Liberals Created the Culture of Evil and Death, Part 3

Marsha West has written a series of articles about the destructive force of liberalism in society. In the first installment she discusses the entertainment industry’s contribution to America’s moral meltdown and offers ways to combat this. The second installment draws attention to the mainstreaming of aberrant Christian movements and demonstrates how false teachers are welcomed into pro-family organizations to help bring society back to its Judeo-Christian values. In her third and final installment, West discusses what liberals refer to as “Progressive Christianity” and “Social Justice Christianity” and spotlights the Rev. Jim Wallis, one of the leaders of the social justice movement. Wallis insists that he is an evangelical Christian, though the evidence seems to indicate that he is a Marxist sympathizer. Marsha also names many Christian leaders of whom to be wary and the unorthodox movements they represent. View article →