Why has Liberty University agreed to bring Mark Driscoll to teach on sex?

Warning: This piece contains sexually explicit language that some readers will find disturbing. Nonetheless, David Kupelian accurately reports on what some Christian pastors with rock star status are preaching in their churches.

There’s a new form of Christianity sweeping the U.S. Its main focus: sex. Don’t be surprised. We already have a Christian denomination catering to every other worldview, comfort zone and obsession, so why not sex? As I said in “The Marketing of Evil”:

No matter what kind of person you are, a form of Christianity has evolved just for you. There’s a politically liberal Christianity and a politically conservative Christianity. There’s an acutely activist Christianity and an utterly apolitical Christianity, a Christianity that holds up a high standard of ethical behavior and service, and a Christianity for which both personal ethics and good works are irrelevant. There’s a raucous, intensely emotional Christianity drenched in high-voltage music, and there’s a quiet, contemplative Christianity. There’s a loving Christianity and a hateful, racist Christianity, a Christianity that honors Jews as God’s chosen people and a Christianity that maligns Jews as Satan’s children.

So, it was just a matter of time before we got a version of Christianity for people obsessed with sex. View article →