In this piece Phil Johnson of Pyromaniacs addresses a video of a discussion  James MacDonald had with 3 African American pastors after ER2 ended:

This is probably the most blatantly racist presentation I have ever witnessed from an ostensibly “mainstream” evangelical source.

The take-away message is this: If you’re an old white guy with any hint of Reformed theology in your confessional statement and you don’t think T. D. Jakes’s equivocations at Elephant Room 2 were sufficient to erase decades of concern about his Oneness leanings and his relentless proclamation of a false Prosperity Gospel—then you must be a racist. And even if you don’t think you’re a racist, you should shut up anyway. Because in the black community relationships are more important than any doctrine, including the gospel and the Trinity. We all should strive to subjugate doctrine to relationships anyway.

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