T.D. Jakes “Shocked” After Theology Called Into Question Following Remarks Respecting “Gay Rights”

Berean Research reports the latest on the T.D. Jakes dust up:

T.D. Jakes

T.D. Jakes is a master of obfuscation. This was very apparent in his recent TV interview with Huffington Post’s Marc Lamont Hill. Thus, a controversy erupted over some of the things he said – and failed say. That he’s a master of obfuscation was also obvious during the Elephant Room 2 controversy that came about over whether or not Jakes’ view of the Trinity is biblical. Most people are unaware that he has been associated with modalism, a heretical belief that rejects the orthodox view of the Trinity. For those who are unclear about this, a belief in the Trinity is an essential of Christianity and one of the non-negotiables. So if a person chooses to deny the existence of the Trinity or rejects the settled orthodox view set forth in Scripture, he/she is not a true Christian. During the E-2 discussion to clarify his beliefs with regard to the Trinity, Jakes did anything but clarify. His tap dance made Gene Kelly look like a rank amateur. Although he tried his best to come across as a true trinitarian, his arguments were unconvincing. (Daniel Neades makes the case)

There’s more. Jakes not only denies the Bible’s clear teaching with regard to the Trinity, he preaches the Word of Faith-prosperity gospel which comes out of the metaphysical New Thought teachings of Phineas Quimby. Word-faith is the belief that faith is a force and words are the containers of the force. Words can be used to manipulate the faith-force — name it and claim it. By manipulating the faith-force we can create our own reality. Those who hold this view also believe Scripture promises health and wealth which is where we get terms such as “prosperity gospel” and “health & wealth gospel.” With this in mind, is “Bishop” Jakes a true Christian or a counterfeit?

The answer is that those who are outside the bounds of historic orthodox Christianity are counterfeit Christians.

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