The evil Easter Bunny is going to sacrifice your kids to a pagan goddess, so let’s show the world that we’re not happy that Jesus rose from the dead

This article will no doubt spark a bit of controversy. In it, Stephen John addresses the claims that Easter is pagan in origin. therefore Christians should not celebrate Easter Sunday:

This piece is not about how evil and pagan the Easter bunny and Easter are,” John clarifies. “Or that Easter eggs, especially the red-painted ones, constitute full-blown devil worship and offerings to strange goddesses. Boo! And it’s not about whether or not born-again believers should or should not celebrate Easter—that is your decision. This piece was written from a born-again believer’s perspective and looks at some other Easter-related issues. But please note that you’re not going to get your obsessive, fanatical, and unbiblical anti-Easter fix here. For that, try the Hebrew Roots Movement cult, the Sacred Name Movement cult, your local branch of the Anti-Easter League, the We-Are-All-Jews-Now fan club, or, sadly (in many cases), your local church. Close your mouth.

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