“Charlie Charlie” Ouija Board-Like Challenge Has Youth Trying to Summon A Demon

We’re posting this Christian News Network piece to alert parents that their child may be attempting to summon a demon. Doing that sort of thing “just for fun” is dangerous for both children and adults. In the Bible, God makes it clear that Christians are not to attempt to contact the spirit world.

We must also point out that some of the weird and scary experiences kids who have played “Charlie Charlie” claim they’ve had does not line up with the Bible’s teaching on demons.

"Charlie Charlie" occult gameA new challenge being shared on Twitter has youth across the nation and around the world engaging in an Ouija board-like ritual in an attempt to summon a demon.

According to reports, the “Charlie Charlie” challenge involves a Mexican occultist ritual of writing “yes” and “no” on a sheet of paper and crossing two pencils. The ritual is stated to be a type of “rite” for Mexican children.

“Charlie, Charlie, are you there?” those sitting around the paper chant, and then wait to see if the pencils move to point to either yes or no. If yes, those involved ask the demon questions to see how he will answer.

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