Monumental Confusion: A Review of Kirk Cameron’s Documentary: Monumental

Authors Vince and Lori Williams viewed Monumental. They express their concern over seeing Glenn Beck in a live feed from the set of the GBTV studio and the conversation Kirk, an evangelical Christian, and Glenn, A New Age Mormon, had about God. They write:

“My premise as I start out this film is to approach this subject not as an actor or as a politician or not even as a Christian but to approach it as a father.” (emphasis ours) This is how Kirk Cameron defined his documentary in a recent interview to a secular radio host and this is exactly what the film delivered having just watched it at the live screening.

Before we even get into the review, it needs to be noted one of the most shocking parts of the live event was a very welcomed live feed from Glenn Beck on the set of GBTV studio. On the pre-show before Monumental starts, Kirk talks to the audience of viewers and introduces Beck as “one of our biggest supporters of the film and a friend.” Beck then comes on the screen very excited to be partaking in this live event and says, “I am honored to be called your friend”, and then goes on to say, “You were in Left Behind while I was reading it.” He goes on to address the audience with statements on the topic of how God is giving us an alarm, and if you don’t have freedom you can’t be who you are.

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