’s not. The world’s largest gathering of notable faith healers are canceling the grand opening of a faith-healing center because of coronavirus. Continue reading

Oregon Orders All Restaurants And Bars To Restrict Access, And Bans Groups Larger Than 25

“The partial shutdown of bars and restaurants will hit businesses that employ tens of thousands of Oregonians, many of them low wage workers. Eating and drinking establishments provide roughly 160,000 jobs in the state, according to ballpark figures from the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis. Those businesses spent some $285 million in wages every month.”

(Lauren Dake &  Dirk VanderHart – OPB)  Oregon Gov. Kate Brown announced Monday she is banning seated dining at the state’s bars and restaurants and prohibiting gatherings of more than 25 people, in the latest set of drastic actions meant to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Continue reading