Rick Warren Preaching Heresy at Hillsong 2015 Conference

Rick WarrenOver at Pulpit & Pen Jeff Maples alerts us to yet another of Rick Warren’s biblical blunders. The question is, why would a Southern Baptist preacher agree to travel to Australia to speak at an event put on by Hillsong Church, when its leaders, Brian and his co-pastor wife Bobbie Houston, have been criticized for their heretical Word Faith teaching?

According to Maples:

At the Hillsong 2015 Conference in Sydney, Australia, where Rick Warren shared a stage with other heretics such as Joseph Prince, Warren teaches that he receives extra-biblical revelations through subconscious dreams. The theme of the Word of Faith conference that Rick is speaking at is “Speak Lord, I’m listening.” This is fitting since all of the speakers at this conference are heretical preachers that claim extra-biblical revelation from God.

He starts out by twisting Exodus 4:3 regarding Moses’ encounter with God, and God commanding Moses to throw down his staff while God miraculously turns it into a serpent, and then pick it back. He says that this passage represents that Christians today need to throw down their income and identity and let God do something miraculously with it. He says:

Hearing the voice of God starts with a willingness to give up his identity, his income, and his influence, for the global Glory of God. When you do that, you are now in a position to hear God speak.

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