Musk Can’t Take It Anymore, Declares He’s Going to the Border: We ‘Need a Wall’

“Musk did not say exactly when he was set to visit the border, but many jumped onto his posts to agree wholeheartedly with the X CEO’s ideas on the border debacle.”

(Warner Todd Huston – The Western Journal) Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk is apparently fed up with the dangerous border crisis that Joe Biden has created and has now agreed with those who say that America needs to build a border wall to act as a serious deterrent to illegal immigration. Continue reading

Impeachment memo: Biden family collected $15 million in foreign money, DOJ ‘obstructed’ probe

“The President had knowledge of many of his family’s business dealings, and indeed participated in them by having phone calls and attending private dinners—including while he was Vice President…”

(John Solomon – Just the News) The three House chairmen leading the impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden told fellow lawmakers Wednesday night that the president’s family collected at least $15 million in foreign funds and that there is evidence the Justice Department “obstructed” federal agents from pursuing evidence leading to the White House. Continue reading

Biden Bombshell: James Biden confirmed to FBI family tried to help Chinese firm buy US energy assets

(John Solomon – Just the News) resident Joe Biden’s brother told the FBI the first family – including Hunter Biden – tried unsuccessfully to help a Chinese company buy U.S. energy assets and did so believing the firm’s leader was tied directly to Communist Chinese President Xi Jinping, according to explosive new documents made public Wednesday by the House Ways and Means Committee.

James Biden told the FBI in an interview last year about efforts by him and Hunter Biden to help the CEFC energy firm in China buy a liquid natural gas facility on Monkey Island off the coast of Louisiana…. Continue reading

Tucker Carlson: Abortion Not ‘Political Debate’ but a ‘Spiritual Battle’

“But when you wind up in an election where the two top ballot initiatives, are one, encouraging people to kill their own kids, and two, encouraging their kids to do drugs — who’s benefiting here?”

(Katherine Hamilton – Breitbart) Tucker Carlson called out the Left’s relentless push to end the lives of the unborn in a recent address to Christians, contending that the issue of abortion is not a “political debate” but a “spiritual battle.”

The Center for Christian Virtue hosted Tucker Carlson for its gala in Cleveland, Ohio, on September 21…. Continue reading

FBI agent says prosecutors thwarted Hunter Biden charges, corroborating IRS whistleblowers

(John Solomon – Just the News) An FBI supervisor has corroborated key aspects of two IRS whistleblowers’ testimony alleging that federal prosecutors slow-walked Hunter Biden’s criminal probe and declined last year to bring tax charges in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., according to an interview transcript reviewed by Just the News.

The female FBI supervisor, whose name the Justice Department asked be kept private in the transcript, was interviewed recently by the House Judiciary Committee, and she chronicled her interactions with IRS agents Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler and Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss, the lead prosecutor in the Hunter Biden probe. Continue reading

CRN Headline News 9/18-9/22

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Congress addresses another victim of COVID pandemic: the doctor-patient relationship

America’s Largest Evangelical Magazine Continues to Drift to the Left

How Biden Will Circle the Wagons


Quantitative Analysis Shows Google Steered 6 Million Votes to Biden in 2020 Continue reading

Shocking Corruption Becomes Clear in This Tucker Interview

“The goal is to make Texas blue, and then it will be all over. That’s why they need to solve the civil war in the Texas party that Dade Phelan, Karl Rove, and Soros started.”

(Mary Dowling – Independent Sentinel) Lawfare is destroying the rule of law and Soros DAs control prosecution in Texas. Republicans are working with Democrats, and there is an insidious side to illegal immigration. This all becomes alarmingly clear in this interview. Continue reading

Detransitioned woman files latest of several suits over sex-surgery performed when they were teens

The “snap” diagnosis by the clinic “fails to meet the standard of care for the proper evaluation of gender identity disorder,” and created a “feedback system that manipulates patients like Luka to deeper–and more damaging–levels of transgender medical intervention.” 

(John Solomon – Just the News) A woman who surgically transitioned as a teenager into a transgender male is suing the doctors who performed a double mastectomy on her.

Luka Hein, a woman from Minnesota who is now 21, had a double mastectomy performed on her when she was 16 years old at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, reported…. Continue reading

CRN Headline News 9/11-9/15

Need to read articles you may have missed this week. Plus, Most Popular, Past Popular and Quotable Quote.


What Game is Hunter Biden Playing?

Letter to the Editor From Two Women: What Are We Doing Wrong?

Acts 29 Pastor Says Gay Atheist Came to Christ Through a Psychic Tarot Card Reader Consulting a Native American Spirit Guide


Impeachment Inquiry Into Joe Biden May Be Imminent Continue reading

Hunter Biden meeting with associates at VP mansion underscores role father played wooing clients

A 2015 meeting with VP Biden and son Hunter’s client being wooed for Burisma deal involved discussion about influencing UN Secretary General race: One of many meetings that dispel the Democrat narrative of mere ‘illusion of access.”

(John Solomon – Just the News) Adorned with the Queen Anne-era of grand architecture and tightly guarded by Secret Service agents, the 9,000-square foot vice president’s mansion on the U.S. Naval Observatory grounds is rarely accessible to everyday Americans.  But Hunter Biden – as the son of a sitting vice president – was able to score the sort of VIP meeting inside the mansion that most lobbyists could only dream of. Continue reading

Repost: ‘The Words You Spoke Are Disturbing’: Kennedy Stuns As He Reads Explicit Kids’ Books During Hearing

This repost includes the link to Townhall’s article

“So tell me what you want, who gets to decide? And all I’ve heard is the librarians. And parents have nothing to do with it. And if that’s your response, what planet did you just parachute in from?” 

(Leah Barkoukis – Townhall) Sen. John Kennedy showed his Democratic colleagues exactly what they’re defending in public schools and libraries when he read sexually graphic excerpts from some of the “banned books” at the center of this culture war battle. Continue reading

Reporter Gets Destroyed After Claiming ‘No Evidence’ for Biden Impeachment

“The impeachment inquiry doesn’t need to convince the public Joe Biden is corrupt; they know it already. The mainstream media may be pushing the narrative that this is about political revenge, but the evidence of political corruption has been out there for some time.” 

(Matt Margolis – PJ Media) While conservative media has been reporting on the evidence of Biden family corruption for some time now, the mainstream has been turning a blind eye to it, even actively dismissing evidence and testimony. So when a reporter told Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.) that Americans “can’t see” evidence that Biden committed any crimes meriting impeachment, Perry shot back with receipts. Continue reading

Only 2% of Parents with Preteen Children Have a ‘Biblical Worldview

“A majority of the youngest teens (61%) either believe Jesus Christ sinned while He was on Earth or hold open the possibility He did. Not even half (45%) believe that God created the universe. And an overwhelming majority believe that there are no absolute, objective truths.”

(Protestia) Veteran pollster and researcher George Barna is reporting that less than 2% of parents with children under the age of 13 have a “biblical worldview,” according to his new book Raising Spiritual Champions: Nurturing Your Child’s Heart, Mind and Soul, with the overwhelming number of parents reporting a “hodge-podge mixture of competing and often conflicting worldviews.” Continue reading

‘The Words You Spoke Are Disturbing’: Kennedy Stuns As He Reads Explicit Kids’ Books During Hearing

“So tell me what you want, who gets to decide? And all I’ve heard is the librarians. And parents have nothing to do with it. And if that’s your response, what planet did you just parachute in from?” 

(Leah Barkoukis – Townhall) Sen. John Kennedy showed his Democratic colleagues exactly what they’re defending in public schools and libraries when he read sexually graphic excerpts from some of the “banned books” at the center of this culture war battle. Continue reading

BREAKING: Impeachment Inquiry Into Joe Biden May Be Imminent

(Matt Margolis – PJ Media) After months of stringing us along, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is reportedly now expected to endorse an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden. McCarthy has long been reluctant to get behind impeachment without an airtight case. The evidence is damning, and frankly, we’ve waited long enough. Sources tell ABC News that “the next logical step” in the investigation of Joe Biden’s corruption is an impeachment inquiry, which will give Congress the ability to obtain bank records and other documents. Continue reading

Law Enforcement Invokes Doctrine of Lesser Magistrates Against New Mexico Governor

“The Governor of New Mexico has just declared the 1st & 2nd Amendment “does not exist” due to an “emergency.” Under this legal theory all of our “rights” are essentially eliminated.” 

(Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) On September 7, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham issued an emergency order suspending the right to carry firearms in public across Albuquerque and the surrounding county for at least 30 days. This is the most unprecedented use of emergency powers since March 2020 from a governor of a state. Continue reading

Charismatics Offer Prophetic ‘Dream School’ Certification, Only $2398

Definition of grifter: The word grifter is the noun form of the verb grift, which means obtaining money or property illicitly, as in a confidence game. A confidence game, or con game, is when a grifter gains the confidence of their victim and then swindles them out of money.

(Protestia) Do you desire to “learn a variety of ways God speaks through dreams?” Do you want to “become your own best dream interpreter?” Do you want to “be a part of advancing Dream Culture in your family, church, city, and nation!?” If so, look no further, as the Dream School would like nothing more than to scam your money  help you achieve these spectacular results. Continue reading

Trump says he was ‘not allowed’ to fire Fauci, but doctor ‘wasn’t a big player’ in administration

(Madeline Hubbard – Just the News) Former President Donald Trump said that he did not fire National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci because he was “not allowed” to, but at the end of the day, Fauci was not a “big player” in his administration.

Radio host Hugh Hewitt asked Trump during an interview Wednesday why he kept Fauci, who has since retired, in the government during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“First of all, you’re not allowed. He’s civil service, and you’re not allowed to fire him…. Continue reading

Heretic Alert! Charismatic Leader Prophesied ‘Favor’ and ‘Supernatural Houses’ For Maui Church, Months Before They All Burned Down

“It is actually part of the word of the Lord that God has given me for Kings and for you. You’re gonna be very excited what the Holy Spirit is saying. By the way I prophesied over Pastor Jireh (Urmeneta) that he’s going to get a new house already and that God is going to give him supernatural financing. So you mark it down, it’s gonna happen.”

(Protestia) In late October 2022, New Apostolic Reformation prophetess Cindy Jacobs preached at King’s Cathedral Church in Maui, where she prophesied that the pastor and congregants would receive ‘supernatural favor’ in the form of ‘supernatural houses’ and that the testimonials from folks in this church receiving new houses as a result of this favor and blessing ‘would ring out across the world.’ Continue reading

Biden to Send Maui Less than One-Tenth of One Percent of What He Wants to Send Ukraine

(Kristina Wong – Breitbart) President Joe Biden is asking Congress to approve $24 billion more in aid for Ukraine, which would bring the total amount of U.S. taxpayer-funded aid to Ukraine since February 2022 to $135 billion.

In contrast, Biden announced Wednesday that he would send $95 million from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to aid in rebuilding Maui after the nation’s deadliest fire in over a century, which has claimed more than 115 lives, with hundreds still unaccounted for. Continue reading

Researchers warn about synthetic opioids more powerful than fentanyl

(Brett Rowland – Just the News) Synthetic opioids estimated to be 10 times more potent than fentanyl are creeping into the illicit drug market in the U.S., according to new research.

“Synthetic opioids, such as the fentanyl analog and nitazene drug class, are among the fastest growing types of opioids being detected in patients in the emergency department with illicit opioid overdose,” researchers warned in a paper published Tuesday in JAMA Network Open. Continue reading

Disney+ Cancels Woke ‘Doogie Howser’ Reboot, Won’t Air Completed ‘Spiderwick’ and ‘20,000 Leagues’ Shows

(Breitbart) The Disney+ streaming service is cutting three series as part of the studio’s continued efforts to rein in its profligate spending, with woke, multi-racial reboots of Doogie Howser, M.D. and 20,000 Leagues under the Sea among the titles on the chopping block.

In a sign of how drastic the cuts are, the 20,000 Leagues reboot, titled Nautilus, was canceled before it even debuted — as was an upcoming series based on The Spiderwick Chronicles. Both shows had already completed production, according to a Deadline report. Continue reading

National Archives Has About 5,400 Emails, Records Linked to Joe Biden’s Email Aliases

(Wendell Husebo – Breitbart) The National Archives (NARA) possesses about 5,400 emails and records linked to President Joe Biden’s email aliases, the House Oversight Committee revealed Monday evening.

The email aliases — “Robert Peters,” “Robin Ware,” and “JRB Ware” — were used to share government information and discuss business with Hunter Biden and associates, according to the Southeastern Legal Foundation, which filed a lawsuit to compel the agency to turn over the emails. Continue reading