Ugandan gay pride party to celebrate end of anti-homosexuality law

Hindustan Times reports:

Ugandan LGBT activists gathered for a gay pride rally to celebrate one year since the overturning of a struct anti-homosexuality law, though the jubliant mood was subdued over fears that tougher legislation may be on its way.

Condemned by rights groups but popular among many Ugandans, the overturned law called for proven homosexuals to be jailed for life and requiring the public to denounce gays to the authorities.

The constitutional court threw it out on a technicality last August, six months after it took effect.

On Saturday, dozens met outside the capital Kampala on the shores of Lake Victoria, waving rainbow flags.

The rally culminated a week of events that included a transgender awareness day and a “Mr and Miss Pride” beauty pageant, attended by about 200 people.

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