Rick Warren’s weight-loss plan named Christian Book of the Year

Berean Research reports:

Rick WarrenThe prestigious award given to Rick Warren is an indication of how little discernment the Christian community has. To name The Daniel Plan book of the year, when the men who helped Warren write his weight-loss plan are proponents of New Age/New Thought mysticism, to include Oprah’s “favorite doctor,” Mehmet Oz, is a travesty. Obviously Christians who purchased the book are unaware that Dr. Oz is a Muslim and has been influenced by the mysticism of Sufi Muslims and is keen on the ideas of cultist mystic Emanuel Swedenborg.

Who are the co-authors of the book? Noted doctors Mark Hyman and Daniel Amen. Dr. Amen, who is a professing Christian, is a psychiatrist and brain imaging specialist and a practitioner of Tantra, which is the use of Hinduistic-type mysticism during sexual intercourse. Dr. Mark Hyman is a practitioner in alternative therapies in health and medicine and is a secular Jew. So the burning question is: Why would a Christian pastor elicit the services of doctors who are up to their eyeballs in the occult to help write The Daniel Plan: 40 Days to a Healthier Life? Inquiring minds want to know.

Those who are unfamiliar with Pastor Warren’s witch’s brew can read about it here.

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