Not Just Acceptance, But Coercion—Christians Now Being Told to Embrace Gay “Marriage” or Else

           Ken Ham and Mark Looy of Answers In Genesis discuss the best approach for Bible believing Christians to take in the growing controversy over gay “marriage.” More and more professing Christians are ignoring what the Bible expressly teaches and are falling in line with the radical gay lobby. Ham and Looy blame this shift on biblical illiteracy. They point out that “with the increasing emphasis on entertainment in church life today, there has been a corresponding dearth of solid Bible teaching and thus a lack of spiritual maturity seen among Christians. Such congregations essentially function as a group of biblical illiterates and are more susceptible to being swept up in anti-biblical thinking of the day, such as supporting gay ‘marriage.’ An ignorance of what the Bible teaches about homosexual behavior combined with a mindset that Christians must be ‘loving’ has led to many churches accepting gay ‘marriage.'” So, how can believers influence a society that no longer takes God’s Word seriously?

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