The Trinity, the Definition of Chalcedon, and Oneness Theology

In light of the controversy created by the ER2 debacle, it is necessary for Christians to get the right perspective. We are not the world or of the world, therefore, we should not behave the way the world behaves and that means the way we are being baited into reacting to what is going on. In the late 19th Century C.H. Spurgeon dealt with a Downgrade Controversy that caused him to lose many friends and separated him from many Pastors and Theologians who formerly walked with him. What was the controversy? It was an invasion of Christian Liberalism into the Church. My friend Ken Silva has dubbed this controversy with its many facets and connections the New Downgrade that creates No Controversy. Just as Charles Spurgeon fought that necessary battle right to the end of his ministry and Athanasius spent years fighting the heresy of Arianism (the same heresy as Modalism or Sabellianism) despite it costing him exile and nearly his life many times, we must also contend earnestly for the faith and stand up to the likes of Mark Driscoll and James MacDoanld as they attempt to make the Doctrine of the Trinity just a side issue or just a matter of opinion. No my brethren, it matters.

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