Review: ‘A.D.’ The Heresy Continues

Blogger Sunny Shell reviews A.D., the Bible Continues, a made for TV movie produced by New Age Catholics Roma Downey and her husband Mark Burnett. In Shell’s opinion, their work is deeply flawed and, in her words, “heretical.” “A more suitable title for what the television show conveys,” says Shell, “would be ‘A.D. The Bible As We’d Like It To Be’”.

This show is no different from not-“The Bible” miniseries and not-“The Son of God” movie. Just as these previous productions created new scenes and dialogue that are not found in the real Bible, with dramatic music and excessive, mystical imagery, ‘A.D.’ proves to flop in facts, but succeeds in fallacious depictions of Christ, His apostles, His disciples and other people who played a role in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus the true Son of God.

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