A Lesson From the Lakeland Revival

Tim Challies reports on Lakeland: The Movie, a documentary about Todd Bentley and the Lakeland Revival. During the so-called revival it was alleged that great manifestations of the work of the Holy Spirit were occuring. Bentley and his crew claimed that the sick were getting healed and around 30 people were raised from the dead, but not a single miracle could be verified.

This documentary,” said Challies, “made me both angry and sad. I was outraged to see Bentley’s complete disregard for Scripture, his disregard for what the Bible tells us about the miraculous gifts, about maintaining good order in services, about so much else. What made me sad were the many looks at the people who had followed Bentley. There were many people, well-intentioned, I am sure, who gave up everything they had to follow him.” View article →