More Hypocrisy

Philip, however, one of those who had been ordained with Stephen to the diaconate, was among those dispersed. He went to Samaria and, filled with divine power, was the first to preach the word there. So great was the divine grace at work with him that even Simon Magus and many others were captivated by his words. Simon had gained such fame by the wizardry with which he controlled his victims that he was believed to be the Great Power of God. But even he was so overwhelmed by the wonders Philip performed through divine power that he insinuated himself [into the faith], hypocritically feigning belief in Christ even to the point of baptism. (This is still done by those who continue his foul heresy to the present day: following the practice of their progenitor, they fasten onto the church like a noxious and scabby disease, destroying all whom they succeed in smearing with the dreadful, deadly poison hidden in them.

Eusebius, The Church History, Book 2: The Apostles

My friend Chris Rosebrough informed our discernment group this morning of a tweet:

Your n good company if it bothers u that some Christians are quick to argue theology. Jesus didn’t die for correct theology…

Chris then asked the following question, “I wonder if this statement is theologically correct?

Here is my response:

Jesus commanded us to teach them to observe all that I have commanded you – Correct Theology – Matt 28:20

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